French Bulldog Adopts Tiger

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In Kagawa, Japan, Nana-chan the French Bulldog adopts a two-week old tiger cub. How cute! Click to subscribe for more cute videos: http://bit.ly/ZqphqC WATCH 'Pick of the Week':...

uzoouk Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
French Bulldog Adopts Tiger: so cute! #frenchbulldog   #bulldog   #dog   #cute   #pet   #animal   #tiger  
Crystal Field Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Thats the most cutest thing I have ever watched !!!! ( minus the other things) X-D BUT STILL IT IS CUTE!!!
adopts or BEFRIENDED??
why does this all happen in japan or africa?
cuz the animals are there in those countries ??
wow great mothering ur child finaly makes it to the logs and u knock him over feeling the love lolz .25 sec
This is like a parrot trying to take care of a frog, its fucking retarded. These people are fucking stupid.
The dog is all this no longer any fun!
This is the start of a great friendship!
lmao sorry to the tiger but i laughed when you got knocked over
lol one of the funniest comments i ever read but so true
Lol! When this tiger grows up, the bulldog is gonna walk around town saying, "CAN'T FU** WITH ME!" Some big dog comes up, "And why not?"(threateningly) Bulldog: "Cuz my son will fu** you up!" Tiger comes in: "Hi" Big dog: *Withers*
you guys are idiots why can't you just look at this for what it is instead of perverting it into some kind of revenge fantasy to compensate for your own insecurities
gg mother when son grows up Lol
Bulldog: *Randomly starts running into tiger* Tiger: Lemme walk! Bulldog: No. Tiger: You just wait...
I don´t think the dog adopted the tiger... it just want's to play with it
no it's a french bulldog. Bostons are less stocky and have a distinct black and white color pattern. Bostons also don't have the bat ears
wat kind of mother jumps over their child
lol. the dog is so energetic and jumping over the cub again and again.
@RayzzWayzz On that note enter "Tiger Raised By a Dog Is Getting Bigger". Looks like the dog is starting to find out.
the dog not a bulldog,is a boston
@NFS13EPIC The bull dog was a female. The tiger was nursing off of the dog.
Everything happens in Japan!!! First Heart-kun, then there's that one dog that barks however the owner tells it to, and the cat that begs funny, and then there's this. Smart animals.
Thats the sweetest thing i've ever seen and I've seen - and I've seen Zac and Cody.
0:41 Tiger cub likes to give blowjobs!
Just give up or grow up any 1 of the 2. I had completely forgotten about you - I prefer it that way. I'm not replying to you anymore cya. XD XD XD XD XD
the bulldog is just jumping over the cub lol
Ha ha i'd love to see the dogs reaction when the Tiger is fully grown....Tiger snack eh lol
well bulldog mum, you do know that you well regret your punsh at 0.25 after the tiger has grown. X D
my god dogs are such fucking retards
i dnt think this tiger is gona ever eat his momy :(
How would an animal adopt another animal?
That dog was on crack man! Every time that cub tried to get away it was all like "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Ya got any more money man?! Come on I'll pay you back, I swear! Come on! I need it now!" *Pushes Cub*
@stjo5555 its a french bulldog not an english bulldog
2 months later Bulldog: WANNA PLAY TAG?!! (Tiger Eat's her)
They sleep together and the bulldog keeps on knocking the tiger ova xD I wonder whats gonna happen later!
Unlikely; since the Bulldog has taken the job as foster mother for the cub, that tiger will grow up to recognize that dog as its mother, despite how different she may seem from him. The chance that it will see her as food later in life is unlikely.
this video should be titled "bulldog steps on tiger cub"
nice....in a few months that bulldog would make a nice little snack for that tiger
this kinda shit never happens in america
that tiger is gonna fuck shit up when it gets bigger
@shea333 as long its taken care of the animal dosn't care.
@shea333 So, in the situation in this particular video, are you certain that the tiger is being kept as a pet? I ask because a lot of the time this UKZoo has injured/rescued animals destined for a zoo or back to the wild, or animals that were rejected by mommy, thus needing human intervention.
I guess its true that we can't choose our parents.
@abevizierf LOL Now, your comment is brillant. Thanks for the laugh. Nice to see a good sense of humor.
@shea333 Yeah. Its fucked up how cute that tiger is.... Dont you just wanna SNUGGLE SNUGGLE SNUGGLE
Of course not its her mother. if a man can adopt a pride of lions why a doc couldnt adopt one tiger
cute now, but it can't end well O.o but lets worry about that later lol
ecco chi non fa distinzione di razza gli animali. impariamo da loro.
how is this adopting, it looks to me the dog is kicking the cub in the face while jumping over it!
how on earth do u have a 2 week old tiger cub?
@XxGameadickxX, I will wonder if the tiger's peeing on Hydrants when he's grown up
That little tiger is so Cuuuuutte!!!! Adorable!!!
That tiger walks like I do on the way home from the bar.
are u still fighting with this guy? u need to calm the hell down hoe
@SilvioDanteFanFMC691 Sadly there will always be trolls that need to make comments like that. It's best to leave them alone. Because obviously the owners/caretakers will keep the two together even when the tiger is all grown up./sarcasm
in 3 to 5 years that bull dog wouldnt know what hit him
i wonder if the tiger will bark when it grows up
The tiger is getting pissed off because the dog keeps bugging him ... but he's being patient ... the dog doesn't know what he is in for! xD
lol the bulldog keeps knocking over the cub, and i bet the tiger cub is like "i'm gonna kick ur ass on of these days ..."
that is really cute but I wish someone would put up videos of how these animals got along when they got older! And that tiger looks PISSED.
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