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MINECRAFT The "Edge" of Minecraft "The Far Lands" ツ

by MrLiquimatter • 166,342 views

MINECRAFT The "Edge" of Minecraft "The Far Lands"

Just to correct something, It's not 25% the distance between earth and the sun, it's closer to 1%. this shows you how big the minecraft world is
;( i was there and didn't even know CRIEVRYTIM
Seems as though you found where I am from ;)
+Jesse forskinhead It's funny how you are one of the few mentally challenged retards that still find that joke funny. Kill yourself.
And they said it was infinite....
the far lands are only in beta for a reason after beta the world was then infinite
Its the limitsssssssssss :/ hissing 
Feels like inception!
how long did it take u to get there
Haha exponentiation E in the coordinates! You really are FAR away.
Oh ya I called and said to stop with all these old jokes.
I just wanna know why, just WHY the game gets drunk at X/Z 32,000,000 and stops generating the world, gets amazingly lagged and glitches. Why the hell would this happen to a world that works fine? It doesn't make any sense, since the world is infinite!
I mined to the edge of minecraft.(far distance)
how much space does the world take up?
yeah just delete minecraft if your just gonna destroy your game (or computer) -_-
After The Farlands You Go To Dead Minecraft.
there is just something scary about the far lands..
i though it was 240 but 120 traveling by nether
The Defintion of Minecraft: 0:39
It's about 820, with 410 in the nether, I think (Assuming you are walking straight 100% of the time, though blocks, etc)
That's impossible since you must of had to jump.
That's wrong, it's: 34,000,000 / (150,000,000 * 1000) which is 0.0002%
uuuhhuhhuhhh beedrooock aaaaahhhh~~~~
you cant die in the VOID! finnaly!
i think he warped there so most of the world dident need to be renderd
aff nao entendi nada ta em ingles
herobrine lives in the far lands
Lol i in my server some chunks do not generate and if i walk on them i get stuck but if i fly over them it is like nothing happened that means the far lands are at my spawn point?
is it me or is bedrock looks kind of creepy?
I spent days walking there, but then I discovered teleportation o_O
To I heard you like water, so I put water in your water so you can swim while you swim
The reason why those blocks dont have physics is because peoples computer couldnt handle that much physics going on and crashing there computer. Also not very many people would would actually venture out that far. so there for to help reduce file sizes they removed physics.
neither of you can spell their.... gotta spell right to get the unfunny joke right
no, the farlands is MASSIVELY laggy, much more than normal minecraft
fuck im a mod on a server and i did /tppos like 6000000000 now it keeps kicking me out of the server saying illegal position
corrrect me if im wrong but i think its infinite as of beta 1.8 :)
And not a single fuck was given that day.
you obviously dont know kurtjmac, and its only 12 million blocks from origin. look it up on minecraft wiki
They do actually. Because i've been to the farlands so yeah.
Well technically its not... 12,550,821 (X/Z) Is When The Land Stops generating correctly. And 32,000,000 (X/Z) IS Where Chunks Become Fake and look like they are real but they are not. And The Fake Chunk Zone is where this video takes place... 2,147,483,439 (X/Z) is the end of Minecraft playing range. 34,359,738,368 (X/Z) is where blocks stop generating. You cannot pass 2,147,483,439 because the game crashes...
You do know that it would take approximately half a year to travel .1 of a billion blocks, right? Dumbass.
Oh ya grammar called, they wanted you to use their* more correctly
well mcdonalds is from there and if they like it there then go back ( i make absolutly no sense at all trollolol)
imagine all the stuff happening behind him. or if it would even have those chunks loaded.
no i mean how much memory does it take up when it is explored that much.
the far lands in the minecraft wiki look nothing like this?
Oh, yeah, I know, but Atmarj said 62 billion blocks, minecraft didnt even go out that far. The farlands in beta and before were 12,550,821 blocks away, and THAT took 840 hours.
I did research on the Farlands and they are basically the void. You see stuff because Mojang tried to program that as the void but the game thinks there are objects there
Actually it'd take around 840 hours to reach the far lands, approximately 35 days of constant movement forward.
it's because he is in the far lands without lagging. you would need a supercomputer to do that
First off....Kurt did not start the far lands hype.It was always there.And everyone's pc melts so this guy is showing us
But most likely, an endless ocean replaced it, says in the wiki...
1:12 minecraft under minecraft?! "Yo dawg" moment here
minecraft should have these terrain generations as part of the normal world. looks much better than the current ones :I
It's like quantum physics, but minecraft :o
Oh ya, 2050 called, they want the world to stop wars and start making progress in space technology.
Punctuation Nazis called, and they say that the plural of Nazi doesn't have an apostrophe.
It would take 34 days to walk to the far lands.
And after all, it's not possible to legitimately teleport there as the limit for the teleportation command is X/Z 30,000,000.
Did you hear of the man walking to the far lands? He is kurtjmac
I once actually spawned in the farlands lol
isn't the シ a japanese word? o_o
The so called "infinite" world we know and love, Is not infinite as we belive so.
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