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LAGTV All Cheese Tournament This Saturday! [07/07/2012]

by LifesAGlitchTV • 17,039 views

Check out this thread for information on how to sign up for Playhem tournaments in case you don't know already: LAGTV All Cheese Tournament July 7, 2012 Open to 32 NA...

I can't get on my profilem it says, I swallowed a bug
For central european zones it's 18 p.m. (17 p.m. for signing in) btw.
damnit i have to wake up early to sign up
Do you get eliminated for not cheesing? If you play standard, but just worker pull randomly, is that cheesy enough? So many questions that only the honor system can decide.
buy me starcraft 2 and i will teach you how to cheese
NA only? Please make a tournament on the EU servers. I've been waiting too long for a cheese only tournament. :( To the NA entries, gl hb - fortis fortuna adiuvat.
im bronze i suck as hell in sc2 like more then adam, can i still play or i should leave the chance for the one with chances?
We remember what you EU players did do Jeff that day when the NA servers were down. "Forgive, but never forget..."
Can we donate that $500 to the Adam is a Poor Bitch Foundation of Canada?
I love it. I've been wanting to see Masters v Bronzie cheese on this channel much more. I hope we get to see those games.
watch out over there you might have to dodge bullets literally
That's because Europeans aren't the ragefest that americans are when they get turned down. We reason with people, you (americans) just kill then.
Where do i watch this? On what channel? TwitchTV?
And does Mothership Rushing count as cheese? A list of things that count as cheeses will be nice to have.
So is it cheese to play standard on cheese tournament?
CRAP, the hardest part about this thing is waking up before 11:00 am to sign up for it, since i game all night XDXD
Every1 is gonna be practicing cheese on the ladder now. Thanks a lot
okey - Can someone make a time table for when it starts in different parts of the world... im not good at time zones, nor google:ing stuff ... Would really like to know when it starts in Europe
2 NA cheese tournies in a row (one was jeffs own) makes me (and a vast majority of fans) sad pandas
Cant do a Tourny in both NA and EU? Okay, what can I do to help get more EU content out there?
So, You're saying every time I see Something I don't like on a video, I should Dislike it? Sorry, But I don't Do that. And I'm sure there are many people like me. And how Am I Talking out of my ass?? You need to calm down sir.
Void ray rush is not a cheese. Reaper rush is not a cheese. Proxy void rays, and proxy reapers are cheese. Cheese can simply be defined as: not standard.
I cheese every game anyway. :P except against zerg.
Lol well guys I don't know what you want us to say. We've done EU tournaments before and had far more trouble than with the NA counterparts. For some reason we get huge numbers of no shows when we do EU tournaments, but that's not the reason we're not doing EU this time. We will be doing EU tournaments but we can't be doing both at the same time. Just enjoy the tournament and you'll get an opportunity later. [Adam]
2 cheese only tournament by Jeff in Na, 0 in EU. You say the bigger fanbase is in NA, but the tournament has 32 places. If it is a bigger fanbase as you say in NA, it won't be a problem anyways in EU. Anyways, GL HB for the tournament, NA players ! =)
1 PM on Saturday in Nova Scotia will be 2 AM here in Melbourne, not sure it's worth lagging out in my first game because of sheer distance.....
ah i live at pacific and i CAN'T USE computer at that time so... sad for me... but hopefully there is slot left over.
I feel your pain bro. I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow(friday)
Adam sent me from his stream
"next time will be EU" you said that last time
how many times has that been said though, about 3 or 4 doesnt seem to materialise though
damn, just don't do EU when I'll have finals :P
Well Now I just have to know one thing. Will cannon rushing win, or will PF nuke rushing win? Either way, I'm rewatching when cheese fails for ideas.
You guys should do another bronze to diamond tournament when you have time.
this means i have to do this all day
dang i wish i could play in this D: but i have to take care of my cousins >.< cant play sc :(
Is this on EU? please thumbs so i can get my answer! :)
cmon gogogo with the regular content, I been sending stuff in like a fucking maniac.
any chance we could get a australian tournament at some point :D
Open to 32 NA Bronze -- Masters Players . Nope aint no EU
Not coming from the stream. I'm just a bouse who reload his home page constantly in hope there's a new LAGTV vid. :D
i dont see the point in bronze to master tourny. obviously anyone plat and lower are not going to beat a masters
why not an ncix gift card? help canadas eco a little :)
Think of the BM," Nice Proxy 2 gate bro... but i already cannon rushed ur main!"
DAFUQ 500 dollar newegg is so much money
Ive come up with the best cheese formula. Its even better than dem cheeto shit.
Atlantic time is 1 hour later than Eastern yes?
Please stop doing tourneys on Saturday I work. Or put up all the games on you YouTube channel. think Void Ray rushing is standard? Sometimes I've seen toss get them in standard play, but it's like 1-2 trying to harass or get lucky with someone who's gone a non anti-air tech route. I don't think anyone techs straight to them and all out rushes in a standard build. Again, this question though is why we need clearer definitions of "cheese" before the tourney.
eu please!!! still cant wait!!!!!!
I get SC2 on the 11th. Don't wait for me
Funny how you're talking out of your ass. Funny how people still like your comment though. My only point was: if people complain that much, why leave that like or not dislike the video? Just because you're subscribed to these awesome guys, doesn't mean you can't leave a dislike when you don't approve of something. The entire comment section complains that there isn't a European tournament, yet the video hardly get's any dislikes. For the record: i'm Dutch, so i'm as European as it get's.
Next tournament will be EU. And then all the bouses will see how bad i am at this game. :D
I'm sure about that, but it's a bit dissapointing because Jeff said in the last tournament that the next tournament would be on EU.
We will go over rules on Saturday. There's obviously a lot of grey area but sometimes you just have to leave it in the hands of people to do what makes sense. We will outline a bunch of stuff though, don't worry. [Adam]
I don't understand you people.. He answered that in the very first minute of the video, AND it is in the description.
FUUUUUUUUUU i go to college that day :(
euh... fuck ye? FUCK YEEE !!!!
Wow, NA only again? Americanophile much?
Its kinda weird that for winning, you get a game or two on steam but you can get $500 for watching the tournament.
Dust league --> Paper league --> Wood league --> Plastic league --> Rock league --> Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, masters, grandmasters --> Elite. I belong to the dust league even though I'm quite capable of being relatively close to silver. =D I also think it would be quite troll if blizzard actually made the leagues i listed above. *Logs on* "You are now in Dust league, congrats"
you don't even have a account you haven played therefore you will lose.
lol nah the special needs and handicapped might sue for discrimination.
dont know if this is possible, but you best not be giving the computer nerds these kinds of ideas. Do you want people to cheat like this? shhhhhhh be quiet, "YOU FOOL" ~ As Adam says.
Great.. As if Europeans don't get fucked enough in the ass. *sigh*
Hope i can join the tournament!!!!
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