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Justin Bieber CHARMS girlfriend Selena Gomez

by hollywoodbackstage • 29,844 views

Justin Bieber reportedly turned on the charm for girlfriend Selena Gomez on the 16th of June. Bieber is understood to have whisked Gomez off for a romantic helicopter ride over Toronto. The teen...

you obviously do live in the US. good look to you and don't forget what i said about your cognitive dissonance.
I'm sorry for your loss mika believe me I dont mean disrespect to the people that lost their lives. It just makes me sick to see individuals going on about their lives without coming to terms with the truth. If you were to do the research you would see that it was a false flag, all just to keep its strong hold on citizens. As hard to believe as that may seem.
wake the hell up people... does anyone know 9/11 was a total lie by your own government?
another thing, people need to stop believing they're american, hindu, muslim, black, white, just because an individual was born on a piece of land doesn't make him or her different (any better) then the person born in other parts of the globe. Think about why I'm having this conversation in here, its not hard to rationalize.
the most annoying voice ever in my life
One more thing just for you it's not where your born it's what you believe my brother has a friend in his navy squad who is from Cuba who is proud to be an american so again shove it up yours. Thanks semper fi and peace
I clicked on this video, disliked it, wrote this comment and am now going to proceed with the rest of my life.
Who said I'm from the US? I didn't think people could be incredibly stupid but you sure proved me wrong. You need to be sterilized and get off the Internet. You're obviously too paranoid to be socializing with anyone especially people over the Internet. Take your meds and fuck off.
They're such BIG International close in your lives.
btw did you figure out why you're watching bieber vids yet? or should I give you a hint?
Like your government is any better. Lol, you're obviously too dumb to think for yourself if you believe everything they tell you about other countries. It's so funny how dumb you are. I think your tinfoil hat may be on a little too tight.
my mistake I didn't see your other comment bud.... you must have read my mind!!! I was just about to suggest to join one of the many military branches where all the Blind Uneducated BAaah BAAaahs go to when they don't know what to do with themselves. Semperf fi!! So yea..go protect your so called country from third world countries that run around in sandals...Don't forget your monkey jump suit!! BAAAAHHAAAAHAHAAHAAAAAA!!! BAAAAAAAHAAAHAA BAAH! :) Fucking disgrace!!
Are you warm? I wouldn't know because I'm not the one in the straight jacket. Must be hard to type with your limbs constricted. It's funny how you nothing about the US except what your media tells you. I feel bad that you believe everything you're told.
like if came here from justin bieber gets mad at fans?
Go wave your Arrogant flag somewhere else sheeplee BAAAAHHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!
Hey justin if you're reading this, if the day comes that selena ever cheats on you, I will laugh at your stupid ass.
you better not act all formal now that you know the truth I'm joining the marines to protect my country and family and honor my cousin you stupid little fart our country is not a controlling fuck retard like yours so take what ever the hell is shoved up your ass out and stop make stupid comments on youtube. Thank Semper fi and peace
ill let you get back to watching beiber, playing your video games, watching porn, and eating your Mcdonalds, and using the creators name as a means to justify war, ...just think... all this is happening while your own government turns all of you to half brained, arrogant, and ignorant Lost sheep.
Interesting you can come to those conclusions with half a brain my friend. Where do you live? you must live in america home of the cowards and the murderers who use drones to attack third world countries... am I warm?
George Clooney, lolz still pimpin. >_<
the awkward moment when the top comment has more likes than the video
I can't believe that you to are have this conversation in here but to the guy not from the USA my cousin died in 9/11 so go tell him that it was faked you fucking retarded jackass
I know. I'm just trying to make you see how dumb you sound. That would be something you'd say though. I didn't think they had computers available for use by patients in a mental ward.
I'm obviously speaking to an infant, judging from what videos you watch I can only arrive to one conclusion.. ill leave that up to you to ponder. Let me give you some advice, try removing all that cognitive dissonance out of your head before you become a hazard to others. Proud of your war mongering country aren't you.
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