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Hamann BMW X6M Tycoon EVO Full Accelerations and Revs!

by NM2255 Car HD Videos • 556,037 views

Full HD 1080p Video By NM2255: Matte grey BMW X6M Tycoon EVO twin turbo tuned by Hamann amazing exhaust sound with start up, revving and lots of full throttle accelerations onto the streets of...

This is such a love it or hate it car. I fucking love it!!!!!!!
sound actually is much heavier in real life! everything outside shakres when this movin'
Yes, i think too... definitely ! You can´t compare it (real and Video). But if the Sound is in a Video Brutal in real it must be Armagedon !
I would give my first born child for this car !
the biggest i gotta compensate for something car ever
sounds nice but the rear lights are wack needs improvement 
Sounds so fucking mean!
wow nice video! Thanks so much.. i subbed
5.5 liter? thats wrong, the BMW X6 M has a 4.4 liter V8 biturbo, just as the F10 M5 and F13,F14 M6 :)
That car is hideously ugly.....
würd mal gerne drinnen sitzen wollen boooaa ey wie hammer das währ bin zwar öfters in ulm aber noch nie dieses maschiene begegnet :D
wow never imagined they could make a x6 uglyer than it is already!
Those rims are awesome! great video nick
u should come to USA bro , u would drive way faster we got way bigger roads lol. europe sux
look like taillights bought off ebay tbh
is this a 4X4 car? i mean,is it for offroad?
great videos man makes me want to go to monaco!
actually a 4.4 liter. the harmann upgrade is software only in stage 1 and catless pipes and software in stage 2
This car Sounds/Looks like it wants revenge.
wen haben wir denn da, ist das etwa unser Prinz Marcus von Anhalt ??? :D
to me these car's are ugly but since it's a BMW every body likes it ha
i dont see any vid hamann drive the car like an old man turtle
That's the perfect car for a blind person. Ugly as sin to look at, but what a sound...
Love the color! The styling -- not so good, though :)
WHAT??? Are you kidding me your not uni the look of it? My god u shouldn't drive at all.. This just this is what u call it a beast.. The look and design from the front and back of this car makes it going 100ks already without even driving it
DUDE...this car has the devil inside its engine!
Looks and sounds amazing, great footage mate ;-)
This Hammann BMW what kind of engine have?
What car is at 1:05 to the left of the video?
i think i just creamed my pants......
but different from any other car around therefore original and unique
1:06 what is that car just behind the audi??? it looks cool!!!!
That looks like something straight out of a post-apocalyptic movie or something.
Amazing video this time Nick! What a brutal car this is made through Hamann! I'm interested in your video's that are coming up about the Top Marques! -Sjoerd
Wondering, is there a lot of accidents down there?
the same exhaust porsche panamera hamann
U got very nice vids man!!!!! I love ur channel
What was the car at the beginning, was it a KTM X-Bow?
idle and revving doesnt sound like a v8 at all.
this bullshit all that sound and i dont see a burnout..jus get a civic
ugly car, nice sound. The tuning is too much.
impressive acceleration but not a fan of the looks
X6 was one of the most pointless cars BMW ever made lol
I heard the start up and I was thinking, this sounds shitty, but when it accelerates, that's sick! :D
JaJa Ulm voraus bin nächstes Jahr auch dabei
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