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[s]Jade Enter music = Atomic Bonsai

by udont12know • 4,111 views

I switched the audio of [s] Jade: Enter with Atomic Bonsai from Strife! No other edits made, except speeding atomic bonsai up to fit. It's kinda creepy how the audio and video still sync up.

There should be another version. With the audio at normal speed and the flash slowed down.
OH GEEZ THAT ALMOST SYNCS PERFECTLY. Just the part at the end, Jade slowwwly falling through snow while HEAVY ROCK MUSIC plays doesn't quite match up. Other than that it's AMAZIN'.
Frankly, the reason this doesn't work is that the other tracks are scored to their respective flashes. So, honestly this doesn't fit the mood or the tone of what's going on here. Hussie is very good at making music work with his flashes, and I'm sure he'll find a kick-ass way to use the Strife tracks. This just isn't it.
at this speed it sort of makes it so hyperactive i feel like my blood is a bunch of speeding bullets a bit much that just happened. Is this a Homestuck reference? I haven't played much so I can't verify.
It worked until the very end. Jade falling through the snow slowly while Atomic Bonsai is playing is honestly just kinda funny.
Calm portion of song? Bro, Cal and Davesprite fighting Jack. FITTING? NO.
"This seems to be syncing up pretty good... nothing too special though..." *Jack Noir gets prototyped, music kicks into high gear* "OH SHIT"
I am...speechless.TOO MUCH EPIC alexKantal's [AK'S] computer exploded.
This is pretty good, however another song that works really well with [s]Jade: Enter is At the Price of Oblivion. Try it.
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