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Mission-Craft | Episode Two | "I Am Lead Designer"

by ImmortalHD • 105,066 views

Please Leave A Like To Support This Series! Tom's Channel: Missioncraft is a series where my friends and I get together in Minecraft and have fun! From...

wow, so rewatching and the amount of anti gay stuff, and well straight up homophobic is kinda crazy, I mean I love aleks and kevin, and jake, but really it's like ...damn.
You do know what homophobic means, right? It dern sure seems like you don't. Homophobia is the act of having a phobia towards homosexuals or to become homosexual. Yes, he said things that would offend homosexuals but he clearly does not have a phobia of them. It's not right to inaccurately categorize someone as homophobic when you don't even know what homophobic means.
wai must they call kevin tom?!?!?!?!
+Neptune Solar I know this comment string is 2 months old, but the reason why they call Kevin like that is because this video is from 2 years ago. Back then, they had just started to play together and weren't in a first name basis yet, that is why they also call Aleks as Immortal. They didn't know each other well enough yet.
+Nao Sou Not they, just kevin. Remember jakey and aleks go way back.
This is my forth time watching this series
This is like my tenth,it's just to good
Do more of dis Dun stop pls I want more pls
Why is Kevin Tom in this?
Do more of dis Dun stop pls I want more pls
Is it my phone or anyone else get the sudden changes in brightness
I'm getting the light changes too and I'm on my laptop
Go to Tom's p.o.v and you'll see him grow a mushroom with bone mill XD
Skelingtonfags are fags
"This is where shit gets kinky...HAHAHAHAHAHA!" XD I died
Zebra everywhere? NEW ROOM DESIGNS!
hey did anyone else notice there were 2 songs playing at the same time O_o
cant see for shit oh u teaser
lol its cute how immortal always says shut up to them lol
im sure the stupid trolls see the minecraft name but see the intro and go this isnt minecraft!
Ahh, the days when Aleks called Kevin "Tom"
Did anyone else here 2 tracks of minecraft music playing at once
So what you are saying... is that he should change who he is? >_> Also not meaning to hate but please learn to spell and also learn how to use grammar correctly.
I like you. You have extreme dedication, and you are benefiting Aleks. I'm not sure if you are just trying to annoy people. Or if you are just replying to different people to keep interest, originality, and sanity. But it doesn't matter to me either way. I give you my props.
now 6... in that 1 month... D: i feel like a douche for saying that
12:42 Immortal made PI? :o and 7:45 MATH?
@innocent11335 I like you. You're intelligent.
Immortal your a racist manatee (all trolls ifou don't know what I'm tallkin bout then shut the FUCK up) thank you
I wrote that on my Ipad and I can't reply on it. I meant that his name is spelled Aleks
It's not a house!! It's a mountain base!!
I hail from the future, Immortal is Based God
he isnt a gay boy hes fiiiiiiiiittttttt <3
Actually it because Immortal increases his brightness for his videos if he thinks its too dark
The funny part is they never got beds, even though they said they would.
dah-ruhg..... wait whaaht. IS THIS TRUE?! ( o , o ) i am afraid it is sir... OHHH MMMYYYY GAAAAWWWWDDDD!!!!
Kevin is just talking about different type of sheep
ImmortalHD has a science degree, in fashion, from France.
@sarapinkpills 1)im surre u just Watch aleks vids cus you think hes cute 2)im surre you still Watch his vids 3)Thats their personality so SHUT UP
Im i high? Wgats wrong with the bright-ness
pig is a race theyre called pork man
At the beginning, why is there 2 Minecraft songs playing at the same time?
@samplingrate How the fuck is he homophobic...? Because he calls things gay...? Wow, you're fucking thick.
The last words of this episode cx " you're retarded "
wow, it was true, Aleks did call Kevin Tom. 0.0 XD
There needs to be more people like you on the internet so I won't lose faith in humanity. :3
I'll send my most highest rank minion to stop you! Slenderman! He's my buddy!
Why was it so bright in parts of the vid?
i actually thought the same when you were putting wood around the 2 furneces i was like saying it to my self and thought that you would hear it but then knew oops you can't hear me !!11
Ohh my minecraft ocd is kicking in
it sounds like they're super stoned while playing this
please reupload the original mission craft:(
There is nothing wrong with being gay or lesbian.
3:33 its in the patch notes...
my icon? my friend took a screenshot (prt sc sysrq button on most computers) and cropped the creeper in paint
Really? I was expecting someone else as this was Alek's channel
haha tomanex: what i cant put flowers down this is fucking gay
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