Not a Biden fan, but he certainly said "...not a single day I hadn't been proud..." and the crowd understood that. Why would he say he's never been proud and everyone cheers?? Let's be fair - no need to misquote the knucklehead. He says plenty of crazy things all by himself.
Wow. He finally told the truth.
"There's never been a day in the last four years that I haven't (muffled) been proud to be his Vice-President."  Anyone who can't hear that, is a desperate, redneck conservative who is oblivious to the subtleties of speech patterns and must have everything newsworthy explained to them by Fox News.
To Mitt, investing in America means not caring about 47% of her To Mitt, investing in America means spending $2 Trillion more in the military than the Pentagon is asking for To Mitt, the only investment worth making is in War and Wall Street To Mitt, to heck with children with preexisting conditions, veterans back from war, low wage earners barely hanging on, students saddled with debt, retirees foregoing meals to pay for medicine Because to Mitt, they, like Big Bird, are terrible investments
WOW, I just gained a New Respect for JB.
Now, the CBS News Report PLUS all the obvious lies about a video causing the deaths of our Ambassador and 2 Navy Seals and the communications tech whom my son knew of though not personally, ALL the lies, all the deceptions, all the denial and reluctance to call the attack what it was, a freaking TERRORIST attack, all Obama's feigned righteous indignation at being accused of lying (BS), this sorriest excuse for a President that this country has ever had to endure, watched the attack in real time.
I highly doubt that when he flip flops every day for a vote. Dumb fool
And what is 'real'? MSNBC? lol try Reason or TED talks if you want to learn shit.
hahaha oh joe, how i love thee :)
Except, oh... wait, saving those companies was a BAD IDEA, because if Wal-Mart went out then small businesses would pop up left and right, and commerce would spray itself clean. GM had been making nothing but failure after failure (the Corvette being the one and only exception), Ford was faltering and Chrysler was done for. Bailouts simply made commerce dirtier when it walked out than when it walked in. Also, I hope you're happy, ya brainwashed moron. Enjoy poverty. I won't.
Yeah, I'd suggest to you to learn at least a bit about how one gets rich in Romney's field compared to being economically successful for a nation; totally different. Mitt Romney got rich my investing and mass shipping jobs overseas; remind me on how that's going to help us at all? There was no way for anyone you could have elected for these 4 years that could turn the economy around; many economists agree multiple things Obama did actually helped the economy, but nothing could 100% save it.
Yeah, don't get mad you little shit, go cry in your corner over how Conservative policies don't work. I am not a liberal, but liberal policies work better than Conservative policies, we have seen that over the last 4 years.
I agree. ..."I ain't been proud"... The only thing he's guilty of in this clip is slurring his words. We have much better material to criticize him for than this.
Oh he's an idiot. Don't get me wrong. There's plenty to hate on Biden for. Don't get me started on Obama. But I think in this case he said that he's proud just in his typical poorly enunciated way.
if I am understanding you correctly the fact that jesse is a little over the top with his conspiracy theories is one of the reasons I would have liked seeing him in there . some-one that doesn't believe the propaganda stream that we are fed but it's all moot any way (at least for 4 more years)
I'm IN the barrel with you and the other 330+ million other people that live in America. The barrel that has the fire built under it that is getting stoked as we speak! I would rather pluck out my own eye than to vote for either of the two selected candidates. And I'm tired of stupid people screaming democracy when we are a Constitutional Republic! Either side you choose... your children will be molested by TSA and the national debt will still climb.
Now for the lie about Romney changing Medicare to a voucher system. Don't you people even listen to the debates??? There were THREE of them, actually FOUR but it was hard for Ryan to get a word in edgewise with buffoon Biden laughing, condescending, and interrupting. For those over 55, Medicare REMAINS THE SAME. In fact Romney will take the 716 billion $ back OUT of obamacare, BACK INTO Medicare. For those under 55 there is an OPTION to do vouchers or choose Medicare as it is now. Good enough???
Bush averaged, what, 5.2% unemployment over 8 years? I'd take that. What Bush failed to do was reverse the lib policies that guaranteed an eventual crash. If Romney is only for the rich, then why does he talk about average income being down over $4k compared to 2008, as a big problem, while Obama won't even discuss it? I kinda doubt millionaires sweat $4k the way you or I would.
And now for more of Obama's crap: keep in mind that throughout the following, NONE of his bows were reciprocated so don't try to give me some excuse about it being the cultures' customs... He bowed to the Japanese Emperor He bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia He bowed to the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao He bowed to Chinese President Hu Jintao And the kicker, he bowed to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio - yep the mayor of a Florida city; must have been honoring her hispanic-ness. Find the pic, that's SOME bow.
please explain which side of the barrel you are on?
And believe me, I don't like Obama AT ALL, but I believe truth is important.
@bronzenrule If these kids wanted to go to college they would work for it or those people putting there cable bills Infront of insurance... Don't deserve it
Romney's answers may not be the best, but they sure will work better than Obama's if they're like Bush's. What rights are Romney taking? What will Obama do for us? Raise our debt another $6 trillion? Increase healthcare costs? No. That's because he's going to be on vacation for the next four years, swimming in dough and not giving a damn about the welfare of others. Obama isn't the answer. Cast your vote for Romney, sweet jesus, this ain't gonna go well if everyone goes after Obama.
LOL You hypocrite. I'm not surprised you call facts "biased". Scared of facts.....yes, I know....facts can be so annoying. Next time you throw yourself in a conversation, don't be upset if you get answered. Coward.
Palin gets to make up words so why not Biden? This video is like criticizing a typo as a grammatical mistake. Biden's gaffes are more like glimmers of blunt honesty, which for a politician are a bit poisonous but somebody has to say what everyone is thinking. This is not a gaffe, might have even been an audio glitch.
He said "I haven't" not "I've."
We'll see, I doubt your lying bastard of a candidate Romney would have done any better
its called a spelling mistake bud. Im sure you dont spell perfectly either.
I'm a conservative, but come on he clearly says "There's never been a day in the last for years I ain't been proud to be his vice president." He's saying he's proud of being the man's VP. Let's not misquote him just because he didn't enunciate it 100%.
He clearly meant to say, "more proud". This video is a waste of time.
"Dude where did you learn english." Shouldn't you have a question mark after a question? lol
I guess to a conservative this video really proves something. Wow. Congratulations!!!!! Oh wait -- YOU LOST!
The recession is still going on, and now will get worse over the next 4 years. Obama is a novice, and it shows.
Join the club, Joe! I never seen the day in the last for years where I have been proud of having Obama as president!!!
Are you stupid, Obama is trying to get our troops home, he is setting up a healthcare system that can work with the Buffet Rule, he doesn't need to raise the damn debt anymore because the countries top companies have stablized. You are too blind to see what the man has done to save this country. He is taking money out of our military, he is reducing spending across the board and shutting down education programs that are ineffective or abused. Romney is just sugar coating shit so he can get in.
Your shortsightedness amuses me, a non american person :)
Pride can be very versatile in terms of policy. Romney - thank you for a breath of air in zero gravity. peace.
Both candidates lied, but I would much rather a rich businessman ran the country in a time that our economy is just about SCREWED OVER. If Romney got rich, that means that he knows how to run a successful business that makes a lot of money. Obama promised (and I mean it) to lower our debt. Except... he didn't. He raised it $6 trillion. We nearly hit the debt roof. Romney may be a flip-flop, but a flip-flop is better than a soleless sneaker when you're walking on hot coals.
AGREED. I just voted against Obama earlier. Felt great!
EVERYBODY : please use Qtips ! Here's what he says : " I tell you what : there's never been a day in the last four years i haven't been proud to be his vice president , not one single day , not one single day ! ( ...) "
Do you really care about those things, or is it just a convenient argument? I think we both know that you could easily have been talking about President Bush or any future Republican President with those policies. The fact that these things are occurring under a Democrat, and the fact that it is President Obama, really has nothing to do with who is in office; it has to do with what needed to be done to fight and win most effectively.
Jeep: "Chrysler has been managed by Fiat SpA since it emerged from its 2009 bankruptcy, when the Italian company took 20-percent ownership. Marchionne is chief executive of both Chrysler and Fiat. Fiat has since increased its ownership to 58.5%." "Chrysler as early as June 2011 had said it was considering adding Jeep production in China.We are working to establish a global enterprise and previously announced our intent to return Jeep production to China, the world's largest auto market." contd
That is a bold faced lie, upon Obama entering the White House, the unemployment rate was well above 10%. Blame Bush you Conservative idiot.
Do you have your Obama phone & free house... DemoCripts are so predictable. All they want to do is live their lives as "Bloodsuckers"... aka "socialist/communist/humanitarian/planned parent hood/abortionist" etc... sic~
The funny part is that the real unemployment rate is 22% in the US right now, but brainwashed sheep still buy the phony numbers provided by the mainstream media.
Who are Democrats, well in General they are who is behind "Agenda 21"
So you DO have a bias. It's very hard to hide, if you're trying to hide it. I like, and most people like, honesty up front. Anything else is for deception purposes. I addressed the Lily Ledbetter issue, with government statistics and links (gonna believe what you're told by Obama, or believe the facts?). So find that comment(s). contd:
Sheep.. GARY JOHNSON AND DR. JILL STEIN 2012 ;D Mitt is the same as Obama on multiple topics.. *90 million won't vote* a new study outsourcing shows.
how do you feel now? did you choke up with sadness because your boy lost in a landslide?
You have so much to learn. Romney is going to make it harder on the middle class. He thinks the middle class is handed to much. When in fact we're handed nothing. Romney is for the rich he's going to make life hell for anyone that doesn't make over 1 million a year. Open your eyes. He has contradicted himself so much in the election. People need to vote on the right reasons. People are voting Romney just because they don't like Obama, when in fact Romney is going to be another George Bush.
I believe Romney is as good as it gets to change the terrible image of the USA that Obama has given it around the world. We have to start somewhere. Romney is strong and a strong patriot. He is what Obama hasn't been. A strong, solid character, resolute and successful and more interested in strengthening the economy and the country than in taking vacations and playing golf. I think he's the man for the job today. And I believe we would be fortunate to have him.
EXPERIENCE? yes he absolutely does; he's very experienced at leverage buyouts, outsourcing, finding and exploiting tax loopholes and flip-flopping on even the most fundamental of issues.
rofl are you serious?? Bush's plans are what got us into this mess, so you think doing those would be better? Not even going to waste time reading thew rest of your comment if you actually feel that way. gl to you man
While everyone is arguing Republican/Democrat/Liberal/Conservative? The Federal Reserve is printing money like crazy scr*wing this country The tribes in ths country are fighting while the kings snicker and rob the coffers. AUDIT THE FED. AUDIT THE PENTAGON.
Why do you take your check home every pad day Mr. None Capitalist? If you love re-distribution so much why not give it to your neighbor... You know because you hate capitalism so much
When people cheer do they resize what he said and laughing because it was funny or not realizing it because they are just stupid enough to vote for those two idiots.
I love how Obama supporters are so kind and compassionate. Lighten up will ya :p afterall, it's in God's hands. Why do people think they're gonna change anything by debating silly facts that could go either way? HELLO! Learn to handle situations with character. Damn.
Mitt’s lie #3: I saved failing businesses at Bain. BULLSHIT. No Wall Street bank has ever put up 90% of the capital, which was done, to buy failing businesses for Mitt. Wall Street is neither that altruistic nor that stupid. (e.g., Chrysler in 1979 got government loan guarantees before banks loaned it a dime). In fact, Mitt squeezed the businesses for more profit through downsizing, i.e., firing workers, or through firing all & selling the business for parts or shipping off all the jobs to China
There is economic improvement, it's an observable fact. Not that I'd expect some neocon shitlord to care or understand facts.
Jesuit Coadjutor subservient to Roman Papal masters. Don't forget a all these men are closely tied with Knights of Malta. Bloody scum these people are and the ones who control them.
Joe Biden = everyone's favorite idiot uncle - and a traitor to boot.
He said, "There's Never Been A Day In The Last Four Years I'ven't Been Proud To Be His Vice President"
That comment made me laugh! Biden should just hide for the next four years so he doesn't embarrass the Democrat party any more than it already is.
Pepsi 2016! dont vote for Coca Cola! ...get it?
What kind of person is Mitt? He dodged the Vietnam War draft by getting deferments as a Mormon missionary in France, while other Mormons fought & died in the war. Worst, he did this after supporting the war & even the draft in a demonstration in college Now he is warmongering against Iran, says he wouldn't have left Iraq & promises to stay in Afghanistan forever, ready to sacrifice the children of others while his sons, like dad, haven't, or, according to Mitt, have by helping him become POTUS
It's disturbing that people like you, who don't even know why the economy went to shit in the first place and believe it was because of a political party, have the same right to vote as me.
Now that's bunk. Reagan (supposedly just an amiable dunce actor) inherited a worse situation overall and did much better with it. Lib economists are some of the most narrow minded, can't-think-out-of-their-own-box people that you'd ever want to find...
10com40cal you got some good facts right there but at the same time you got to remember obama is just another puppet in that industry.... you really think any of the candidates will save u.s ? U.S has become a joke , just admit it
A lifelong corporate raider and tax evader, Romney Hood, aka Gordon Gekko has always seen this country as nothing more than a treasure ship for him to plunder, where unbound by ethics or compassion for the livelihood of others, and using other people's money, he’s taken over many a dream, stripping them for parts to sell to the highest bidder, solely to grow his and his wealthy friends’ personal fortunes, while workers walk the plank into a jobless, pension-less and healthcare-less sea.
In the long run, yes, and "not exactly." Capitalism allows succeeders to succeed, and, just as importantly, failers to fail. Inject a little compassion & rules for fair competition & against gross abuses: Over time those at the bottom end up with wealth FAR greater than those in the middle under other systems. Short term thinkers, worried about fairness (or "revenge") fail to see this. China does & is cleaning our clock. Given current trends, their poor will someday be richer than our middle.
Yeah, and that's ALL you would listen to, ... nothing but "SHIT" (as YOU so aptly put it). Thanks for letting everyone know that even YOU think it's nothing but SHIT. OK?!!? We ALREADY knew this. But, thanks for verifying this 4 us. We'll be eternally grateful. I promise!!! lol Try CNN!!! They were VOTED #1 of ALL news channels as being trustworthy & accurate (oh, and unbiased). ALL news channels have the potential 2 b biased. But, at least CNN tries their BEST not 2 be. And, they ARE accurate.
Obama haulted the Recession by increasing the debt. Had he not increased the debt by saving crucial companies that kept income flowing in America ( what little we have cause the rich are shipping companies overseas) and held a large majority of workers. Jobs are gonna lose 4k in income because people haven't fucking worked in that establishment long enough to get a motherfucking raise. He is only lying by objectifying immediate circumstance.
Mitt’s lie #4: Obama had total control of Congress his first 2 years. BULLSHIT. The Democrats were in the filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and the majority in the House for only 4 MONTHS; 2 MONTHS when not counting the recess when Congress was not in session to do any legislative work - between September 24, 2009 and February 4, 2010, in between the final resolution of Al Franken's election and the incapacitation of Edward Kennedy, his death, and the election of Scott Brown, in the Senate
and every other news organization in the mainstream media isnt biased towards barry?
And now for the big one, Benghazi: CBS News com: "the Obama Administration did not convene its top interagency counterterrorism resource: the Counterterrorism Security Group, (CSG)." "The CSG is the one group that's supposed to know what resources every agency has. They know of multiple options and have the ability to coordinate counterterrorism assets across all the agencies," a high-ranking government official told CBS News. "They were not allowed to do their job. They were not called upon."
To my fellow republicans the left cant hear you,we engage our minds then speak, They cant after a lifetime of brainwashing they are left with talkinpoints spoken from their ass thru their ass-mouths.What ever we say desnt smeel right so they cant hear you.But please keep trying some may not be completely bleached out of intelligence yet
Your times not valuable and you have nothing to show.
Job statistics are out there and available to the public, there has been improvement, just because you want to stick your head in the sand and spout shitty republican talking points doesn't mean there hasn't been. Obama had 'economic preservation' when he got into office? What the fuck are you even talking about? You mean he got a huge bag a flaming shit when he got into office, right?
Go Mitt go! Go Mitt go! Go Mitt go!
Precisely. His pronunciation was merely a bit accented.
Yes, I am sure; people have dissected Romney's 5 point plans multiple times and have shown that they will absolutely fail if put into action. His plans never worked correctly in MA (besides him lowering taxes and highering the cost of everything else...marriage licence literally cost ten times it did before he came and was lowered back when he left, guess that worked out for him alright!), why would they now? Reagan fucked a whole lot of shit up that I can't even put into one comment.
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