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by TotallySketch • 237,686 views

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Can someone explain to me why this is offensive. I mean, I get the joke, and I personally think it's funny, but I don't see how this offends people. If anything, this is a realistic look at what the world looks like through one of history's most inspiring woman.
Hilarious, but Helen Keller wasn't mute, so technically she should say something. On the other hand, it's a POV and she wouldn't hear it so there shouldn't be sound either.
That was hilarious
Omg god I loved the BJ scene and the Ass Sex scene and the men's wet boxers competition they were almost as sexy as my boyfriend's dick
For reasons I can't explain, I expected something else.... Well played.
This is just terrible. How dare you disrespect one of the most influential people in histrionic like this. I feel like a good portion of your stuff is funny but I just unsubscribing because of this. There is no reason for you doing this.
i liked the part with the nude scene
@addiecase60 hellen keller in blind..this is suppose to be her view... and she is blind so its black =D
Easiest Video ever!! Hilarious!!!
theres a joke then theres too far, this is too far. im half deaf and didnt appreicate it atall.
If I had just consumed a whole gallon of Hi-C fruit punch, I quite literally would have pissed myself laughing!
No comment...even though I just its a no comment comment...and
@soroxaxel13 hellen keller was blind and deaf
watch it in 1080p makes it soooo much better, youll thank me later
wow :D. ITS A BAD THING ppl r gonna take this the wrong way. its a joke. in lyf u hav 2 try 2 find the humour in things n laugh @ urself
Q: Did you know Helen Keller had a tree house A: Neither did she
@emochik1990 i dont get it can you please explain this to me?
This is a very sad depiction of the mentality of our 21st century society .....
@BlueSakura890 Hellen Keller was blind and deaf. That's why you can't see or hear anything in the video.
I don't see anything or hear anything?????
(just saying thumbs up to piss people like me off) THUMBS UP if you "watched" the whole video lol
I get it helen couldnt see or hear so the screen was black and with no sound.
lol at first i was like stupid comouter always freaking out and then i read the intense realism and remembered who helen keller was lol u be trollin
2:37 theres a rubber band behind that woman wid the glasses and hat
respect Helen keller, this is a tough life
@giantrubberducky4 So are you--you're*
wow ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,amazing , I really like it. it is wonderful and hilarious video ,thanks for uploaded it .
.. 5 minutes later " OOOOOH I GET IT " (x
People be hatin', I don't see what was mean that I said in this video. If you think this was mean, you should probably say the same thing to Totally Sketch, he was the one who created it.
Ha ha xD I get it but was she blind and deaf?
I'm guessing annotations came up. I'm on mi iPod touch sooo... Yea... Thumbs up for a video of nothing!:P
Its not much fun to watch but its funny as hell!
Hahah, did you see that guy slip on that ice cube?! Best part of the videoooo! :D
like if you looked at the comments first lol
Oh! It is Helen Keller's point of veiw!!!!! LOL for those ppl who doesn't know who she is just google her then you'll eventually fing out
that was sooo mean hahahaha interactive adventure hhahahahhahahahaha
this is the best interactive video in the history of youtube.
hello, children? can any of you define controversial?
Fucking brilliant. I love how many people didnt get it.
so hilarious yet,.... so evil lol
@Julygirl44 Hellen Keller was blind and deaf
you guys are kind of jerks.!! lol.
thumbs up if you got black screen.
Its HELEN KELLER people! Get it?......sigh.... she was blind and deaf.... yes.
Guys I don't know if I'm winning or not :D
AHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHA Funniest Shit Ever!!!!!!
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