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I See Stars - Your Love (Exclusive Live Acoustic Version)

by iseestarsnation • 714,899 views

I See Stars "Your Love" originally performed by The Outfield. Punk Goes Classic Rock Fearless Records 2010

What the? Lol! Sounds hilarious but felt pretty cool. :)
0:44 I thought you had to strum the guitar to make sound? But maybe that's just me!
I see what you're talking about, but the rest of it is definitely realistic. My guess is it's lag due to cheap video editing program(s).
This is clearly edited / not live. With that said, both this version and their album version sound really good. I'll withhold judgement on whether its studio magic or actual talent, but either way they've done cool things with this song.
Modern bands can only copy/cover classics :(
it sounds like someone is grabbing is balls at the start funny a shit
I didn't realize Ron from Harry Potter was in this band!!! Lol!!!
I See Stars > Outfield Acoustic < Original Still a great song though :3
lol only if this was actually live.
I do and this was just acted out so yeah.
+Cam Schumacher I appologize. You're right. I didnt see 0:45 someone said another time that wasnt good proof.
this is good and the one playing the guitar is rly cute
Jesus! It's like a Jewish cat meowing while it's in heat and simultaneously being skinned alive. I mean the guitar playing is great, but good lord, I literally thought the singing was a joke at first, then to my dismay... I find out it's not.
Kinda want Devin in me
I have a friend name devin :D
holy shit this got me obsessed w them 2 or 3 years ago and i still love this band over all other "post hardcore" or whatever generic bands out there
That's fucking horrendous.
I kinda want Devin in me.
Guh, Devin is so hot O.o
gosh! i still love this devin is just awesome
WTF? is this a joke? i mean, you sing very well but... that start? Like anyway :D
Haha. I thought the same thing.
I like his voice but he needs to learn to control it. He goes off key a lot. Love i see stars though. Saw them a few years ago. Really liked their set
Devin though.....♥♡♥♡♥
0:43? That guitar strum o.O
Oh yeah Devin, obviously you make me feel like when I see sky in the night in my roof <3
i wanna use my love to give the both of you aids
He has a one of a kind voice, it's so hot! I love them... :)
I am 32 and love this version well other than Charlie Weasley playing the guitar.
I'm so happy that he has talent outside of auto-tune!
Lmao. Okay kids. Theres sapposed to be two people playing the guitar. He's just playing one part while the other is being played. God People are so stupid
I freaking love I See Stars!!!
Vocals are prerecorded, he fucked up on lippin a word around 1:40 - 1:59
Man it's hard to turn your voice sweet like that Awesome cover Keep it up I see stars
im in love with ur of a kind!!
i like i see stars, devin is a fucking badass
Jesus Del Rey Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I just heard of this band about five minutes ago. And I must say; they are fucking amazing!
sexxxaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiii body fluids all in my pants right now
I love you Devin :')
Great version of the song, guys! Here are the Top 10 best qualities of this cover: 10.
Vocals are prerecorded, he fucked up on lippin a word around 1:40 - 1:59
+SchlickTheSpartan Watch 0:43 minute his hand wasn't strumming at all. 
Yeah, I saw that. Again: They played it and recorded it, then went back and edited the video afterwards. The video itself may not be LIVE, but the audio of them performing this acoustic version is.
tbh i like this cover but that beginning i laughed so hard lmao bye 
just because the guitar is pre-recorded, doesn't mean that it isnt good. 
they can add anything they want to the background to make it sound better.
Proof this is prerecorded...0:43...guitar player stops playing, but there is more strumming?
Yup, a KISS fan indeed. Just like millions around the world. Doesn't change that this guy cant sing lmao.
They probably did a few takes for the sake of filming/video editing, but they'd only use one audio take of course. Shoddy editing nonetheless!
Kellin Quinn must be the father of Devin.
God, people do not understand the concept that they recorded at a studio, then dubbed it over the video... lol. They did this at 37 Studios in Rochester Hills, Michigan to be exact.
the guitar part may be prerecorded, but that doesnt mean the singing is.
yea i notice that to maybe possible lip singing as well?
Brent has such a beautiful voice, I dont know why he doesn't put it out there
or maybe they just took a few clips after the video to make the editing better?
Men were castrated back then so that there voices would never get lower and they'd be able to sing high foreva~
HAHAHAH Devin is a such gay! but i like him....
the only thing that is proof of is that they filmed/recorded multiple takes and then compiled the vid together.... ugh
I don't understand why people bitch at dudes being able to sing high...
The red-head looks like a beaten up Ron from Harry Potter, just saying.
For some reason I can sound like Anthony Green but not him...
Crazy good vocalist. When he gets older and his voice is a little more defined, he will be a great fersure
why didnt I just take him when I had the chance? *sigh* ;)
They probably filmed multiple takes and then pieced them together for a better effect. But the song is definitely one take. You can tell by the slight mistakes in his vocals and guitar. So chill people. You're not detectives.
why are they not playing/singing this live?
You know I like my girls a little bit older!
not expecting that singing voice out of him but very good
Lol i hate u for ruining this vid for me after like two years
nope, its edited after the video. Perhaps guitarist messed up and forgot to keep strumming, so they added it in later.
Excellent cover but the " Trying to stop my hands from shaking , " part sounded pretty lame .
i'd give my entire life to sound just like him! or like danny worsnop! swear they're awesome!
I am gay for him 0.0 i saw them live today and got pictures with him ^\\\\^
Oh my god, Devin Oliver please marry mee /.\ <3
the vocals are pre recorded too. 1:35 his mouth says something different than the song. not a big deal though
Watch 0:41 to 0:45. The strumming in the music continues but the guitar player's arm is motionless. This is lip synced.
UR AMAZING!!!!!! and im not just saying that because ur absolutley adorable :)
You know.. Maybe he sings that high because it's his pitch? Because he does correct singing. He is good at it, and hella talented. Lets leave it at that.
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