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Voice Actress Tara Strong

by thehart2heart • 1,113,944 views

Voice actress Tara Strong is at the top of her industry. From age thirteen, she launched her career as the original voice of Hello Kitty. Today, she has done voice overs for some of the top rated...

She voiced my entire childhood
+Apple Jelly Holy fuck. She has done so many voices, I can't even tell which voice is her real voice. Q.Q
I would... I just would...
+THEALLtimeGAMERS I guess you're learning grammar
+VictorDenSnygge I don't see any full stop at the end of that last post? so Y U lecture me on grammar over the internet? 
she sort of looks like leigh ann baker
WOW, Amazing, she is even hot, her ass must be really nice
Stop ruining my childhood
I'm sorry but it just feels more like the guy is trying to pitch his shows and stuff more than interviewing Tara Strong.
tara strong is awesome! :)
She's very beautiful and talented. I would love to see her in a movie
her work as harley quinn = 10/10
This guy is a bit of  douche... T_T
That's the creator of Fairly Oddparents and Danny Phantom. And I'm guessing the redhead is his wife.
I think he is more of a \m/ then anything else....
Is she the mom from good luck Charlie?
No that's a different actress
How in the hell can she do that?
+Callous yus look, if u want to be friends just say soo, but don't criticize us for no reason... it's just a nice friendly conversation. But I don't blame u too much... nice is not known on YouTube anymore.
Whats the song is the beginning i like it
um when she does raven's voice it's actually very attractive lol
Ingrid Third was Tara Strong? :O
She is so adorable I love her:) an inspiration to so many
She does way too many voices!
It's kind of dumb for me to have been so surprised when she started putting on a British accent and nailed it... you know, considering she's one of the most prolific voice actors around... but yeah, I was actually a little blown away in that moment.
Im shocked i can't believe it was a girl all along who voiced my entire childhood from 1990's -2000's , wait so did she voice danny phatom, chalkzone, and digimon??????
She did Ember McLain in Danny Phantom and I love her so much because of this! ♥
Met her really nice person.
wow she has done so many voices which one  is her real voice !!!
Getwon M. Butler Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
All American cartoon characters that are boys are played by a female voice actor examples include Ben10, Naruto, the fairly oddparents(Timmy Turner), and Pokémon (Ash Ketchum).
+californiafans4 but Twilight Sparkle is female. We're talking about boys that were voiced by women
Is it just me or do these two people continuosly interrupt Tara Strong...
She forgot to to add kid gohan dbz she did the voice.
This interviewer guy is annoying
I am meeting her in june
Who would've thought I heard this woman's voice when I was 8 and became a fan of hers now as Twilight Sparkle. Plus this blows my mind to see the guy that created Danny Phantom. That was pioneering animation.
I remember a couple of years ago there was a cartoon show she does,for the life of me I can`t remember it? But there was a cut away scene of tara washing a car in short,shorts and t-shirt,she looked GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD :)
+Chloe Perry OOOh yes,that was it Chowder....thank you :) 
+That Creepy Stalker Named Tess I was just being sarcastic. Anyway, didn't you rush a bit to give your email address?
LOVE RAVEN and the teen titans....
She's awesome but that guy is very annoying! He just seems like a major d-bag.
Great info.I will,one day,work in the voice acting industry.To this day ,I still make my friends and family laugh using impressions and weird vocal sounds.I'm a cartoon junkie.I need direction as to the"hows and wheres" to get into the business.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and followed up on. P.S. I wish you folks all the best on your future endeavors.
Yxunomei,i kicked your ass.You didn't like that,did you?I run you through with my twin wide bladed double edged short swords.You had it coming..
I'd love to hear Tara speak a complete sentence without being interrupted by that douche. That is thee most annoying thing in an interview!! I realize he is the creator of fairly odd parents but this is an interview with Tara. We came for her, shut the fuk up!!
Jesus. They were cutting her off soooo much. Rude much?
love her. but 'dat laugh
My name is Alisha to day is my birthday I am turning 9♡♥
i swear Timmy turners voice sounds so disembodied
What's your favorite Tara Strong performance?  I vote for Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw
Wow! She's insanely talented!!
So she was 38 when this was done
She also plays Omi from Xiaolin Showdown....shes freaking awesome!
Dang...All this time, I thought Timmy Turner was a dude. My apologies for thinking you were a dude Tara lol.
omg she is extremly talented i owe this bitch my childhood!!!
I wish I could be a Voice actor. I do some voices I made up on my channel.
i am offended that twilight isnt on that poster
Holy shit when she did the voices it was awesome
She also twilight sparkle
she was ember in danny fantom
Isn't she also twilight sparkle
But this was posted befor Mlp was created
Why does all the best people come from Canada :D? I want to be canadian too... XD
Is it true that she also voices Cindy from the Boondocks?
OMG TIMMY TURNER AND BEN 10 ARE GIRLS WTF IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD!!! This is like the time I found out tails was played by a girl in the sonic the hedgehog movie!!!
Almost every pre or barely pubescent child in animation is either played by a woman or a real child, the few times they do have real kids play the voices. If that doesn't fuck you up then hear this: Goku, Gohan, Goten and Kenshin's (of Rurouni Kenshin) Japanese voices are women. Yes imagine muscular SSJ4 Goku speaking in the voice of a 50 something year old woman. MIND. BLOWN!
+Omar Harris :o 50? Must've taken good care of her health to create such voices.
everyone always forgets she also does Omi from xiaolin showdown/chronicles :/
tara strong has a nice badonkadonk
+imustbeaweasley394 Why the @? You're on the wrong website!
It's a shame she supports fat ugly manchildren like bronies. That pretty much makes her as bad as them.
what is your problem lol i am not a brony but there is no reason to hate on them.
Omigod I lobe her so much!!!!
I like it how when she is zone she talks about such fucked up shit 
she voiced Twilight sparkle from mlp as well !
she's hot for a 39 years old
Lol, hes hoping to jumpstart his voice acting career...
Wow the interviewers are so annoying.
The voice of Timmy is the voice of raven..... holy carp.
Where the hell is Twilight Sparkle !!!??/
I think this was made before mlp fim aired
This is such a horrible interview. They keep interrupting her, I couldn't hear anything she wanted to say. Horrible!
SERIOUS TIME they are gonna replace Bonnie Bunnie with another robot in Fnaf 2 So to help, I started a hashtag #SaveBonnieBunny Please help us Bonnie was my favorite, don't let Bonnie die ;~;
they interrupt each other a lot when they talk, all we want is to know about mrs. strong. hush!
The guy is such a dick like stfu
Where's Twilight sparkle?
Joke or not, FYI the one true voice of Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen comes from Canada 🍁. And so does Matt hill, the voice of Ed from Ed, edd, and eddy and Sam Vincent the voice of Double D. And every single voice actor from Inuyasha and the Unicron Trilogy is Canadian.
Why do they keep interrupting her?
She can add Raven from Teen Titans Go! To the list now
Oh, well I guess it's already on there, but it's the one from the original Teen Titans
i can do some voices my movies
also, stop fucking interrupting her. i would like to hear the question answered, please... 
this is reven ?????!!!!
Raven raven raven raven
She could play a live action film as Bat Girl and Raven....
I wanna smash that faggot's face in with a sledgehammer
jesus christ. asking her to do voices right off the bat? not one, but three or four? horirble show
Judy Socket Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
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