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COD Modern Warfare 3 Theme - Metal Rendition by Charlie Parra del Riego

by Machinima • 130,829 views Click here to watch Arjen Lucassen: E-Police (Ayreon / Solo Album Music Video) COD Modern Warfare 3 Theme - Metal Rendition by Charlie Parra del Riego...

The theme song was like the best thing in the whole game lol.
I want Alex Morgan to harbor my offspring
can you do cod mw2 theme too?
good! music! god! 좋은 음악이네요^^
R.I.P  Soap MacTavish
When did MW3 turn into BO2
yeah i thought the same :P
I'm not arguing, I'm simply disproving your point, I agree in the fact that CoD is majorly unbalanced but I still believe that tactics are only a part, albeit a major one, of an effective fighting force.
THAT IS MUSIC not fucking dubstep
It's awkward when a metal remix made by a fan is the best thing of the whole game
I don't like MW3 but Charlie ROCKS !!!! , specially @ 1:58 ♥
Holy crap that intro sounds like Reise Reise, by Rammstein.
Hans Zimmer is a fucking boss. he could should put his talent in a different area honestly. CoD is holding him down.
The clip is EPIC, but the game is Fail
everyone who disliked is just jealous that they can't shred like Charlie!
Why can't the haters give props where props are due? He totally tore that shit up, yes we all seen the video jump to bo2 but he probably didn't cut it together
AW SNAP! INTERNET FIGHT!!!! You're both stupid.
I love how they use some Black Ops 2 gameplay because MW3 is shit
Well wait for respawn entertainments new game.
Never been a fan of the game, but this just might improve my workout regiments in the gym.
Soy fanatico de este juego en hora buena gran Charly mil gracias!excelente como siempre!!!!
would have been an awesome trailer !
I think this song have to be the Modern Warfare 4 theme song!!
yeah... you need tactics to live.. firepowers just saying to dig your own grave if you dont use it with tactics..
Hm, there is also the fact that they release a new game every year... Do we really need that? They can simply extend the deadlines and create something 100000 times better... Something they can take from Valve or maybe Blizzard. But I must say, Black Ops 2 looks promising, so I am still keeping my hopes up for their classy 1 game 1 year schedule. I also fail to see a "good difference" between Modern Warfare 2 and 3.
Why is the trailer for Black Ops 2 playing, that made me really confused. xP
this is epic. but mw3 is far from it.
Isn't that the trailer for Black Op 2 in the background?
cough ever gun has the exactsame fire power it is not noticable....cough
Sorry, i meant Jesus. Jezus is how you say it in my language tho.. But yeah, i'm not religious so i don't give a fuck
About time you get on machinima Charlie. WTF
this guy is really good i couldnt play a single note
So glad i quit playing call of duty.
Pretty good, but I was expecting something heavier.
I don't even like metal but this... Is amazing
Kinda reminds me of hanger 18 by Megadeth but I like it
Charlie!!!!! W00T Bro!! Mucho Bueno!
He octive high the whole verse. That's pretty sweet.
True BUUUUT I'm now gonna go with Contra haha
this is my friend charlie , go on man lml , excellent song
Or just plain fucking skill :) Finger Hammer ons are quite hard in my point of view
Why on earth is Machinima advertising Qualcomm?
I've never seen a gay guy have long hair and there is nothing gay about it.
yeaaa este era el theme q pedia charlie!!! sos my dios ¬_¬
Friend, I suggest :Jazz Jackrabbit soundtrack - Jazz be damned, medieval jam and dark groove, that would be EPIC:)
*cough* PP90M1, TYPE 95, ACR 6.8, MP7, MK14, Striker *cough* so yeah he is right..
The Dragonborn Comes Is Better.
honestly i thought MW3 didnt have a theme
Tactics are more for a group of soldiers, I would much rather be the guy with the bigger gun than the guy with the better strategic mind.
take a minigun and stand in the middle of a battle why don't you?
Whoa never heard that one before! Truly original right there!
would people just stop fucking complaining that theirs bod2 and this when it says mw3
Whether you like MW or not, you can agree on this: this song is epic. :-o
crap,totally forgot about that one.Though,Doom was the one that really kicked the genre forward.I'd say it's a bit more important for the genre.
Awesome song, shame the game isn't as good but GO Price! :D
compared to soundtracks from every media its pretty mediocre
Only like this cause charlie is in it!
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