Phantom: Best of Rising Stars Game

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Check out super slow-motion highlights of some of the NBA's most talented youngsters as they were showcased in the BBVA Rising Stars game as part of All-Star Weekend in Houston.

Joe Cannon Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
2013 NBA All-Star Weekend... Houston, Texas...
Kara siyah Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
Andrés Aragunde Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
cavs had 4 players in this game, give the Cavs a couple years and they're gonna be one of the top teams in the East again
Faried shot 40 pts and you only have got 1 dunk of him in this highlight?
it was on tnt tonights the shooting stars,dunk contest,and skills challenge
Tough game for Brandon Knight even though they don't try, DUDE GOT HIS ANKLES BROKEN!
never noticed the beauty of a ball flying into the net...
That Kyrie Irving - Brandon Knight was the best part of this game, so awesome.
I'm not gay, but i would let Rubio make some magic between my legs
No... He means likes than views lol
Irving will also play east all stars. Holy cow
I'm not gay, but I Anthony's Brow turns me on
How can they tell who's on their team? lol
i cant feel because of the slow mo effect
U mean it had more views than likes
KOBE BRYANT IS OLD!!!! :P HE ALSO SUCKS! here comes the haaate!!!!...hehehehehe
Just imagine if HD video and Phantom Cams existed when Michael Jordan played?
Thumbs up if you want to see James White between the legs dunk on freethrow line in the dunk contest. Can't wait!!!
Anthony Davis: "I don't usually use the internet, but when I do, eye brows"
What you mean,Ross can only DUNK and that's it....Everybody here has multiple TALENT for their team.
Check out my video "Your worst fear" .. You cant help but laugh .
slow motion highlights: AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT.
travels.... travels everywhere...
1:09 anthony davis smile whilst trying to block his ex-teammate
so happy not seeing anymore that hurricane sandy speech...
Nah not Austin rivers and we need better music play ima boss by meek mill
most boring nba highlights vid i ever watched
Wow we're all the highlights of Faried??? And Dion waiters off the glass alley oop. And and all your guys comments down low are the homoist shit I've ever heard
brazilian player, first time at NBA.. Really good defender, blocks very well; playing for Celtics.
1:20 fail hits off of side of backboard
no need to stress game will be up tomorrow on youtube ;)
Man that slow mo on the UNI BROW was awful to watch
Brandon Knight And Kyrie Irving Will be a Great Legend...These Guys has what it's take to be a True NBA Player...
Ant are you allergic to dunks or something.
Cant wait for this dunk contest tonight!
I'm not gay but i just jacked off to Anthony Davis's eyebrow.
I was hoping they'd show the brow to Leonard lob
I honestly didnt know shved could throw it down that hard
now i know Anthony Davis not a new Tim Duncan and not a new Anthony Davis.He]s just Anthony, player like PJ Brown or Isaak Austin.
Kyrie should start in the allstar game spolstra would pick bosh to start instead
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