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How Twilight Should Have Ended

by How It Should Have Ended • 13,117,422 views

What if Edward had made that fateful decision another way? Here's how we think it should have played (plus a cameo from another favorite)! Get your HISHE shirts now:...

You know who the real victim in the twilight movies is? The guy who played Edward in the movies. I'm sure somewhere down the line he regretted being in them and being remembered as an actor who ruined the vampire genre. Every friend I know hates these movies so imagine how the people in them felt. Hell, they probably only continued starring in them because I'm sure they were paid well. Just my opinion though I could be wrong.  
Hahahahahahahahaha OMFG... The few moments of mumbled "15 step" #radiohead  fucking creased me!! LOL...   #killer   Ches x
Fa Deskin Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
"Too late… I'm already a vampire !"
+Loddy Farley yeah I'm starving for somebody lol
What the heck I did not text you
Not disrespecting Blade or anything, I'm a big fan of the films, but how would Blade deal with Twilight vampires anyway? I mean, he can't hurt them with sunlight, silver or garlic. Their skin is WAY too tough for his sword, I've seen him cut through flesh like butter and crack stone but vampire skin as tough as marble with insides like metallic crystal is a whole other level (best way I can describe it from when Edward bit off Victoria's head). Plus, they'd likely be too fast for his explosives and guns. His best bet would probably be fire or hand to hand combat with his strength, but what if they just sped around and clawed him to death? Kind of makes you think, different vampire lore presents different threats. Also, since Renesmee's mother Bella was human when she was conceived, does that make her a superior hybrid like Blade? And if Edward was able to impregnate Bella despite the fact that Twilight vampires can't have kids with other vampires, would it work with a werewolf?
Blade would use fire; Twilight vampires light up like Christmas trees when you put a torch to them.
Put a mechanism in the sword to super heat it, kind of like Silver Samurai's sword in The Wolverine, combined with incendiary bullets. I wonder if Daystar from Trinity would work on them? Blade's likely built up resistance to its effects after surviving it once. 
Why didn’t Carlisle suck the venom out? He had better control.
Naah...because. "Why?" Just because! xD
I never understood why Carlisle couldn't just suck the venom out of Bella.
+Scorpi Opal are there any favourite that you have? and i dont mean the books that are really really popular that everyone has read and knows about. Im asking since you said that twilight was really bad so I wanted to know what you recommend instead :)
+flowerpetal852, the CHERUB series, The Secret of Crickley Hall. I love Greek myths and legends too. Not looked at much fiction recently. Been looking at non-fiction more than anything.
Problem w/ this, Kristen Stewart is not as hot as in this video. 
You know your story is in trouble when How it should've ended's version would make a much More interesting story than the real thing Also quick question, are the books worth reading?
Or they could have just been staked by Buffy or Blade
lol! "to late im a vampire LETS GO EAT SOME PEOPLE WOOOOO!"
This video is still a better love story than Twilight.
"Like a recovering drug addict dating crack..." Huh. That's a good comparison for these kind of stories.
shhhhhhhhh......don't talk your injured.. lolz XD
Lol "too late I'm already a vampire LETS GO EAT SOME PEOPLE!" My favorite part
it would have made the series a lot shorter. lol
The title of this video is a trick. "How Twilight Should Have Ended"? It shouldn't have ended....because it shouldn't have been created in the first place
+Ernie Cheatham Well you know, people like you who blindly like shit movies are the reason why we can't have good movies
well thank you i do like shit movies becouse it reminds me im not the only one who has to live with shit and plus thanks for opinion its very appreciated you blindley post shit comments shitwad!!!!! thank u
To be honest this is exactly how it should have gone down
"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Don't talk. You're injured." xD
If it ended like this, it would have been a better movie. LOL
Did anyone notice she's paler then Edward in the end?
Humm... because I`m BATMAN!!
Should have ended before it began.
So much better than the books!
WHY DO THEY MAKE FUN OF TWILIGHT it's like my favorite movie🐯💘💕
you afraid she's gonna play baseball better than you? XD
50% of people hating haven't watched the movie.
+GSlovers Rock or you could be like me and went with your family to see a movie, but all the good movies were taken and all that was let was twilight, and in my 11 year old mind I'm thinking "well even though I don't feel like watching a scary movie, let's see twilight! By the commercials it seems like a decent scary movie" then we go see the movie and here I am 1 hour in with my dad asleep, my mom bored, my little sister loving it, and me bored out of my mind wondering were is all the killing. One of the worst 1- 1:30 (who really gives a fuck) of my life.
Almost 100k like
It takes three days to become a vampire and I like the movies!
She actually is hotter undead,even her skin is cold
How Twilight Should Have Ended... It shouldn't have begun.
This may be hilarious but if it had happened, there would be no Jacob and Renesmee <3
Too funny bahahahahaah Carlisle sounds funny and Jacob 😂😂😂
LOL 14 pack hahahahahahahahahahahah xD i died
How Twilight should have ended:
False: It should have never began.
😂😂😂 this is so true...
Thats funny i like it #to late lets go eat some people
please make a one on how the hunger games should  have ended
slow clap this is beautiful. i love it. 6669 out of 10.
U better hold on tight spider monkey
now this is bad this is really bad now you're doing it to my favorite movie yes make your own movies
That would have made the series a whole lot easier haha  #HISHE  
Why couldn't we get this ending immediately and had to wait through two more movies for this to happen?
No offense HISHE, but I don't really like the ending that much, try again next time, and make more action
"Let's go eat some people!" Haha! Love it!
Twilight shouldn't have started.
I watched twilight and I think this is totally funny😁
How Twilight should have ended? Fast.
So true. It should have ended like that
"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ Don't talk. You're injured." XD
Blade and that guy randomly pop into a tree. XD
Song at end is 15 step by radiohead
i thin im ganna be sick
Like twilight soo much:-! :-! :-! :-) :-) ;-) ;-)
So much wrong with the whole story to begin with and than the movies fuck that up. And what is it with 17 year old heroins being whiny sobbing bitches. Hunger Games. She spends half of book 3 crying in a closet. Twilight she spends half a book crying o on her bed. Divergent she is poor me the entire series.
To be fair, in book 3, Katniss's home has been destroyed and a lot of the people she knew are dead. In addition, she has to deal with the trauma of being in the Hunger Games two times. In addition to this, Peeta, who she has some sort of feelings for has been captured by the Capitol and is tortured and brainwashed into thinking Katniss is a monster. Crying is not an overreaction to all these things. I would probably be in a worse state than Katniss after going through all these things.
Let's go eat some People. WOOOOOO
"Let's go eat some people whoo!!!"
This should have been the true ending...there would be a lot less drama...haha the danger (entire bella in danger story) would have been over. haha (although i do LOVE the series. The movies screwed up the books.The books are actually great!)
"Let's Go eat Some People! WOOO!" lol haha
" are you afraid shes gonna play baseball better than you?" BEST LINE EVA!!!!!!
That's dumb & stupid
lets go eat some people..... hahaha
Carlisle scares the sh*t out of me. Lactrophobia sucks *ss.
Lactro.. what? Okay... Googling it.... Edit: Wow! Just imagine that! A Vampire Doctor is taking care of you, and say that they need a... UuuuUuummmmMmmmm.... BloodSample. Mwahahahahaha!! xD
Woooo eating people
Let's go eat some people! WOOOOOOO!
Lol I loved the bit where they all see Bella as a old granny man that's so funny
"Does anyone care about what I have to say about all this?" "Shhhhhh." Apparently not.
Maybe that is how it could have ended if they had gotten an actress capable of any range of emotion.
this is the most ridiculous thing i have seen yet........
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