How Blind People Use Instagram

by TommyEdisonXP • 394,131 views

Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, demonstrates how to use Instagram on the iPhone 4S. He uses the Accessibility setting on the phone which allows him to navigate the touch-screen and...

Pentingnya A11y , supaya orang buta pun boleh guna media sosial :wq
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It's really cool to see what it's like to use everyday things without vision.. I couldn't imagine
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Thats amazing!!! A blind person gets to use instagram!! Thank you, siri! :)
"Why I put the thing up to my face... Is beyond me".. BAHHHH-HAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm in TEARS! You're great, Tommy. I have a question - Since people who leave comments, on any given website, tend to have horrible grammar, how do you decipher some words when they're spelled completely wrong... Or don't you bother?  I love your videos. I love your laugh. I can't wait to see more videos!!!!! Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse into your world!!!!
я конечно ничего не имею против слепых людей , но нахуя им фотографии ??? что бы никогда их не увидеть?
But i prefer ***IGROCKET COM***
Christy Correll Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
The "Blind Film Critic" +Tommy Edison demonstrates how he uses #Instagram  to capture everyday, unscripted moments. You know, how Instagram was originally intended to be used. ;-) Warning: Tommy's positivity is highly contagious, and his videos are quite addictive.
>> Tommy Edison Adalah Instagrammer Buta Yang Inspiratif << ====================================================== Hanya karena kita memiliki kekurangan lantas dunia menjadi menyebalkan? well, saatnya kita mengenal Tommy Edison. Buta total sejak lahir, Tommy Edison adalah pengguna aktif Instagram. Fakta lain yang menakjubkan? Tommy sehari-hari mencari nafkah sebagai kritikus film yang terbilang cukup sukses. Agar anda memiliki gambaran bagaimana Tommy yang buta bisa mengoperasikan iPhone-nya dan mengambil foto lewat Instagram, silahkan lihat video dibawah ini. Intinya adalah, Tommy memanfaatkan fitur accessibility voice over yang memang tersedia di iPhone dimana setiap ikon, teks, tombol sentuh dan antar muka disuarakan oleh iPhone. Tommy juga memanfaatkan Siri untuk menulis komentar singkat. Videonya klik disini >> How Blind People Use Instagram Saat ini Tommy memiliki sekitar 5000 follower (dan terus bertambah cepat) dengan hasil foto yang meskipun kadang blur namun secara keseluruhan keren dan kita harus mengapresiasi usaha yang dilakukannya serta rintangan yang harus dilompatinya. ( Sumber : belfot[dot]com )
Tommy, your sense of humour travels all around the world. Love your videos. Greetings from a far away country, Turkey.
lol and that's as much fame as that crew guy will ever get lmfao 
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Hi Can you show us how you play boards / cards games please. You are a amazing! I love the videos, so funny.  Do you ever play Goalball?
That's awesome that you follow kassem g
This is amazing, my sister is blind from birth too and she is going on a trip around the world with her husband next summer, Im going to tell her about how you do this and then she can take pictures of where she goes, thank you for the experience of knowing how you do it.
почему по английскому?
This guy is amazing!
That's so cool lol
UX-Video: How Blind People Use Instagram Too many UX-Designers and Product Manager don't give a Shit about disabled People and making their Sites or Apps accessible. This Video shows you that Tommy Edison can use a Photo App DESPITE being blind. Video: http://youtu.be/P1e7ZCKQfMA #ux #userexperience #uxvideo #ui #gui #interface #mobileux #accessibility   
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UX-Video: How Blind People Use Instagram Too many UX-Designers and Product Manager don't give a Shit about disabled People and making their Sites or Apps accessible. This Video shows you that Tommy Edison can use a Photo App DESPITE being blind. Video: http://youtu.be/P1e7ZCKQfMA #ux #userexperience #uxvideo #ui #gui #interface #mobileux #accessibility   
Tyler Cazier Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
#UX  is only partially about accommodating the masses. If you use at least a few best practices, chances are your application will probably do that by default. The complicated part of UX is making it work for the off, fringe, edge, strange cases—the ones you didn't think of. Making sure your application works there...well that deserves recognition. #HatsOff  to #instagram .
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UX-Video: How Blind People Use Instagram Too many UX-Designers and Product Manager don't give a Shit about disabled People and making their Sites or Apps accessible. This Video shows you that Tommy Edison can use a Photo App DESPITE being blind. Video: http://youtu.be/P1e7ZCKQfMA #ux #userexperience #uxvideo #ui #gui #interface #mobileux #accessibility   
do you know how you look? like by touching your face maybe?
its funny cause below you is now some of tommy's video's with his face as thumbnail
Afraid to comment because I'll get called an insensitive- DAMNIT IT WORKED.
Are there other habits that you have formed that only really make sense if you were sighted. Like holding a camera up to your face to take a picture?
phone voice is hilarious. "Accept photo*slight pause* button" its like it didnt know what to call it XD 1:02
Blind and he still knows how to operate his iPhone better than my parents do
You might already know this Tommy, but one Iphones you can use the volume button to take the picture.
I can imagine if there was some alien that could see gamma rays, and I had a gamma ray camera, and I knew all the gamma ray things that he said looked good, and all the gamma ray things that he said looked bad, but I couldn't understand the difference for myself. It would be fun to just take pictures of those things he thought looked good, and see what he thought of them. Enlightening about his world. Neat.
Hello, Tommy. My question to yo is, that when you hear a person talking, do you get any kinds of mental images based on memories? For an example when I hear a person talking on the radio I picture a face. Do you experience this same thing in any way?
Omg this guy made my day... keep on being awesome :D
How do you know which filters to use, if you have no concept of what they do?
1:39 Those first two pictures are actually quite good.
you follow kassemg on instagram cool dude
I think it'd be really cool if there was an app for VoiceOver users like me and Tommy that would describe other people's pictures on Instagram, if the person who took it decided not to write a caption. That way, the person using VoiceOver won't have to ask someone with vision to tell them what it is.
What do the Instagram filters mean to you? How do you select which Instagram filter you like?
Respect! You made my day a bitt less scary, thank you!
I kind of expected him to type at 1:11 xD
Your awesome!! Keep up the good work!
Its basically like seeing his life even though he cant see. I see what you mean
I hold the phone up for some reason as well
And then there are people who have everything and take everything for granted, yet they complain about their lives every single day.
around 1:25 I thought it said taco constantly
i absolutely love your channel. i work with a blind/deaf girl who is nonverbal and your videos help me understand to some degree some things she can't describe herself. thank you for your entire channel. thankyou.
Why do blind people use instagram??
I thought that's the mockery on almost all "PHOTOGRAPHERS" @ Instagram...
I like the fact that you don't get your pictures checked out by anyone else. Absolutely so much more fun that way!
If I dident know who you were it would drive me crazy listening to you on the phone
Are you related to THE Thomas Edison?
you are a great guy tommy how do you know what comments do you get, does somebody read them to you?
I'm going to take instagram photos with my eyes closed from now on, then it'll be a surprise when I'm done! I thought yours were so cool!
I don't mean to be rude at all, I was just wondering if there is a reason why you shake alot, is it nerves of not knowing what's there? Just wondering :-)
I just relised, you don't know what you look like! You're great, I love your videos, I've always wanted to find out stuff about blind people but I've never met anyone who's blind
This guy is makeing me want to be blind...
You are such a positive attitude!
they're actually pretty good! much better than most of the crap I see on there
OMG I love u so much :D ur just so inspirational and such positive attitude toward life! Btw gonna follow u on instagram!
this guy has a wonderful spirit and a great attitude. RESPECT.
Совсем мозгов нет в сети такую рекламу размещать? Совести нет, в очередной раз убеждаюсь, противно!
This is amazing. Thats why we love Apple!!!
I love how you pronounce 'x-pro II' the way Siri does. Interesting how sight changes how we comprehend things. Which makes me wonder... knowing what a word looks like helps me remember it and pronounce it even when I'm just talking to someone and not looking at it. Do you perceive words when you say them other than how they sound? Does knowing how the braille version of a word feels help you remember it?
What do you imagine on a regular basis
Why Tommy why?! Are your videos so funny when im should be dojng my homework
The same way you or I would. He can't see people but he can still get to know them and stuff and so he knows which gender he is attracted to.
Das witzige ist er macht als Blinder bessere Fotos als einige mit ihren Augen.
you're the dumbass for thinking a blind guy can fix what hes doing wrong if he cant even see how hes holding the phone
Tommy, do you imagine what your Instagram subjects might look like? By touch or sound? What do you imagine a tree might look like? Aimee
Haha, that made my day, whose the dumbass now! HAHAHA! U R THE BEST!
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