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Funemployed - Ep 1 - You're Fired, I Quit!

by Wong Fu Productions • 1,920,106 views

"Funemployed" a new web series by Wong Fu Productions and KevJumba Today is not a good day for Jason and Kyle... Follow Jason and Kyle on their journey through unemployment as they discover what...

Why is everyone saying they miss KevJumba? What happened to him
He stopped making youtube videos a long time ago. Somehow he just disappeared without saying a word. The videos weren't coming consistently anymore and at some point he just completely stopped, without telling why. I read somewhere that he's doing missionary work now.
I love this series! I like the fact that they included Ryan Higa too!
You should watch this series.
Still one of my fav Wong fu series' miss kevjumba
Wow I remember when this just came out! Still love it
Wow! This makes me miss KevJumba.
Phillip: Shut up! Lady:*thinking* what did this bish just say? >:O
Cannot believe this was released over 3 years ago, feels like a month ago :O Still a brilliant series :)
Wheb he put it on his dick I thought it said condoms
Lol I thought this was a lot funnier but now it is just way too corny
Starlet Shay Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Only 4.5 more hours 'til I'm funemployed!
Philippians? That's not how you call people from the Philippines. We are called Filipino.
Exactly 2 years from today I remember first seeing this. Still the best series on the internet!
what the.. 2 years ago? I feel old. LOL. oh well. WATCHING THE SERIES AGAIN :D -3
She wasn't that hot....just sayin
...kai first of all u r so racist and 2nd its not philippians its filipino :L and 3rd that sentence didnt make sense at all like you found out how to get a chinese what? and wooden swords dont make those sounds when you drop them... now go home and learn more stuff :L
company can't run without had numbers and a stapler....hahaha
"Jason? Dang, now I have to hate you." -walks away, comes back- "But you are cute though." -laughs, smiles, tips over pencil holder- LOLOL This got me rolllin``!!!
Re-watching my favourite series.
1. right click 2. stop download jumbajigglebutts,com ftw
i watch this every summer for 2 years
"Danget, now I have to hate you" That made me laugh so much.
Philippians???... I think you meant Filipinos?!.. :)
please bring funemployed back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this series is such a refresher
this should have waaaaaaaaay more views!
I have a feeling that they'll be making movies for Hollywood within the next 10-20 years
what did she say within the first minute?
How can he use the phone in the elevator?
this isn't to make fun of anyone but i found out to get a alot of hate of make your username daviddeman08
is that wes' brother at the interview??
I was in 7th grade when I first watched this. I kept neglecting schoolworks because of this.
THUMBS UP if ur watching this 2012 :)
This is like one of my favorite web series
Gertrude... awful name... that's what your fat, Swedish grandma is named...
make more films with kevjumba c:
u made a phone call in the elevator..
at 1:43 the light shines through his ear :l
i love this but i think Away we happen is better :o not to be hatin
kev's replacement wes's brother!
Wong Fu Should make a tv series!!!!!
That's plain racist and we don't sound like that all the time.......
Just because you say its not to be racist doesn't justify a racist comment
@zXHydroFusionPandaXz Lol XD. Finally, someone who gets it!
I was 7 years old when i watched this the first time
Why does everyone asked if it's come free or not YES ITS DOES
Am I racist or was that Brian chan the origami folder?
OMG ANOTHER FKING VIRUS YAY. REALLY just get ad blocker and google chrome add extension bam no adds no virus. FKING VIRUSES;.
this web series has its own channel, i didnt know it was on wong fus channel also
It's already been 3 years? Crazy!
Even his old sketches were funnier
1) Filipinos*, not Philippians, unless you're talking about the Bible. 2) That is, in fact, kinda racist. 3) You, sir, are very original.
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