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Microsoft Unveils New Tablet!

by SourceFed • 192,450 views

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Good for Steve for losing so much weight!
tried windows 8 and its obviously built for tablets. Because of this I wont get it for my desktop, but will get the Surface. It's simply more useful than an iPad or android tablet.
@MoonStar0519 Lolol. Dude, look at every smart phone or tablet before the iPhone or iPad, than look at them after. Apple doesn't just make a product, it changes the genre of said product forever.
The iPad doesn't stand a chance!
This whole video made no sense to me.
You're ignoring a very important issue: productivity. The iPad isn't very versatile or productive when you come to think about, compared to an almost fully powered PC...the Surface Pro 8...
If windows copies everything apple does, then how is 1000$ enough for a windows computer that can handle tetris?
is this just going to be another stupid ipad esk device where it's essentially a big phone that doen't actual computer things like word, excel, and downloading music onto say itunes?
Exactly! Im trying to convince my friend to buy a laptop instead of this!!
cook breakfast look at flobber ya that's right i talked about an old school movie joke.
Ther is the new galaxy note 10.1 one two wich i am pretty exsited about
I'm just surprised that now a keyboard is being added.
Camera Connection Kit. You'd me amazed how many things work with the iPad and other iOS devices via the USB adapter. It's optional because most people won't ever need or want it.
Re: The Ghostmmxi. Steve Zaragoza is awesome. It's a fact that only a person like you would try to dispute. Not saying your opinion is invalid, just saying it says a lot about you. Chew on that fatty.
this seems like an ad for the mircosoft
At the end of the day it's the people who don't have a clue about tech who'll have the final say on this thing, seeing as it's those kind of people who make up the VAST majority of consumers of said tech.
or its an overpriced apple charger...Sorry kiddo
The surface looks like its going to be more of alternate to a pc, whereas the ipad is an accessory a pc is generally necessary to use it.
Ok, I get it.You won't give up your precious Apple products but give the Surface some credit.Not only is it the best looking MS product but the best looking tablet period. Lee just seems to blow off the engineering feat of the keyboard! They created something that has two purposes, it protects your screen AND it's a keyboard! Furthermore, you guys couldn't find a better picture to represent Windows 8? Jeez, get it together, its embarrassing. And Steve, let go of iOS and embrace your inner PC guy
Apple has more money than the u.s government, which is crasy to think about
You mean that thing they didn't sell outside of the US or Canada? Yeah, I wonder how that failed. Competing with an internationally available product that leads the market by selling it in two countries. Clever move. lol
Thats cause in 2002 that tablet sucked fucking balls, and did nothing the ipad could ever do. Its apple which means it better
That's why he said great example, he was referring to the face that the ipad sucks just like Call of Duty...
Oh, I didn't know the Windows Phone ran windows 8. Hmm. I think I will stick you in the bucket of people who said the iPad is just a giant iPhone.
at 1:33 did she say most analests or was it something else ?
let me guess....PEOPLE ARE FUCKING IDIOTS?,lol i saw that on Facebook 2 but for real people are
This is a ultra-book. I dont really think it should be grouped with the iPad. This is a laptop made to be more portable. i think Microsoft has a great idea here!
If its cheaper than the ipad I'll get it but when it comes to phones sorry iphone4s wins
I think maybe Microsoft should be dual booting Windows and Windows Phone on tablets instead of trying to combine them in Windows 8 because Windows Phone has more touchscreen specific apps than Windows 8's Metro interface does.
Actually, magnesium is the lightest usable metal. VaporMag pretty much compares its lightness (magnesium is lighter than alumin(i)um) to water vapor (can't really weigh it, can you?).
Surface actually looks pretty cool, like Steve, I'm a PC guy at heart but love my iPxdevices, mainly because if I'm cruzing the net, last thing I want to do after all day at a PC is sit in front of one at night. That being said, if I want to jump to email, iPxdevices suck without a real keyboard. Surface stands a good chance to win me over if, and only if, they have a robust developer market that's close to the AppStore diversity.
yeah could be an overpriced apple charger. dunno how the Win 8 will work. but based what i see its still in a good direction. if the price is lower than ipad, expect this to boom in south asian markets!
Due to the Pro version having an Intel processor and the capability of being able to run Windows 8, this could be a competitor to netbooks.
Actually, the iPad isn't even a a guy before me said; it's an appliance...
OS is just what their good at. not consoles. They could try though.
I've had my surface for over a month and love it! Any hopes for a SourceFed Microsoft App? :)
well i saw some huge 13 inch tablets with win7 and sandy bridge in a store and they didn't work properly and were supper heavy...
yea like i care 100% about it.Its like u keep saying Fuck everytime u do something wrong
Sourcefed and Phil need to stop being Apple fanboys/tools. Apple is nothing but a company of theives and slave owners that couldn't make a half decent product without stealing 90% of it from another company.
jesus - the new system kills me... anyway my conclusion: of course we would all want the price to be lowered, but Apple can set it's price higher because: the details, the design and of course the big apple logo and the BLING it's name gives. Still makes a better laptop line than most...
Why would I want the thing that I'm constantly typing on with my dirty fingers to be the thing that is pressed up against my screen . ..
That's what happens when you drop stuff, they brake. The amount of viruses that TARGET iOS compared to windows is extremely minimal. You don't hear about it that often & you can always take it to a apple store where they will look at it. Note here, we call this customer service.
I'd rather a Microsoft tablet than anything Apple, you can't be PC and Apple Steve,your either a NOOB with Mac(style over substance) or a Pro with PC( quality ).
microsoft created the mouse. apple copied it. microsoft created the "tablet" computer. yeah, apple copied it. microsoft created lots of things. apple dint.
De hell is with all the noobs. A iPad works. A Windows tablet doesn't. Why would i want to run xcode, 3ds max, visual studio or anything like that on a mobile device. that's stupid, it would be near impossible and hard to use. I DO NOT WANT MY TABLET TO BE A COMPUTER! I want them to be different. i do different things on each one. Apples iPad will always work, a Windows tablet will be laggy, have viruses, and needless updates.
I'm watching this on an iPad......
Google needs to design an amazing word processing program for arm
Apple products are all about flash and the brand, Windows has always been the leading technology giant.
I hate apple, because they 'need' to update their software every freakin' week and every year its ipad this or ipod that. Im glad that windows made the tablet but apple had to get excessive with it. And ruin everything for us when we thought we held the newest product then BAM! New (apple product) coming out within the year.
dude it can run a lag it software aka windows 8 if that doesn't give Microsoft the "upper hand
@539forgotten 4 words You have no friends
source fed. just no. this is a laptop with a touch screen. not a large phone.
i hope this puts apple down once and for all
I think it will just add another option for high-end tablet choices, like the iPad, Galaxy Tab, and Xoom.
if you're refering to the macbook line: then not really, especially when you think about what it does. Sure it's not a powerhouse, but all the other details make it worth that much more that it's competition - that lacks after in important areas.
I'm not an apple junkie, but compared to the iPad this thing is ugly.
I've got an HP Touchpad, and I've gotta say, it'll probably kick this new tablet's ass.
But But the virus's will take over my tablet
this thing is going to be a failure because Windows 8 is "slotted" to be out next year.....which means the iPad 4 will be out and that will be even more advanced.
Mmm Apples iPad will always work.... Interesting statement considering I just sent one in for repair. Also considering there are viruses that target iOS.
Yeah! Cant wait for Windows 8 to come out! Only because Windows 7 won't cost an arm and a leg, only an arm now :D
microsoft came out with a tablet before apple, but it didn't sell well. so apple probably actually copied microsoft
I use a PC at my dads house but I adore iPods and iPads for on the go. Apple computers are confusing for me, and since my grandmother has one, I feel quite useless around them. My mum loves all Apple products, which baffles me. PC FTW.
that reporter from saints row the third sounds like trisha takinawa from family guy...
Obvious miss use of a meme is obvious. I've had this debate with a lot of other people and short story is. Microsoft suck at hardware... Red ring of death and the Zune,,, Yeah, as well as the Surface Table... Microsoft had a great idea with the tablet, but Apple Innovated on it and improved the design and execution with a mobile OS. Exactly what innovations have Windows done in the Surface tablet that every other Tablet out there already does?
This is waaayyyy better than the iPad. BTW, Microsoft built their 1st tablet in 2002. Look it up.
The problem with the ipad is that its not a touch screen mac book. The surface is full windows 8. So it's actually good and not giving the mere appearance of good.
nope, i didn't hear about it. so it obviously wasn't very good.
did you see their presentation-keynote-introduction-showing thing? that failed.. tech issues bro. fix that.
another brick in the wall!! I love my Ipad 3rd gen!!
Well they could make it less expensive and then we'll see.
I watching this on an IPad......
Just FYI, they got rid of the Blue Screen on W8.
i thought they said this tablet was the kindle crusher i didnt know it was in compitition with the ipad hmmm
meh, just another tablet, i doubt it'll do better than the ipad
so they keep making operating systems, but they cant make a simple new console system?!!!
it could be awesome. A real computer os which can run photoshop, all of microsoft office (or google docs whichever way ya swing) you could expand the usb port and have a mouse and keyboard. Then you just pick it up and play angry birds it could be a game changer.
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