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President Obama, On Immigration - 06-15-2012

by SolelyByRequest • 8,747 views

Complete with interrupting jerk, Neil Munro of the Daily Caller. He should be banned from the White House.

This is great!!! Finally I hope I get the job permit cuz I just finished high school last week and need a job in order to attend college. We Latinos with no legal papers here can't get any government scholarships so it makes it very difficult and expensive to attend college ... Please understand
perhaps the guy who interrupted him can self deport himself all the way back to Ireland. Conservatives in America attracts the most fowl from our Common wealth nations.
I agree, this is the right thing to do! God bless America & this young people!
Este hombre no respeta al president es un inorante
Anyone with half of a brain can see that Obama wasn't finished with his remarks. More sanctimonious BS from holier-than-thou conservatives. Hannity will be kissing this guy's but on his next show. Maybe he'll even let him throw his football. And the last guy talking about "importing foreigners". These kids are already here, genius.
He should make a public apology, or be jailed.
aagghh! just like you said, what a jerk! unfortunetly there's a lot of ignorant people. what happened with Alabama? they kicked out undocumented workers because americans needed jobs and in the no one wanted those jobs. We do need a way to give working visas so they caan work legally...
Thank you!! Mr. President. And everything the Mr. President is talking a bout is true. No puedo creer que la gente sea tan egoista. Y el senor que lo interrumpio,disiendo "Y Los Americanos que no tienen trabajo?" Hay demasiados trabajos en los cuales ellos pueden trabajar pero a ellos no les gusta trabajar algunos no todos.Los latinos trabajos en trabajos donde los americanos no trabajarian porque es muy pesado como en la contruccion, en ranchos abajo de el sol.Y lo cual nosotros si lo hacemos
I have many friends that are very hard working people forget the nationality do what's right this isn't a break for criminals this is a opportunity for honest men and women who have been raised by our side that some don't even know what there country even looks like! Today more than ever I am proud of the U.S.A and the president for doing what is right a fair opportunity for all hard working young people! May god bless you all !
Holy shit FOX news just polled and Obama is winning Latino support 93% to Romney 7% hahahahaha
Seriously. Put yourself in their shoes. It is the right thing to do. Thank you Mr. President
im depending on this so much yo start college>
I get freedom of speech and taking opposition to what is being said, but seriously, at the end of the day, that is your president speaking. Let him finish, then ask or argue away.
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