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by Edrasmon • 1,402,084 views

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You stole this video. No mention of the original channel that posted this. 
Impossible you ccccccccvrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaapppppp
jordan jimenez Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
this is awesome 
I changed the music like? I know I had to change the copyright
Agree as below, i used to enjoy watching this video with the old music, now it sucks!
Mute this video, open a new tab, go to Youtube, search Sail - Awolnation (Unlimited Gravity Remix), play that music, resume this video, enjoy. :D
That's "Moonlight Sonata" by Mozart! NOT WHOEVER THIS PUNK IS YOU CLAIM AT THE END!!!
I don't even have to comment on the song, all of you did it for me
0:43 isnt real they arent jezus wtf like if you dont think its real
sweet cool i have so much more best one yet
how much woul dit hurt if any of these went wrong?
As much as i love moonlight sonata, it doesn't fit at all with the video
u whathing this twice a day ? or he told u he changed the music ?
That kid past away from bath salts 0:52 to 0:59 RIP
It's moonlight sonata it's awesome but your opinion fair deal
0:45 is fake as hell. its called shallow water dumb dumbs!
Slipknot - Psychosocial its goes with it hand to hand
hey you stupid bytch do you hear a copyright??? watch?v=Vo0Cazxj_yc this is original you dick
With these people are awesome videos you need to put some crazy dubstep not music you play when your grandpa dies!
the lil girl swagged with the park '
Should have left the old music liked it alot better
same clips in people are awesome 2010, 2011, 2012... wtf
This was stolen from hadoukentheband.
i went to new tab and listen to a diffrent song this song suks by the way
it's quite amazing to see what people can do. thumbs up!q
the running on water is fake there's a platform under the water
this is people are awsome 2010 -.-
whats the name of the clip where 2 dudes jump of a ropeswing and are doing backflips and shit into water
This is the original version, released in 2010. This ain't new.
I saw the same vid with different music somewhere else......
Im so used to fail videos I felt like in each segment someone was going to die :/
dude that olie over that gap was cray!!! 3:29
you honestly think the previous music is better than beethoven...
0:45 Jesus, what are you doing there ?!
Thumbs up if this guy below is a dumbass...... V
Hahah ikr the vid even says if u go 2 that vid that there is a underwater board there sooo yeah
Could you choose a song thats more deppressing please
you suck Beethoven rocks and no doubt accomplished more in his short life than you would given a millennia. Go back to your justin beiber
wow indeed impressive he's truly amazing you really should check it out to it isn't a wast of time I can tell you that
0:45 I call hacks! I report you!
3:46 WHAT A BOSSSSS!!!!!! like if you agree
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