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Patriotic Inspired Makeup

by Nicole Guerriero • 141,226 views

Everything you want to know is right here.... -I noticed while editing one side of me looks way darker but I promise it's the lighting. Products Used: L'oreal True Match Sun Beige NYX HD Photogenic...

I luuuuv your brows and your foundation in this video ! You look so beautiful ! ♡
you look like Ariana Grande from Victorious(nickelodeon) its red white and on a make up video..politics?
This is a makeup tutorial NOT a politics ranting page. Geesh
every country has something to be proud of, and things to be ashamed of. its just how life works. do i think bush had stuff to do with 9/11? well would it matter what i think? becuase at the end of the day i dont know the truth niether do you. and about anything else for that matter. we know what we are told and we are told what we can handle, and all they can tell us whilst still protecting us. trust me im from california, and i am by no means someone who is a "usa!usa!" type of person...-
"i love lashes" <3 how do you like that new maybelline mascara? i love their mascaras
I haven't used that one in a while, but if you like a matte foundation it's good for that the only problem I had with it was that it felt cakey.
I think she lives in Florida....could be wrong but I think she said it in one of her videos
yeah our country is run by racist white trash... we have a black president...
some of these comments on this video i swear. i'm not even american but it pissing me off. this isnt a political video, it's a MAKE UP video. when someone is patriotic it doesn't really mean they are kissing ass to the government, there's more to a country than just the gov. you dumb fucks! btw, great video and don't listen to the haters. i'm patriotic about my country as well but NOT the gov!
You don't need to wear so much make up, you are stunning;)!
lol the comp i am on is in the hall of my house and my bro walked by and was all "what r u watching? ughh she has some bushy eyebrows. gross!" lol dont worry gurll he just jealous :)
why do people always talk about things like politics and what not on makeup videos? don't get it
Black Hair Looks so much better in you!!!
Love it!!! Where did u get your blouse???
You really do look like Khloe Kardashian with daaark hair :)
I freaking looooove your videos!!!!i have watched like all of your makeup ones!!!!!keep making them!!!
I love this look...u look so purty
Are those ur REAL eyelashes? If yes, then damn they're long
I truly hope you don't reside here for if you do, we don't take kindly to those who bash our beautiful country. You truly are ignorant.
New subbie here, great channel.
Whar does that have to do with this VVVVVV
Thanks! Do you know if it is new? I haven't seen it in any stores by me yet!
i love the transition of the nude to red lip color hehe. so clever :)
Hey love wat camera are u using for ur videos?
You look gorgeous with and without make up, more so without x
ooh where do they sell krayon? love the toffee color!!
Patriotism is about supporting the country through good and bad.
I believe she's my new favorite YouTube blogger she's so real!!
@kimbaalee you can use a card underneath ur eye, it catches all the fall outs :)
Actually, I was not talking about Nicole. I was talking to some ass talking shit about America
not american but i like this :)
@natashaxox0 umm i agree with her and thats the truth..
She wears it because she loves it not because she feels she needs it.
You are gorgeous. I love your videos they are inspiring
Ugh you are so pretty without make up on!
love the lip color . please do a tatorial on concealing dark circles and fine lines under the eyes
July fourth inspiration right here! You have beautifullll hair, I cannot wait for mines to grow that length!
please do a what's in my purse video!!
I know who runs my government. Her comment was an did not state any facts so trying to justify her comment is idiotic if you ask me,
maybe i should say shit about your country?? if your going to comment on AMERICAN things, and go on a website run by AMERICANS, maybe you should be a little more appreciative. the iphone was invented by an AMERICAN, and is one of the most largest, lucrative companies there is and there are WAY more awesome things about America... so shut the hell up and get out!
im scared when your open your eyes like a psycipathe !!!
You are absolutely goreguse with almost no makeup on . You can pull it off (:
how do you make it so the eyeshadow doesnt fall underneath your eyes! with dark colors i always end up with the eyeshadow under my eyes looking like i havee black eyes :|
Ps anyone know what the song is called ?
the way you said " i love lashes " cracks me up <3
Why are people in here talking about racism and stuff the video is about makeup. I didnt know the two were related geez!
You obviously know nothing about America, its government or its citizens. Congratulations, you're officially the most ignorant person to comment this video.
How do you feel about the new Maybelline mascara?! In the teal tube!!
shut the fuck up this is a makeup video not a place to talk about politics dumbass!
I love America. I don't care what people say, waking up to freedom is fucking amazing. I love everything about it, and how happy everyone is around my area. Not once did I hear "I hate America" anywhere I have been. You are honestly the racist one, saying it's run by white trash assholes. Nothing is wrong with white, black, mexican, asian, or any other race. The person in the body matters not the skin. Good day.
Hi I'm a new subie and hope to see u at generation beauty
What brushes do you use? Especially the white ones :)
she is my so quit hatin shes beautiful and the reason y u hate is cause ur jealous get a life and if u really dont like her stop watching dumb ass
people like you that come on here insulting people make it unenjoyable for the others. Have some respect please.
Hi , I just newly subscribed to your channel today, and Ty, your vides are awesome!!!, and you are gorgeous ! :)
is she a guidette? i love italians and jersey shore awesome and she is hot hmmm guidettes are incredibly sexy.
youre too funny! 'i love lashes!'
And you are obviously a fucking HATER! quit zzzzipin on the hatorade! haha ;)
Is your hair a chestnut brown or a chocolate brown?
Well that's a matter of opinion. And it's nice to know you think Obama is white...
I like this video thx !! Where from?
whats the song in this video please please tell me somebody :)
the lip color switch blew my mind! lol
Jesus christ I've seen clowns with less fake can you get. The worst part about it is you look much cuter, sexier and real without the makeup.
What powder brush was that with the pink hair? PLZ REPLY. :)
but i do know that theres a lot this country allows us to do that others wouldnt. we can get away with a lot here. i would say we do have a pretty huge amount of freedom-- as long as we dont break that. we have laws, and we have freedom. so how are we any different from what ever country you all are from?
Ur so beautiful and I love watching ur vids.
"your country run by racist, white trash assholes" Do you even know what the president looks like?? I have to agree with @hero0035, ignorant you are.
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