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Naturally Seven "Amazing Grace"

by Naturally 7 • 647,867 views

Naturally Seven performing "Amazing Grace" (DVD Live in Berlin)

Lol their lips  that's funny XD. I love the song if it was longer ^^
Oh what i would give for him to sing me a not in a creepy way at all...simplemente es hermosa su voz!!
@andrewstoret vlack and contry learn how to spell and learn your history before you comment please we were in this COUNTRY 1st idiot
Ein super toller Gesan, allerdings kann ich das eigentliche Thema (Amazing Graze) nicht erkennen, vermutlich, weil der größte Teil des Titels nicht hochgeladen wurde?
They are obviously very good at what they do. But first of all, they cater to a specific taste, that of very vocal R&B. That in itself is a small market. On top of that, they stand out by doing everything with vocals, and people simply like traditional music (meaning with accoustic, electric or electronic instruments). After a few songs, a lot of people will see their vocal talents simply as a gimmick, and lose interest. Justified? I don't know. Understandable? I think so.
were is the rest of this video?
You can actually see the soul and heart going to this hahaaaa love it!! peace~out
soooo greattt!!!:D absolutely amazing:D
def is the most important cuz its the only one everyone can use. whether it be singing or just speakin your mind
very good performance and a good song but I want the whole song and not just the beginning.
;O:O..really...nah i dont beleive you..prove it..evidence now!
theyve got great passion for music and thats wat i like about them
they remind me of the scarecrows outta dumbo but these boys no there shit well done
ive always found that black people can sing
Shut up if this is shit u dont no real soul music.sing my brotha
they are soo terrifc when they came to Singapore, blow my socks away !!
i am a Vocal Performance major and i have sung in an acapella group for years. This can be done without auto tune. it takes time and effort not to mention their actual talent. this is their job. professional athletes perform above and beyond what the human body should be capable of. why cant vocalists.
weres the rest of the video, i fell robbed iwanna see the hold thing.
Perfect Harmony. You Guys Are GOOD!
i wish they had the bass in this... woulda made it 100 times better... still amazing tho
@milkshake1993 No, they don't have an album. They have ALBUMS. :)
Great work. sorry its such crappy quality
really good acapella. i should make a group like dis talented
@Adamhaile your an idiot there is no auto tunin in any of there songs
haha i saw theses guys lasts year...theree pretty good
I saw these when they supported Michael Buble. This is real music, just so pure, no studio needed, just themselves. Upmost respect!
Beautiful, this brought tears to my eyes. I just wish it was longer.
doesnt require much talent? get 7 of your friends to sing like this Adamhaile and see how far yous go
This shit giving me goose bumps! awesome
these guys are amazing.....instead of recognizing the musicians that are supposidly "good" why don't we hear more of theme??
lmao my speakers couldnt handle the awesomeness :(
autotune or not it is beautiful ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh my GOD
looks more like michael jordan to me
that was ...not really amazing grace ? its the wierdest version i have heard. felt kinda flat for me.
@commentor93 They just are haha, their music just bugs me.
Take away they "tude... Shades , hats, nice clothes.. C'mon.. This is not about who is singing.. It's about who you sing for..No disrespect, but I just gotta say it. Ain't nothing wrong with a good looking man singing song to God looking less than perfect.
Soulfully exqusite these guys are Amazing!!! The industry needs to get talent like this in the mainstream. I applaud these guys they did an exceptional performance.
damn they r so damn good i want to see the rest of dat video
@Adamhaile whoa calm down im just giving my opinion i dont know you personally sorry.. i am educated im just a southern country boy who doesnt give a rats ass about proper english.. and i saw them in concert and stood right next to the sound board i know if it was autotune or not
@commentor93 but Wise Guys is really annoying "/
pero no superan a boyz to men
sounds like angels :) wonderful voices!
Good for you. I guess you saw them perform even before they saw themeselves. You deserve a biscuit!!
i love your passion when you guys harmonize and sing, leaves me speechless
This is music my good friends. Pure beautiful music... in love with joke everytime he sings it makes me vibrate...hés voice is beautiful!! It gets me all sentímetal....
@Adamhaile I can't tell if this sarcasm or straight from the heart..:))
use it wrong some times. i'm talking about singin (sorry for the bad inglish
very very nice, thats talent man
Goosebumps covering my arms first five seconds in, this is going to be good.
its because there born with soul this is amazing keep it up
you should hear broken wings and in the air tonight, this group is amazing
they were great with michael buble
SICK!!! Whoever has the full thing please put it up!
You guys are amazing, i listened to your one song on the train "In the Air Tonight" and that made me hooked, i am now putting you guys on my ipod and you guys should keep up the good work!
L'il wayne could learn a thing or two from these guys
i have the whole dvd!!:D and it was only 1 euro..:p
@DepthGaming stfu you nerd....and it's they're not their!
@converse4solstice If *you're* going to insult me, at least properly use English. Also, notice how I said MODERN POP MUSIC. I am fully aware they don't autotune, it's called sarcasm. How come *you're* not all up in Gantike's shit for saying "singer" (singular) instead of "singers" (plural) because there are in fact seven singers in the group? Find yourself an education and don't talk shit on the internet if you can't do it intelligently. You just end up sounding like you're 13
This didn't really sound like amazing grace
they are sooooooooo awesome live! I saw them at easterfest this year!! LOVED THEM!!!
do these guys have an album yet?? its ashame justin beiber has an album and they dont......
@RR0cknR0LL funnily enough this was written by a ex slave ships captain who went blind and said it was a punishment from God for his part in the slave trade.. S nearly black music but not quite
I really don't wanna complain, but the group" Wise Guys" can do better than this with only 5 boys...
sick but why does it stop half way through :(
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