Hiroshima: Dropping the Bomb

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Hear first-hand accounts from the air and ground, re-telling every memory from the day the world first witnessed the horrors of atomic warfare. Watch more Hiroshima from BBC Worldwide here:...

A lot of people like to hate America for this. You think we are happy that this happened? You think that the people that dropped the bomb were cheering? No. But Japan didn't give us much choice. Here's a little history lesson for y'all. After the war in Europe was over, Japan refused to give up. They were in the mind set that they will not end the war. We would have to kill everyone of their soldiers first. Japan only entered the war to expand their empire. They took advantage of what was going on in Europe. They wanted to take over China and areas around it and they refused to give up. So this is the plan that the U.S. came up with. They hoped it would result in Japan's surrender. It wasn't instant. Japan still wanted to keep on but finally did a little while after. There was a lot more to this. This was just a small bit. Don't forget, Japan attacked us first. The US was not in the war until then. It's sad and horrifying what happened. But if you want to blame anyone, blame the government that was over Japan at the time.
This is sick. Reading all those comments about how Japan had it coming, how good it was to use that bombs to stop the war, how Japan didn't deserve any sympathy at that time...blah blah blah.... That is sick. You are sick people. NO ONE deserves NUCLEAR BOMBING! What is wrong with you? They were civilians. Women, children, old people, people who weren't fighting! How can you say it was for greater good? We should be saying how awful it was that they bombed them. We should be saying how awful it is that they felt that there is no other way to stop Japan... War is awful on its own, but using NUKES? Those weren't soldiers that died there. And using 'war facts' to justify it? That's just sick.
Japan was unlucky so too were the Jews - .Hiroshima civilians were as innocent as Jews in Nazis Germany
+Joe Schwartz  the Storming Soviets August Storm Army were doing the real fighting taking Manchuria, China, Korea, Sakhalin and Kuriles and in the scope of 3 weeks they handed Japan its biggest land defeat in all of Japan's history they also took 300,000+ IJA POWs at the cost of 65K and got to within 30 miles offshore Hokkaido and were threatening to invade Hokkaido by the end of Aug while USA were still planning its Nov invasion several - maybe you should read up on the meaing of the word factual
 it's a shame it had to  happen, but Japan couldn't and wouldn't have been  stopped  otherwise
US would have dropped the two bombs even if Japan had surrendered beforehand. US government wanted to test the effect of nuclear bombs on actual cities. In Japan they found the perfect excuse. 
a nation that intentionally drops nuclear bomb on civilians are just cowards and have no empathy for human life, this is what america is all about. 
"The good people against the bad people in the Second World War" is a joke and a myth The Second World War was only the Competition of Natural Resources with the SAME ideology in all the Nations during the WAr "Lands, Money and Power", the rest was only "propaganda"
+Retroriffic-Man Happy Wednesday for you. In your little brain  The World is only a beauty pink movie (The Disney World)  with many honey, candy, flowers and many color globes for a endless party. .The Truth is the real Ambition over the money and the Natural Resourses in all the planet Blessings for you and Congratulations for your " Candy World" in your mind
Yes, it is well known that the US killed about 200,000 innocent civilians in this scenario, what disgusts me, is that people go and say that the US is the war criminal in the pacific theatre Do you people even know how many innocent lives the Japanese ended in WWll? Between 3,000,000 and 10,000,000. That compared to 200,000 is a scale of 50 to 1, the Japanese murdered 50 times more innocent lives in the war. This was not done for no reason, if the US had not done this, millions more would have been killed
Japanese people still suffer psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally from this.
So did all the POWs Japan severely abused.
The fact that we HAD TO EVEN drop a second one... Proves that we had to drop the first one. Think about it.
actually we didn't have to drop the 1st one and the second one was just a pure act of barbarism
Even if there is any reason, This is war crime. If this is not war crime, war crime does not exist in this world. Attacks on civilians was a completely war crime, even at that time. Also, "Necessary crime" is not exist. Guilty or not guilty, it is all. If win in war, all sin become not guilty, crime will not go away. Victorious nation is not judged, it is completely wrong. Civilians of 300,000 people died in Hiroshima/Nagasaki. Of course, U.S. had known that massacre of civilians will happen. Also, civilians of 500,000 dead by the aerial bombing of U.S. . U.S. attacked Japanese civilians. These facts are well known. 800,000 people in total. At World War II, Japan only challenged to fight against the act of egoistic colonizing and egoistic racism, by Western countries. Japan only fought for self-difence, and for Colonialism by Western countries, and for Racism by Western countries. In 18-20 century, Western countries invided the world, had colony, had slave. For example, In India, 27 million people have been killed by the colonial policy of the British. Also, America enslaved Africans of 15 million. Japan have never had slave. Western countries has never been judged, no apology and no compensation. As a result, Japan lost WW2, but Japan saved many countries from colonization and racism by Western countries. Many independent countries were born in Africa and Asia, and Japan terminated the colonial policy of Western countries. This fact is an important achievement for Japan. History is not only for the winners. Also United States committed crimes in Iraq War. United States make a false charge of possess nuclear weapons against Iraq. Iraq did not have nuclear weapons. Iraq was innocent. U.S. had a Iraq war for just egoism. Iraqis of 650,000 people were killed in the Iraq war. I remember, Just before the Iraq war, 95% Americans approved Iraq war. Americans was taken in by George W. Bush. Americans was taken in by The word "axis of evil". Why Have not I heard a story that George Bush and responsible people were sentenced to death? Why? I think that egoistic U.S. will repeat War crime again and again and again. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Iraq War, War crimes will happen again. I think so. You should understand U.S. is very "axis of evil". Victorious nation is not judged, it is completely wrong. If this is not war crime, war crime does not exist in this world. Attacks on civilians was 100% war crime, even at that time. Victorious nation must be judged. History is not only for the winners.
+Cody Maranto Nazi holocaust was judged by new low "Crime against humanity". in spite of that Holocaust was not War Crime in the law at that time. Moreover, Holocaust was not even Crime. Holocaust was just legal under low at that time. Allies made new law "crime against humanity", and Allies was declare guilty to Axis at unfair trials. Axis was judged by new law at unfair trials. Many Axis people became sentence to death. This is one of Crime by Allies.  It was just ilegal. In addiction, All Allies War Crimes include atomic bomb was overlooked. USA had many War Crimes under low at that times. and Atomic bomb was just "Crime against humanity". If you say that All USA War Crimes was not War Crimes. You have no qualification to criticize about any "War Crime". You should say that Nazi Holocaust was not Crime. You should say that pearl harbor was not War Crime. It is your Justice. and it is wrong.
This event, and WW2 as a whole depends on your point of view. Sure, the Axis had done some tragic things but so did the Allies. And this was the only time that the U.S ever used a bomb like what was shown in the video. Hell, we mostly found it pointless to use any other nuclear weapon in the future. But, by an idiots logic: Blaming a country that had NO INTENTION to join the Second World War just so their people can get themselves killed for countries that would never appreciate them and saying that their evil with NO EVIDENCE to support it is fine. I can see that we learnt nothing from this war have we?
+majorgeeek No it sounds like WW2 made humans hate each other with a passion.
I am proud we invented Atomic bomb and single-handedly defeated Japan.
As evidence of the American spirit, please note the prosperity of both Japan and Germany after WWII. These are not acts of war criminals, but acts of ......you tell me!
I don't think you can give the US credit for Vietnam's prosperity. And you cannot talk about "eliminating Islam" and "world peace" in the same sentence. Because one precludes the other. If we engage in a religious war of persecution, it will be a 500 to 1,000 year war. Then who? There was war well before Islam. There will be war well after Islam is gone. Same with any other religion.
+PALIN SMITH "Eliminate" Islam? You do realize there are 1.6 billion muslim don't you?   
Omg ich hoffe es wird keinen Krieg mehr geben. Die Menscheit hat es nicht verdient bzw. die Mehrheit.q
Every time I learn Hiroshima, I learn the US is evil lol, not now of course, back then. I wonder how did the pilot must have felt after he learned about the aftermath
I think 9/11 was Nothing compared to this. (what goes around comes around) 
+marcus tohmas there are people who actually survived after the bombing with horrible illness or people who suffered and waited to die due to injuries too.
it was awful but it was the only way. The government might have come up with another way but unfortunately this was the only way. Back then people didn't know what to do so they made the bombs. It was an evil invention that spead across the world and now the threat of world war 3 is at hand. If people don't stop being stupid and selfish and evil then the rest of the world won't have to suffer. Tge people in power don't have the right to do this stuff. They are only using us like we are pawns in a game of chess. People are loving and wonderful we are not an evil people if we are raised and influenced right. This is an afull part of history that should have never happened but it did and now we need to learn from our mistakes or else we are dpomed to repete it again.
Japan can do the same to the US. Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD): Nuclear weapons are not to be used because if anyone uses it, the other would retaliate, leading to total destruction. But the US did it; and did it twice to Japan. But Japan has not retaliated yet.  If there'll be a nation that would use a nuclear weapon and be not blamed by the world nations, it will be Japan and the target is the US. It is a response, not the first attack. If the US justifies theirs, Japan can justify theirs more easily. Fortunately, the US and Japan have a good relationship at the moment, and there's almost no chance that Japan executes their right. But no one knows what would happen in future. The American live with the fear deep inside.  Personally, I strongly believe that the US should not have dropped the atomic bombs (2 bombs), and that nuclear weapons should never be used, and that we should not kill each other by any means. The US should admit that it was a mistake; and then, only then, the US can blame another nation that develops and uses a nuclear weapon in future. 
+hari krishnan If Japan, Russia or Germany had had a monopoly on the A Bomb in 1944, they would have bombed the Allies back to the stone ages. Be thankful a peace-loving country prevailed.
+PALIN SMITH Russia were our Allies in 1944 and to date they have never used nuclear weapons especially on civilians - USA holds the monopoly on nuclear terrorism and a clear superiority in state terrorism using conventional bombs
Atomic bombs exist, devastation can be started at anytime. Onr thing good about it, no casualties are left. For the few who can survive will die pretty soon
the only good thing Americans ever did
I lived in both Japan and America as a child. It was so weird when I heard about this for the first time, as you can imagine.
One day come when america have to taste such pain its bitter truth time will be replay your act against you 
this is fair because they maked an attack on pearl harbor in a sudden full strike and also the philippines that has no influence on the war in 1942 that many children,innocent people were killed by the bombing in almost all over the place with such no mercy so they deserve it
War is Hell, simple as that. 
im prity shore that the bomb was detonated a kilometer in the air as to not tern heroshima into a complet black speck on the woarld map.
+Tony England You do realize that if the USA wouldn't have dropped the bombs, the war would wage on. If the bombs did not kill them, Japan would continue to attack the USA.  Japan led the attack on Pearl harbor. SACRIFICING their own people with those kamikazes. America ended a war. If they wouldn't have killed 135,000 people millions of other people would die. Ask yourself kill 135,000 or lay on your back and watch millions of people die.
People sitting behind their computer monitors can pretend to be experts all they want. United States' strategic bombing survey report itself later declared that Japan was on the verge of surrendering even if the bombs were not dropped. Now you can continue your "expert" debates against the expert opinion of the people who make a living out of this.  Fox News Sheeps!
Wie kann man nur so vielemenschen töten
Japanese soldiers killed my great grandparents that's why I hate Rising Sun
"The Day After" brought me here...
Americans like to think the A-bombs t
Truman's atomic bombings are the world's 1st modern instance of terrorist bombings mass murdering civilian populations using nuclear weapons - Truman used same code of terror as alQuaeda and even Hitler and Stalin - "bin Laden was planning to carry out a Hiroshima" - so Truman has been inducted into the world's worst war criminal club - look up the stats for yourself - Truman makes bin Laden look like a rank amateur
+Cody Maranto All totalitarian regimes have one thing in common. They make war against their own people first. America is slipping into that paradigm with the great traitor in charge.
The drop of the Nuclear Bomb was unecessary , Japan surrender when the Soviet Army Joined into the Pacific War.
No they didnt. They surrendered months after that. AFTER THE BOMB.
The only reason why the U.S. dropped bombs on Hiroshima was bombed because the Japaneses military were so intent on bombing the U.S that they sent bombers to fly across the entire ocean to bomb Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Then the U.S. sent in General Doolitle to bomb Hiroshima. There were 50 people killed and 400 injured in Hiroshima and there 2,403 people killed and 1,178 people injured in Pearl Harbor. I'm pretty sure the U.S. suffered a greater loss.
It's terrible to see how US kill people like rats with nuclear weapons. God... ok they were in war etc but to get to this point it's crazy.
Payback from America to Japan
Why does everyone say that this particular attack was a war crime or 'inhumane', when there were so many more conventional bombing raids that dealt way more damage. 
Americans like to think the A-bomb did most of the workn
the allies will not make an bad thing when nothing bad is happening on them but the axis are the first cause so to get allies an revenge
It is horrific to think of those people. But what do you think the Japanese would have done to the Americans. Look at Nanking, the Burma Railway, the torture and degradation they inflicted on prisoners.  How many innocent civilians did they kill and enslave in Korea. All war is wrong and all war has victims. In this case do you sacrifice American lives taking the Japanese main land? NO. One must not forget who started the war who attacked who. Just for the record I'm not an American, the people who bemoan America should think where we would be if not for their sacrifices.
We can blame one side or the other. But one thing everyone whould agree on is that this was an atrocious event. The deaths of thousands of people for the actions of others is never a good thing, and I'm glad the U.S hasn't turned this into a regular war strategy.
no courage to fight treacherous game of the US government.
This was not solely retaliation for the Pearl Harbor attacks. In fact, 3 years had passed from Pearl Harbor to the bombing of Hiroshima. Pearl Harbor only meant America was no longer inactive on the Pacific front. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed as an alternative to invading Japan's homeland, a decision that would have resulted in many times more casualties than the atom bombs. Although nuclear fallout wasn't 100 percent understood at the time.  On a side note, war will forever exist. There are too many different ideologies, cultures, and motives. Humans are naturally savages and violent. It's  Who knows what malicious mass murder weapons will be in store for us in the future. History proves that with an increase in technology, there is the development of a more efficient strategy, weapon, or science to utilize in order to massacre more and more people. 
+jimmy saville yea at that one time, but most other times they were aiming at civilian targets. the japanese killed far more civilians than the americans killed by dropping the bomb on them.
the killing of mover 200,000 Hiroshima civilians is too large a number to be called anything other than a deliberate act of mass murder, contravenes international Law protecting civilians and condemns Truman a war criminal for all eternity
>over 200,000 Wrong number, kid
Atleast the civiliians were killed within a couple of seconds... So it didnt hurt much!1
The people further but a little close to the radius of the bomb fell into peices and well burnt for 34 seconds MAXIMUM so sheesh! Those people weren't lucky!
what is this all for??
Japan...the wolves in sheep skin.
Japaneses just got REKT!😎
Can someone explain, why wasnt the B29 bomber challenged mid air?! Didnt japanese radar detect them. Didnt the japanese have any idea of what was coming?
I wounder how the person who actually pressed the button and dropped the bomb felt afterwards knowing he was directly responsible for over a hundred thousand deaths
I think he committed suicide, but it was for the best, to stop the fighting :(
Highwaay Nitrous I'm glad to hear your thoughts, you are wise beyound your years. You are probably correct to believe that Japan would never have surrendered. Japan is a great nation, and for all the tragedy of War, It forged a strong union between the two nations; based on forgiveness, freindship, respect, and economics. Everybody knows it could have been handled differently, but it worked.
Revenge will come eventually...
And the USA dropped a second one on Nagasaki to prove to Russia that they had more than one. A circle jerk that cost hundreds of thousands of lives. 2 really soft, non-military cities to prove a point. Tokyo would have cost too many lives and made Amurrica look bad. First example of global terrorists in action.
Actually the Japanese did not surrender so they had to drop a scone one
The museum in Hiroshima still kept that steps where that guy disappears into thin air. Many family claims to be the descendant of that guy.
united states the king of terrorist
as the old saying goes " if you want peace, prepare for war." Si vis pacem, para bellum
plays yeah-team america
Hope they never drop any thing like this Again. EVER !
This is the biggest terrorist act recorded after the British confiscated the land of the native Americans
History is written by the victors. 
This is what should happen to Tehran.
tantos crimenes cometidos por U.S.A  y para ellos. todo es "DEMOCRACIA"
I am Japanese . and I want to say to everyone. which century do you live in ? we need future,not revenge. from Japan ^^ ありがとう^^日本から感謝します。
i think US when drop this bomb, its can called as war crime,,
"...the enemy has begun to use a new and most cruel bomb..." hirohito's surrender address 8/15/45. Too bad the A bombs were not available years sooner.
+NoMercy you are overlooking the lack of evidence the terror bombings coerced the Japs into surrender - consider yourself mythbusted
+majorgeeek Go get the macmemo geekbitch!
GG team dont surrender.
May God help all those involved, from its inception to the dropping.
People really need to understand war better if they honestly think Hiroshima is the worst of human brutality. Dropping a bomb and killing people instantly without any pain? That's a godsend for your average soldier who has been shot with bullets or a jew being tortured by a nazi or a civilian of any country being tortured by the Japanese for no reason.  Curtis LeMay was bombing Japanese Civilians before it went mainstream. Compare the A-bomb to Lemay's bombings and the A-bomb is nothing
Deseases and radiation killed others slowly. You point is invalid.
Talking about whether one side is more humane or moral is a waste of time. There is no such thing as a moral war. All that depends is whether or not the attack will serve your country's interests. 
+majorgeeek It does, foolish civillian.
-Directed by Michael Bay
:( That was so horrible war :( 
US is the evil force who dropped atom bombs on Japan. And now they teach us about humanity.
the japanese army were killing innocent chinese civilians and commited war crime. then U.S. drop the bomb for payback and to end WW2
Lol payback = Killing innocent people
The Hiroshima Massacre Nothing to teach your children about.
America help Asia from the evil japanese dog.
are atomic bombs more humane than gas chambers?
We didn't start that war rember pearl harbor
+majorgeeek Nanjing Massacre is a perfect lie.
Poor the great Einstein who dedicated his life for science and for the benefits of mankind. It's sad when I realized that this monstrosity was created based on the theory of relativity. Shame on those who stained his innocent hands with innocent blood
Drop it like its hooot drop it like its hot! :D
Japan was unlucky and so too were the Jews - .Japanese civilians were as innocent as Jews in Nazis Germany
They should've. Used it with nazi
There can be no justification whatsoever for using the atomic bomb. I pray that hopefully mankind has learnt this and it is never repeated.
+championofgods because one evil exists only to end another. Another that exists for no reason but evil
I am sorry... but I can't accept that killing thousands of innocent people can be justified by something like that
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