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ESAT Ethiopia secretary Hillary Clinton Addis ababa speach & Ethiopian economy (Tikuret) p1 of 5

by ESATtv Ethiopia • 23,906 views - Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) ESAT is the first independent Ethiopian Satellite Television service and Radio Station who broadcast to Ethiopia and the rest of the...

Dr Brihanu a well Educated country loving men .may God bless him.
@Rasxilinx You mean Zionist USA is finacing Evil par excellence Meles Zenawi propganda, torture and Murder. SHabia is an exact copy of Woyane -- Woyane is ahead because it is serving the interst of Zionist USA and its side kick, Israel.
@kefe1446 a fear of God is needed to be a priest not a you mean he donot write this kind of english like you...........he was not the friend of SHABIYA but was the adviser of melles till melles is not an economist.
I need to know about D.r Nega who is wild animal whether he is an Ethiopian or an enemy of Ethiopia? He thinks always about himself because he is a greedy merchant his doctorate is false dr.
USA Evils they are planing to sake our blood of the world. So at list let see hope that we are not going to be the slave of this new world order. So Dr Brihanu and Dr Gethachew work to put for our generation Blessed Ethiopian-ism not Evil American system we did not need Evil American system at all!!!!!!!!!
@kefe1446, You can check his credentials to find out if he is a PhD. I wonder if Meles has fear of God?
this guy is really a doctor?oh God I saw many vedios of him but he dosen´t have rispecte,fear of God,and his leve I think is more down to be a leader....God protect Ethiopia.
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