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Funny Disaronno Commercial Remix

by anonymistake • 33,653 views

Everyone has seen this gross TV Ad where the girl gets freaky with an ice cube and gives the bartender a chubby. Here's how it really would have played out.

That bartender is a joker mouthed fucking perv.
Too funny!!! I love how the bar is full of nothing but bottles of Disaronno. "Yeah I'd like a beer" "Sorry, all I have available is Disaronno!"
"I knew this stuff was panty peeler but... damn..."
I agree with Josh8528. This commercial sucks! Whoever gave his comment -6 is a pipsqueak!
I would fuckin love that. Disarono on the rocks ftw
Who is the actor playing the barman? Anyone know?
but theres beer on tap, WOW i just thought, Disaronno on Tap, that would be so hilariously amazing
you guys should watch the one by churst07. it's hilarious
who is this cute guy in the vid? *.*
-you that's your sixth one, what do u weigh like 79 pounds? -god we are soooooooo racially diverse! OMG we look like a fucking commercial!
Grover Cleveland's wife tasted like cough syrup.
"You know that's her sixth one.. whaddya weigh? 79 lbs?"
Oh my god I havent laughed this hard in a while thats the funniest thing ive seen in a long time lol good job
Genius!! That guy is SO getting laid!
its a good amaretto but damn you really don't want to try and get hammered on it, or any other sweet liqour. Its a bad sick. Try a Godfather (2 parts scotch 1 part amaretto).
Disaronno tastes like cough syrup :(
Disaronno tastes like cough syrup :(
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