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~ ♪ Anime ♡ Romance ♬ ~ 【AMV】

by Dreamz4Life • 405,660 views

AMV#3, 1st one was deleted Thanks,Enjoy,&Comment please. ~Anime Listing~ [order] Air Special Da Capo II Hayate no Gotoku Ah My Goddess Season 2 Prism Ark Fooly Cooly Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya...

mister gravity1616 the anime 1:17 its cal dears
shakugan no chana forever yuugi i love you  rosario vampire forever mahou sensei negima forever  negi you are so kawaii <<3
what is the anime on 3:30 
0:52 the anime of the with red wings its called DNAngel
i think its kinda funny how i have seen a bunch of animes and the ONLY 2 i knew were Fooly Cooly and Chobits XD
brilliant... Except for the song..
Someone please tell me what anime is 1:17 please
let me be with youuuu, yeah, yeah. i love that song from chobits, it's adorable.
2:19 ROSE??? sorry forget about the comment under this one
whats the song and who's sings it???
whats the anime 0:42 the boy and the girl with the gutiar ??!
what is the episode of dnAngel is it at 0:52- 1:02?
All Animes stands in the description!!! Can't you read?!
@110samira the song is called save me by darren styles
whuts the song at the end???? plzz reply!!
Witch one u thinks the best anime
@hlafrance21 I want to know too Dx
I remember a long time ago I watched every single romance Anime listed on this AMV. Loved it. :)
thank yu~ :) do yu know 0:36 - 0:37 is by any chance iswell? thanks agen! :D
what is the name of the song and by whom is this song who has the song sung what is the name of the band
0:58 OMFG he grew wings! 1:53 she grew freakin wings too! whats up with pplz growing wings! did u notice how many dudes drowned in this video and and got saved by a chick, dudes are worthless now days! lolzzz
@110samira The name of this song is Save me and the band is queen
@starlene11 I rephrase that. It WAS right there in the highest rated comments.
Great song, excellent transition and anime. Made little Cents with the scene selections though.
@jordancboyer dears but im not sure about episode
@MissFizzy93 it's Kaze no stigma
ke anime es 1:04 a 1:28 porfavor respondan
@boyzrule3000 u should try school days if you have not already seen it thats what my friend told me when i was looking for a good romance might think it will suck like those animes at the begining but it gets better
@jordancboyer I think it's 'DearS,' episode 13 - last episode. Hope I've helped ^^
i love this amv so much!!♥ i just want to cry ever time i watch it!:D
seriously, what anime did you get the boy with wings between the times of .52 seconds and 1:01? It looks good! Love the song. Great choice
10/10 its like the anime is in sync with the music
whats the anime at 2:47 where the girl with purple hair is crying on her knees holding a book.. please reply ps i realy love this amv ^ ^
I know it's a year or more but, I gave the list so people could know which animes were used. Nothing more. I asked for the thumbs up which I never do so they don't have to search for my comment :) Never took any credit whatsoever. I just put all of the ones I saw/knew into one comment. nothing more nothing less.
@TimmyTheNerd *sniff* IKR! *sniff* Chii is SOOOO cute!!! *sigh* Brings back memories.....XD
LIKE if u just adore CHOBITS !!!! <3
What song is playing through the whole video
what anime is at 1:45?,? I mean the guy who's arms are made of paper.
what is the anime at 2:25 with the girl
Lol. Listening to Six am while listening to this at the same time and when he says cry a vid os someone srys at the same time. But love this song!! <3
2:07 - 2:15 what is that from :O
the song is save me by darren styles :)
the AMV is so nice. i love it :D the names of the series are included where?
forgot, Hourglass of Summer 3:31
What is the name of the anime at 1:10 , i think i recognize it, its been bothering me!
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