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True Confession: Under-Stimulated and Overpaid

by PeopleJam • 28,337 views

Ever wonder about telemarketers? Comedian Iliza Shlesinger explains how making crank calls while telemarketing and fax mishaps caused her to lose her job.

@leitermann hahah she really does and makes a parrot face hahaha
@mightbebenjamin thats wat i thought i was like thats familiar then i listened to it again i was "ding" *light bulb appers over head
HAHA! uh i meant primetime sitcom type of 30 minute show on a major network.
lmao out of paper so she sent them some, epicosity right there
at 0:37 she makes the cutest little noise, haha. i would pay to stimulate her :)
haha, they were out of paper. great.
"they said they were our of paper so i decided to fax them some" ha!
way funny. i did telemarketing many moons ago. crank calls are such a part of the job.
"The sun is nature's tanning bed." Aaahahahaha.
I like how her mimics are totally one-sided. It looks super cute.
They said they where out of paperXD
out of paper so she faxed them some lol lol lol lol lol lol
anyone else wondering how she won last comic standing?
this time next year i predict she has her own 30 minute show.
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