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NEW FEMA Coffins in INDIANA (Kingsbury) Youtube Keeps removing this.

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FEMA Coffins in Kingsbury Indiana and NEW Underground FEMA Bunkers on a Closed Military Base. GOOGLE EARTH New FEMA Coffins in Kingsbury Location: 41°31'08.48"N 86°41'24.36"W New FEMA Underground...

I lived in KOP circle where all the higher up military people had beautiful houses during the war, and my dad and grandfather owned a large majority of these buildings my entire childhood and started our family business out here...the government sold all of this property years ago and owns none of it, you have open access to any area out there you want and i can assure all of you paranoid ass holes that this video is false....I would also recommend coming to explore and visit it yourself. The buildings you see are owned  local businesses. Please do not use my home as a way to gain a popular youtube channel :(
there are some truth to this footage.. people are blinded
There is so much wrong with this video lol.  I was just in a bunch of these buildings yesterday.... Most of it is empty, but some of them are privately owned machine shops, welding....some warehousing..... PEOPLE LOVE TO CREATE HORRIBLE THINGS OUT OF NOTHING! 
This is BS!!!!! I was boots on the ground at this location yesterday (4/19/2014)! Took pictures here. This is at a peat moss packaging company. What you see is (now white check Google Earth) is pallet after pallet of 50 pound bags of peat moss all shrink wrapped! We have enough problems in this country without MANUFACTURING conspiracy theories for $h!t sakes!
I work here,  it is all privately owned company. i work for a fireworks place and the bunkers you say are new, are actually fireworks containers now. (previously held bombs form ww2) you have too much time on your hand my friend
this guy is retarded.. 
me and my dad use to go there when I was a kid been in the buildings and bunkers my grandma also use to work there during the war .....they did put up a new fence around the whole place but idk kinda scary would like to see for myself but even when I was a kid couldn't get into most areas kinda morbid but good memories had fun back there....
i'm confused are you talking about the flat tops, or the lids that go on bottom. on vantages website the Air Seal Standard is the EXACT same liner seen in georgia. Vantage even says that's what it is. Since I can't post websites here so i'll send you pictures of both so you can compare. And then you can tell me i'm right
@brandt This is a boat load of coffins. If the government needs these to protect me then I don't need them to protect me. They must know something but what? Terrorists? I don't think so and if they are so into protecting us then why do they over tax us and then turn us into a fascist government by bailing out business's? What about the chemical trails in the skies. You think that is being done for your health? No, it is obvious now that their is a plan for depopulation in a major way ! Peace
Not "too time consuming...too expensive".Do you work/have a job?You are paying for it all.Euro-Nazi Germans had to do everything in haste fighting a war on foreign soil & fulfilling the prime agenda-depopulate Europe,esp.of Jews,as per the German zionists who were behind it all.The US has all the space,time,OUR money to do a spiffy,bangup,neat little job,while still preserving the environment for their German zionist masters.No other country out there will interfere.So what's the US worry? None.
1.Ok, ok, ok; let me entertain you for a second and say, ok, FEMA has an enormous stockpile of coffins. So what, what does that prove? You, and others, say it is for some evil plot. However, you are forgetting something; Federal Emergency Management Agency: Agency of the US government tasked with Disaster Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery planning. Like say, MASS CASUALTY e.g. nuclear attack, et al!
Are you retarded... Kingsbury used to be an army base and that so called fema camp is the old barracks and those bunkers ace old ammunition stored in them you dumb fuck... Maybe you should talk to someone that lives here before you put this stupid ass shit on here
Are there any groups in Indiana that I can get in touch with to prepare for what is going to happen? I keep trying to convince my family to prepare for this but they don't listen and think I am crazy. Deep down inside my sould I know that something is not right, and I want to be ready. Or would survivng this be harder than the alternative. I have a daughter that I do not want to suffer.
The bunkers are in what is known as KOP.
i wish i never heard of this illuminati thing nothen i can do so idc please im good with this i dont wanna know any more done with it im done!!!! no more illuminati leave me df alone when your plan gos into effect leave!!! me alone!!!!!!! >_<
This is a peat manufacturing and storage facility. They are all stored in black bags, now stored in white bags. Not coffins!
@holdenesme Oversight my ass! The only SUPER VIRUS we will and have been exposed to were created and released by the same Satanic NWO murdering assholes who are building these camps, you Jedi Mind F*cked moron!
1.Now, you also expect to sell people like me on the idea that thousands of FEMA workers (both past and present) has managed to keep some sinister secret plot from leaking? And, your evidence of such is ambiguous images of things with multiple interpretations? I will always advocate questioning anything, but come on, let us be a bit more substantial.
Try to show some love people. Get off the compooter or the TV or the antidepressants or whatever and just stop and love your family. Some day soon you may wish you did. Like Obama said and I quote "you folks aren't reading your bibles". Why don't we see what all this evil has done to us? More and more families are spitting up. Look up WACO the big lie, john todd, did jesus name antichrist, bush crowley, PRESCOTT BUSH, Mein Kampf, Georgia Guide stones, Denver airport, BTW the earthquakes are here
When I see this it just makes me wonder what the government must already know that is going to befall us all.
@Metallicafan6611 ,,I care ;],,just nothing I can do to help barr sub&post vids and hope Americans wake up man
I have been to the Vantage website and NONE of their lids look anything like the completely flat lids of those containers stacked up in Georgia. That means that you sir need glasses OR you're lying. I never said that these containers belong to FEMA. However, I don't believe that a civilian would burn his or her loved one in one of those. It's not likely at all.
This is the Kingsbury Ordinance Plant (K.O.P.) It is located in Kingsford Heights Indiana on the corners of Highway 6 and Highway 35. My Grandma worked their during W.W.I.I. loading ammunition for the American troops. I have been there dozens of times in the last 20+ years and I have seen several crazy things there like Danger "Contaminated area signs" glowing green tarps in the middle of fields, and underground tunnels. I have even been inside of several old bunkers and abandon factories.
If these were so called, "Coffins" Then why would they not conceal them in buildings? "Fema camps" was something George norrey and Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura sell books and Air-time on the radio for. They call themselves, "Patriots" but really they are anti-americans. They create fear which they know most americans respond to and will buy books and buy videos. Listen to Alex Jones!, the guy is brilliant, just like hitler was. Americans! Wake up!!! This is all B/S
Now that would seem logical, compared to a lot of this other stuff I hear. However, it still doesnt seem consistent with the mass casualty training I have went through. This kind of training is relatively standardized for rapid response, situation stabilization, and clean up (NOTE: I am not using jargon here) somewhat orchestrated by the Dept of Homeland Security. Plus, plastic containers wouldnt contain a radioactive casualty any better than a cost effective body bag.
Whos ready for the marshall law or what? One thing that will catch them off guard...hint...bobbietrap.
could have did without the music.
What a crock!! This is a peat plant!!! Get a life and stop watching Fox news!
This video is not true at all, you should research stuff before making videos. Those are not fema coffins nor are they tires. It is New Plant Life. i have worked there. it is a giant mound of black dirt. The so called fresh sand from all the underground construction is Just the Motto cross tracks. there are two of them In KOP
I use the shooting range there and on all the fences they have signs "warning contaminated area do not enter"...alot of trees are behind the fences in spots so its hard to see past them. And when you drive past all those rows of barrack like buildings it gives you the creeps...and Im ex-military and know it was a base at one time...just something about it...
Dude I wish it was all plain facts,The fact that DHS manual was just released confirms they have FEMA camps. Again I hope to God the world is simple and none of this were true,But I've seen some startling evidence regarding 9/11 being an inside job,Sandy Hook was completely fake and staged,Why do they want our guns?
@AgothInnCloth If the people are diseased then the smoke just spreads partials. The sight of burning bodies and smell could cause others to panic. Its better to move the bodies unseen so as not to cause fear or retaliation. You then can contain the chemicals, virus, whatever from the troops and workers.
Hly shit , is there a rail road nearby ?
Dude, I drive past this everyday, It is not coffins, but indeed soil. And the camps are a wharehouse/train storage depot, and another bunch of wharehouses. the south camp is wharehouses, no camp, not even a fence. whoever made this video has not been to kingsbury. The military has all kinds of !@#$ we dont know bout, its thier job, they have stuff at the base, doesnt mean its the end of the world dude!
NO NO NEVER, never say never yeah it's maybe too late already, BUT if we do againts it the "caretaking" (name it god or anything) will not let evil take over the world! SO KEEP ON RESISTING IT! THE WORLD WILL BE FREE ONCE AND FOR ALL!
Im the first to admit I cant afford to get to Indiana and Georgia and torch those coffins as a patriotic act. I dont have the resources but im surprised others who see this as over the top havent done so themselves.
do us all a favor and take some video next time you go by there.
Look people, you're not helping your cause by making up stuff like this. I worked at the Kingsbury Industrial Plant about 30 years ago (Former the military Kingsbury Ordinance Plant where, by the way, my own grandmother worked in an ammunition factory during WWII). What you are calling new bunkers are actually old bunkers previously covered by dirt and grass that have been uncovered. I've been in almost every one of those bunkers way back then.
I've seen so much info that is hard to refute I'm getting nervous. I am an X infantry soldier and cage fighter. I said that to let you know I am nearly fearless! If I am starting to get worry it should definitely raise a red flag for you. I am also a father of two and make a very good living to let you know I'm not some nut or crazy theorist. I am just like you. I personally think shit is getting very spooky and fear for my children who I will die to protect with an unyielding ferocity!
uh that image isnt blurred on bing or yahoo wise guy
wtf you bunch of morons. there are a few factories in KOP not a nazi soon to be camp. do the human race a favor and just be shut ins all you conspiracy dumbasses
heafer84 you are definitely an agent of disinfo. What's motivates you is anyones guess. The bottoms are similar but the tops are not even close. There are NO flat top lids anywhere at the Vantage burial products website. You are also trying to confuse people by saying the bottom is the lid. I had enough of your B.S. and confusion tactics I'm out here.
you are idiots. your ruining the real info assholes! this is crap, it is potting soil!!!! I drove there today you idiots!
Since when does the U.S. Army use fireworks? Their the folks who own these bunkers-research it. Nice try though
Obviously this individual has no knowledge about what he is saying in the video.. The new construction is a motocross dirt track that was built in the last 2 years. The coffins are indeed pallets of bagged dirt waiting to be shipped at new plant life. Which is adlacent to my nepwhews home. . However I have worked in the Kingsbury Industrial park for the past 15 years. I DID NOT HEAR ONE THING IN THIS VIDEO THAT IS TRUE OR ACCURATE!! Super Timsch is correct in everything they said!!
@bathat11165 i grew up not too far from that area too....i always heard that there were/are live ordinance buried in the ground there from the WW2 days....i also heard that it was on Hitler's list of places to bomb during the war....Have you ever heard any of that? Do you if there is any truth to those two things? on a sidenote, it's still a great place to go for drive and look at deer and the fishing is pretty good too....
@000Winter000 don't get too frustrated. just revert your efforts to something more practical, like educating yourself further. the more facts you know the easier explaining it will become. on top of that, become prepared :)
Hi, I'm the big ugly guy that was where you work. I gave Jeff some DVD's. I'll be asking for directions to the places in the vid. For the others, this is an old munitions plant, it covers a very large area. It is partially converted to an industrial park. A bud went deep into it, four wheeling past gates and saw some running helicopters on the ground. He then scrammed. The old bunkers are for storage of munitions. They are welded shut.
@ TareLekha002 лошок размещай этот номер на гермофродо чатах...
@greco0994 do you smoke weed? just curious...
@MeBest777 Of what use is a plastic 'casket' large enough to hold 5 bodies? Who would be the combatants in WWIII? Not being snide, but I don't see the point. In the 60s through the 80s we came within a gnats as* of superpower nuclear exchange numerous times, race riots everywhere, yet no casket factories. What is the threat now? Genetically modified corn? Angry teabaggers? Lindsay Lohan boring us to death?
@1978skan Нет тебя не позвонию ! Если кто хочет вот номер +7 964 362 0500
I think they're getting all those burial vaults ready for when 2012 happens... they want to MAKE SURE that after we all die we are buried neatly. I believe the government is also mass producing robots to clean up all the corpses after 2012. Mark my words though... sometime in 2011, the US government opens the secret vault proving once and for all that aliens are real. I think they will also inform us at this time that Jesus Christ was actually an alien...and the first member of the Illuminati.
Those are grave liners, not coffins
Half of this video zoomed in on a motocross called motoland. And the track is built on bunkers. been there a hundred times, and there is another mx track right down the road. There not making any new bunkers anywhere out there, your all idiots You conspiracy theorist really crack me up, lay off the pot, it makes you paranoid
Whats going to happen in America that will result in the death of MILLIONS of people?..learn more.. MilitantPatriot com MilitantPatriot com/shop MilitantPatriot com MilitantPatriot com/shop
regimes that have promoted, participated in, or ran mass killings /genocide - ussr, nazis, serbia - what do they have in common? nobody who is fine killing thousands of people dont bury their victims in coffins - too expensive, a waste of land, too time consumming - coffins? try cremation, mass graves, burial pits - coffins - hahahaha they going to buy you a headstone and flowers too?
yep thats the factory , they are making the coffins , you can see all the black crap by the building and yes it is blurred out ! 41°31'08.48"N 86°41'24.36"W
those are not coffins. They are piles of dirt. the company has pallets of them outside. They sell it. As far as the bunkers. There is nothing really there except for old ww2 bunkers. Most are ither abandoned. Alot of them that are in your video are storage locations. you can store anything you want if you pay. Some company bought them up. As far as the newly constructed ones. Thats for a farmers equipment. I have a ton of pics of the area.
@philnoll hm...i stand half corrected...but in my defense, grave liners used to be metal.
heafers, burial vaults and coffin liners don't have flat lids. You can't prove those are not patent 5425163. Can you?
the lid is the bottom, the infobomber website is the top of the liner, the flat tops match exactly the same as the vantage website, EXACTLY. I'll send the link through a message
yes they are, did you get the message i sent you with the pictures of the liners in Georgia, the tops look exactly the same
@yahshuasbride Very interesting about the liners and the 4000 vans. Where are they near Jacksonville? any place I we can take a look at? We need to start looking at the coffins again, most have moved on to other topics, but it's time to check the status of them again, as an update. Great piece of the puzzle too! Thank you.
So you've came to this conclusion based on blurry google map pictures that these look like WWII camps. Congrats on ASSUMING stuff again, no facts just assumptions based in CT loon land. Don't you see, this whole theory is based on over imagination. NO FACTS. Nothing that ties FEMA to any coffins. and the HR645 is going to happen on military bases. The above photos are of Toca Enterprise and Prince corporation. I also love that this "secret" GOV. plan is has an Act and everything lol
You Americans are burying yourselves!
not only that, the steps on the side and front match perfectly, same angle and same ammount of steps. (w w w . )telegraph. co . uk / telegraph / multimedia / archive / 01116 / plasticcoffins _ 1116155i . jpg just remove the spaces and parenthasis, compare this picture to the vantage website, same amount of steps on the side and front.
@marysmom100 The only hope we have is Jesus. I also have a daughter. Crazy stuff happening. You cant really prepare.
seems utube hasn't "removed" this vid since march 29, 2009 according to your post date
this is foolish i hunt kingsbury in laporte county every year. the bunkers have been there for decades . and your claimed fema camp is rented out for buisness. matter of fact pepsi rents a few of those buildings and a few construction companys use then for lumber storage. but there is that one spot wher they keep the aliens. you forgot to point that out.
look it up now. look at the same location. or you can even go to and check their address and copy and past it into google maps. its a motocross track
"do i need glasses, it's exactly the same in the video, it's their vantages air seal standard model, the one they sell most of, it's exactly the same thing seen in ALL of these FEMA camp video" really? I thought you said the pictures were blurry. How can you be certain? You're making assumptions.
Чё за шняга!Долбаёб ты вместе со своим роликом,иди лечись идиотина....херню какуюто тут развёл,бл...слов нету просто....
i assume they have human incinerators somewhere.
41°31'08.48"N 86°41'24.36"W is strange. Its pitch blacked out on google. Interesting
The Coffins are 4"x4" pallets of pete moss
so far I have found these coffins in texas, indiana, atlanta, AZ, florida, see how many more I can find.
That so called camp, at least to me, looks a lot like the set up of concentration camps from WWII. Do I have purchase orders proving that FEMA owns those containers? no. You already knew that before you asked. That said, go back to sleep; your gubbymint loves you. And remember to get in line for your H1N1 vaccine shot. and while your at up on HR645.
You are a fucking idiot. I live in Kingsbury and walk those fields that your "new bunkers" are in. Those bunkers have been there for years and years. There is no new construction going on anywhere in Kingsbury. And your "coffins" are just left over shit from the last company that owned that property. Get a fucking life you douche bag.
planned population control thats what and this is why the government is trying so hard to cvontrol the internet because the truth is getting out loved this
@campbellba61 LIKE THE COFFINS...LOLZ? AGENDA 21
It's not military owned. Those are old WW2 bunkers, the base was no longer needed and is now leased by FOI ( fireworks of Indiana ). Professional fireworks ( 1.3g ) are considered as explosives and as such must be stored in an explosives bunker. Do some research, then come back with an answer.
Can't affirm whats there but I had an interesting experience. A guy that I spoke with had a son who had done some PT somewhere and had playfully pushed his buddy over a fence. A guy with a blue helmet and band or something came running up and told him he'd better get back on the other side. I checked around after this lead. One day I was on a date with a guy from Ohio that's really into theories like this and I took him back there. He said he was familiar and started getting scared in some areas
nad thing about it is man is its not united states government its the ones who control are government shadow government the ELites the World bankers who control all resources and all the money its all part of global government my friend they want to trasform this country into a N.A. Union like the EU theres nothign we can do because they own everything i mean everything they have nations on there knees a group of just 35 men own this world its scary but true they funded the UN and created Nato
Every Communist takeover is followed with genocide my friends...
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