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How to create Sims 2 Car Crash

by compus2013 • 62,625 views

Heres the website you can download the wrecked car from:

how do u put your stuff in the road
@compus2013 Many thanks for the quick response tankyou tankyou
How you put the cars on the road? It says only put on driveway?!
apparently a beemer takes out an explorer... haha
YOU HAVE THE SIMS 2 SEASONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how do you get the thing rotated 45 degrees i put the cheat in but it would only go 90
@Erikaandemma I believe you need Nightlife. Do you have just the base game. Hope this helps, if you have any more questions feel free to ask.
Ohhhh... so I see... also this way they'll actually "panic" about it. About the fire, though, the "car crash" is just an effect. Right? :3
that's awsome good 'but may i ask you something wich code did you use to get the car digonal? tank you <3
@htrc9n6 than you need to click on this button , or ; normally XD
@skylar15123 Haha never thought of that. But,it wasthe only song related song I had! =)
@Klemencic3 Opps sorry I voted your comment down. But anyway the song is Rihanna- Shut up and drive. =)
"Shut up and drive, drive, drive!" Me: But its on fire D:
@saladiste I know, My graphic settings weren't high and I just used a generic person.
awesome im gonna use that in my movie :):):)
lmfao i did this and like you no how you can go to furniture when theres somthing caught on fire and i forgot to put a phone and like the two cars caught on fire and im like whoooo laughing well my sims haveing a hoe fit and then the fire started to spred towwards her and i was like oh shit o_o
how come i can never set my stoves on fire?
@TonyThePrince7 If you are talking about the yellow car, I downloaded it from a website. If you don't know how to download things go to my videos and you'll find a video on how to download content. Hope this helps! =)
@Tonksgirl101 type Move_objects on into the cheatbox ( type in Ctrl,Alt, then C )
@compus2013 no no , i know how to download , but i want to know which sims`s you have ?
@kisslover4ever98 Yes you can, you need the Sims 2 night life expansion pack.
@sassysammigirl The red Car was made Like that .I downloaded it from the website In the Bar beaneath the video.
@TonyThePrince7 I have Nightlife , Bon Voyage, University, Open for buisness, and seasons
@htrc9n6 You say Boolprop allow45degreeangleofrotation true :) Yww!!
shut up and drive,drive,drive and cool trial with the car crash thx i can make some when i FIND MY SIMS 2GAME and its gonna be so cool oh and next time try 5 cars i wanna see it
but how did you get the two cars all smashed up?
@talulah123 Oh, That stinks You could have used boolprop testingcheatsenabled true and could have controlled their hunger. But your sim didn't have to be hungary in order for it to cook someting.
how did u make them go diaginal i have the sism 2 pets but what did u use to make it diaganle can u mesage me and tell me
@brittles9898 Yeah, you're right it is just an efffect. Thanks for watching though! =)
type in these keys on your keyboard at the same time: Control, Shift, and C. This should bring up a box at the top of the screen. Then in the box type Move_objects on. Then when you go into buy mode you can move anything virtually anywhere.
@SoraShinju The cheat is boolprop allow45degreeangleofRotation true. Make sure the spaces are the same when you type the cheat in the cheat box ( To get there press Control,alt, and C at the same time. Thanks for watching!
@compus2013 Did you put that in the vid? Anyway, awesome tutorial! I'm TOTALLY subscribing!
@bayjambri press the buttons Control, Shift and "c"all at the same time. A little white box should appear at the top of the screen.In the little box type "Move_objects on" then it will allow you to put the cars in the road. thanks for watching! =)
@MrGoofyString Uhh, actually you can! When the oven is SMOKING you can move it! I have Sims 2 Double Deluxe and I'm restricted for certain things like placing the cars accordingly, however I can still move it when it's smoking. It starts a fire you let it smoke for a while.
@lunababe11 I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for Watching ! =)
@htrc9n6 sometimes it didnt work for me either you just keep typing it
how did you get the car to be diagonal?
Cool I'm Like Downloading It And It Works! Damn Nice Very Nice
uhm actually this doesnt work because when you have a fire going on your not aloud to go to buy mode and m0ove the car.,
wait you cant have cars in the sims 2....
when i did it the stove exploded and the cars went on my people What The ... you get wat i mean.
Ha! no, she's looking for burried treasure, thanks for watching!
Or you can be asleep/doing some thing else while driving, and then, BOOM! The car has crashed into a other car! ( You will be at the hospital when yor friends find out your in pain )
this is interesting because when i play sims2 at my friends house, they just glitch O-o
how can you custom turn your car?
How do you get them in the street?
@MrGoofyString you have to move the car in position first. and then when the stove is Smoking, not on fire, you can move it.
how did you do that. the thing just became diagonal
can you tell me which sims`s you have ? I don`t have that car i have apartment season nightlife pets and free time
@talulah123 Thanks for the comments. And I don't have a computer that would run sims 3, so I'm not quite sure. What do you like better?
Thats a good idea for beginners, but it would just be easier to download from modthesims the fire/smoke/piles of junk packet :) Not sure what to search i downloaded it a while ago but i know its there
@compus2013 Im jealous thats the one im tryna buy.....
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