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http://www.RightFace.us President Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale debate. The question of "if" age is an issue in the campain. Of course, they mean if Reagan is too old but he turns the tables on...

I lived through the Reagan years. High unemployment..a man couldnt buy a job during his 8 years. he busted unions and demonized minorities. Why this man is revered I will never know. He had well written one liners for the debates and the press but he was , in the end , 8 wasted years in American history. It wasnt until Bill Clinton that the economy began to improve and then boom during the 90s. He was a bad actor back in the day but improved his acting skills for politics and fooled so many people.
+baler johnson If it werent for Reagan The U.S. would have gone completely down the tubes. Reagan inherited unemployment and bad economy from Carter. Bush Sr. was the real reason behind prosperous 90s not Clinton.
I was in my upper twenties
Never again will we ever have a President as great as Ronald Reagan. This is the kind of leader that will take this country to new heights and not back down from any opposing threats. Someone who holds the flag high and proud to be a citizen of the greatest country on the face of the planet. And to all those who sneak in everyday and those who milk the land of the riches and lifestyles, remember why you're here and why many fight and die for the freedoms to be a Rock Star or Movie Star or Entrepreneur. Or just to raise a family and being able to speak your mind and not face imprisonment for treason. This is the country our forefathers envisioned and had ideas to be a country where one can have nothing to having everything they ever imagined. And Reagan saw that America and wanted to keep that same idealism this Country was originally founded on.
+GTJIGPC  How many nations and peoples did the UK destroy, invade, enslave, murder, micromanage, usurp the sovereignty of, exploit the resources of, or colonize? A great part of the reason the middle east is in its state isn't the Iraq war. We could go back as recently as 24 years ago.  Had the British empire and its imperialistic meddling not occurred there never would've been a Kuwait to start. It's because of British imperialism going back to the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the end of WW1 that the borders in the middle east are such.  The UK is a shell and barely a shadow of what it was and the world is better off that way. With left wing globalist socialists being elected as MPs, you'll be under sharia law in less than a decade.  I'll always say that no Brit has any credibility scrutinizing the foreign policies or war decisions of the US.  You all have far more blood on your hands than this nation ever will.  That spans centuries.  We're barely 238 yrs old here.
I have a feeling that we aren't too far way from another great president. As for which affiliation that politician will have, your guess is as good as mine.
Socialist Canada is now more business-friendly than California "Do you know what Obama's been doing while the rest of America is watching sports on TV?" Sixty thousand illegal aliens from Guatemala, mainly children, are being dumped on our border, because Obama opened the floodgates for them. They're bussing them to Arizona because Texas won't take them in. Obama wants them all to move here because he needs more Democratic voters. Don't tell me they're all coming here to work. They're coming here to suck the system dry. They're coming here to wreck the school system. Do you know how much money is being spent on teaching English as a second language? In California, the schools were once No. 1, but now they're No. 32 under Jerry Brown. The Service Employees International Union single-handedly elected him governor and destroyed the state. Did you know that Sony Pictures is relocating from California to Vancouver to get better tax breaks? Socialist Canada is now more business-friendly than California under Jerry Brown.
Where are schools No. 1? And where are they No. 50 (or 51, if D.C. is counted)?
Boy, did that freakish, balloon-headed, bald-headed, four-eyed, Jew cocksucker wish he hadn't asked that question.  RR, greatest President of the last century!
Your opinion is a common one and not unfounded. Read David Halberstrom's LBJ quadrilogy. 
"It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so." Reagan has been dead for several years, and he is still outwitting his detractors.  Even when they make up lies about Reagan, Reagan wins the debate with Truth. Reagan improved the economy, cut waste in government, demanded performance from government workers, built up our military, and beat the Soviet Union. Naturally, the Lazy and Criminal Types did not like Reagan. Leftist-Liberals have tried to rewrite history, but Reagan's many accomplishments remain as a firm monument to the great man.
Reagan, love him or hate him, was EPIC with that response, LOL!
What baffles me is that today people of my age would just stare, and not notice what he just said, why he said it that way, and what the point of it was in saying it. 
Because the average voter today is dumber than a bag of dog poo.
I agree with you two!
Even Mondale cracked up
Obama would not make a pimple on Ronald Reagan's  Behind. enough said!
Reganism: The rise of corporate influence in the legislature, endless legislative attacks on the middle class, three decades of stagnate wages, legislative actions allowing the intentional exit of 60 thousand factories nationwide, etc. I don't have all day, so I will just stop here.
of course you half wits realize this "quip" from reagan was thought up during debate prep and given to old ronnie who was just waiting for the chance to use it. HE DID NOT THINK OF IT BY HIMSELF AT THIS MOMENT IN THE DEBATE. that said...its was to the status quos advantage to keep you fools thinking the ronald ray-goon...who was suffering from dementia his last years in office..who doodled away  cabinet meetings and who talked to himself in his own little world even while attending foreign dignataries was a competant president. he was a criminal (iran contra affair that brought TONS OF DRUGS TO THE STREETS OF OUT CITIES) WHO neglected his kids ...one a gay who was not welcome in the white house....and who lived in a fantasy land of his mind leaving it just long enough to tell the same stories of Hollywood..over and over. THAT was ronnie ray-goon!
Dick head it's the delivery not the message. so what the job of President is a big acting job. Reagan was better than the current set of big ears
Clinton is a great speaker but Reagan makes Clinton sound like George W. Bush
he spent much of his second term with the attention span of a cabbage
Biggest piece of shit to ever walk through the white house doors. Well his vice was a close second.
+Warchief01 Yeah, wait til January.... the real bitch about it is they're taking us down with them! I have no more patience or tolerance with these stupid bastards.
Reagan pretty much disgusts me but this was pretty awesome
+toni jay Where did you get that info? Fantasy land? Prove it.
+Brandon Smith HAHAHA. You don't know your ass from your head.  Reagan was anything but a socialist.  I'm guessing that you're benefiting from Obamanomics.  Either you're big union, an eco-terrorist Democrat lobbyist, or overpaid bureaucrat, who got his job because of Obama.
At his funeral were Democrats, Republicans, Russians, and many more.  The man was a born leader and he loved this country.  The military admired and loved him too.  What we got today????? Not so much........
Please excuse my dirty mind. Not a FUCKING THING! Just a turd in a suit.
lol...name the president who didn't have the same people at THEIR funeral. you don't appear very bright.....southernland
As I recall, this debate was VERY close to the election. With this great zinger of a line, AND Mondale laughing at it, Reagan gained in the polls and won the election. I believe Mondale was quoted some years later saying that he knew after this debate that he had lost the election.
Scottish repubs are tricksters how bout Gruber ?how bout Pelosi saying we have to pass it to find out whats in it? Obama saying you can keep your doctor? Trying to get a straight answer out of clinton on Benghazi ? How about holder on fast furious gun sales to cartel? Your a typical liberal retu-r-d (yep spelling is correct) Who won't answer the above who just makes generalization statements.
Scottish is for scottsway
Absolutely the best president ever.  Reagan made America great and then that tyrannical, marxist Obama got elected and destroyed all of Reagan's good work.  I hate Barack Obama with all of my heart.  Obama hates white people.  Obama is ignorant but scheming and he and his league of thugs from Chicago are trying to divide America with health care and socialism so that they can control America and eventually take away our guns.  Don't take away my guns Obama.  I own lots of guns that I keep at my house in Kilgore, Texas.  Don't try and take them away.
I love how his opponent laughs! 
God dam you fukcing children he was one of the best presidents we ever had
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Ronald Reagan Outwits Moderator in debate on the "age" issue www.RightFa...: http://youtu.be/MdkfZ7ya3k4
I've always appreciated Mondale's reaction.  He knew a great line when he heard it, and he made no effort to hide his grin.  That helped make it a great moment, too.
Slow Claps you sir.....are a fucking BOSS!
God, how this country misses the man. America was much respected and feared during his time. Not this freaking ditherer we have right now.
He was one of the best RIP
Mr. Gorbachev...........TEAR DOWN THIS WAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've seen an interview with Walter Mondale where he said that was the moment he knew he had lost the election.
The last great American President. PERIOD!
like Lewis Black said it's time to dig him up. the F-ing muslim terrorists will quake in their sandals then.
Guys, guys! There are all different kinds of intelligence. Reagan's experience in film totally prepared him for politics. The end.
Obama at least had a plan to help everyone. You who speak negative are racists...your comments reveal that. You must realize that people aren't stupid. Ronald Reagan didn't have an ounce of intelligence...he and the second george bush were the worst presidents in u.s. history.
+SCE2AUX2 Oh!  According to fools like her and her ilk, Reagan was a genius when he was a Democrat. She probably doesn't even know that he once was. She probably doesn't even know that JFK would be a conservative in today's political climate-his views being the same today as they were in 1960. The ignorance of some people like her would be amusing, were it not so devastating for the rest of us.
I wonder if you find all of the southern states to be filled with fools.  ALL of the states of the OLD SOUTH were solidly DEMOCRAT, prior to the mid 90s. Were they racist then too?  Of course they weren't,using your thought process.  After all, Democrats started the Civil War with slavery being a major reason. If they were still solidly Democrat, then they'd just be misunderstood, by your calculus, right? Child.
I miss him, the last good one we had. 
I saw a show on the History and they say he was paralyzed last term of his presidency. I was like that shit is crazy. They say the reporters jus went along and kept quiet. That some shit man
How can I forward this video snippet to Hillary Rodham Clinton because she's going to need to speak Ronald Reagan's words verbatim in the course of her run for U.S. President this time around?
Look closely...That was a REAL President.
Great on the spot humor. Reminds me of some of Kennedy's come backs. Ya gotta love the guy. At least I did. Better than old dead pan cheating Nixon. 
lol...you are so dumb you should come with a warning label.. on the spot humor....lol
And with one expertly delivered verbal blow, Walter Mondale was finished in American politics and by the uncomfortable look on his face you knew he knew it too.  Reagan is consistently ranked as one of the top five Presidents in our history.  His optimism and resolve ignited the American economic Boom of the 1980's which won't again be equaled for generations.  He beat down the Soviet Union so bad they don't even call themselves that anymore......  Libs will always try and rewrite his history.  Can you blame them?  They've given us Carter (Malaise)  Clinton (Impeachment) Obama (lol, shall I write a book?).................  So, thank you President Reagan.  
Reagan should have followed it up with dropping the mic and saying IM out bitches.
There was nothing great about ronald reagan. He was a stiff and a piece of shit who was completely clueless about everything..l dont understand why anyone believed him. He was nothing but a "front" for those crooked politicians..We had a corpse in the white house for eight years.
We now know what Kennedy went days without sleep don't we. Thanks to medication. 
That is why Reagan will always be loved.
Why don't asswipes like this moderator ever ask these type questions to Democrats? Biased maybe.
Cause they'd never make another dime in their career as a journalist.  They'd be ousted with lines such as 'Anything that they have to say regarding politics should be between him/her and their psychologist.'
What was he great at? Weapons? Lying? Cutting programs? He caused a lot of hunger..there were no jobs because of him...l can't EAT a weapon. I never forgot..people going hungry in this country and his whore of a wife displaying expensive china on television..wtf was that?
Turns out that he did have alzheimer's and was dangerously incapcitated his last years in office....
If so than what is obamas excuse?
Reagan was awesome, I wish I liked him then as much as I've come to like him over the years after opening my eyes. 
And that's when he won the election! Classic.
This muppet is responsible for deregulating the financial institutions, a b movie actor owned and controlled by The Wall Street Mob, what a prick.
What a buffoon!  Ronnie Raygun makes fun of legitimate question about his age and subsequent actions by him as well as previous ones prove that America's concern about his senility and dementia were well founded.  If anyone has any down let them go to his testimony at Poindexter's trial and watch his foolish performance without a script and a teleprompter.
His remarks were an answer to the question. In other words, "No." You're welcome.
One can only imagine how low an IQ and lack of knowledge one would have to have to consider one of the greatest presidents in history a buffoon. 
Back in the day when we had a REAL president, unlike the narcissistic fool we have today. 
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hahaha  Reagan and the term outwit in the same sentence. How in the world did you come up with that title?  I wonder how many times they had that senile old fool repeat that statement before the debate.  Of course it wasn't like the Democrats put up much of a challenge. I mean really, Mondale??
And Barry Obama is the roll model for intellect and leadership. "It was the video", "It's the GOP fault!" Reagan when he had full blown dementia was still 50 times the statesman and leader as this "Worthless Turd" we have occupying 1600 Penn. Ave. at this moment. I'm with you on the Mondale deal but he was Jimmy Carters VP even though one probably wouldn't want to mention that at a job interview. Whom else was there?  Senator Teddy " bartender, give me another double and don't let my glass get empty cause I'm the designated driver." Kennedy?  Pickings were almost as slim back in the 80's as they are now for the DNC. The RNC can't say much either! Semper Fi
Reagan could work across the aisle with a heavily-democrat congress.  Wake  me up when the community organizer matures enough to be able to do that.
All US presidents were/are criminals starting wars everywhere and giving the world hell.
Love Mondale's grin.  He even knew that was a comeback for the ages.
Makes a joke then takes a drink like a boss. 
When right-wingnuts say that Hollywood should stay out of politics, here's a perfect example why. 2nd rate actor....GROSSLY overrated president.
Um, even Reagan didn't like Hollywood o.o He was a democrat before he became a conservative. It wasn't his acting that prepared him. It was his governorship in California that prepared him. You know, the state with the largest population in the country? When you turn conservative you start to see just how bad Hollywood is. It wasn't just those things alone actually. It was ability to keep a positive outlook on things that made the people like him. Hollywood treats the presidency like it's a film. A popularity contest (when it isn't.) Just because Reagan did it, doesn't mean it should be the rule. He's just the exception because he actually took being president seriously. All these Hollywood mcspazitrons don't take it seriously at all.
"I will however take great joy in exploiting the poor and minorities, because, well, screw them"
What a good Man President Reagan was. And look what we have now. OBAMA. How did we go so wrong?
+Miatacrosser please refer to my previous comment.   
Well, the first thing we did wrong was not enforcing the Constitution. Article 2, section 1, clause 5, to be specific.
Reagan was an ASSHOLE!
+Spike T No actually it's a page right out of your right-wing "Fascist" handbook. You see it all of the time on Fox News when liberals make a point and lay out the facts, and the cons (conservatives) scream and talk over the liberals sans the cursing. I am just playing your game against you. You are a sociopath if you support the Tea Party (actually the Billionaire funded party) and GOP causes. THINK!!!
Based on your screen name your an illegal. Why are you in this great country. Reagan was not an asshole he was a very smart individual and smarter than those he debated. He damn sure is smarter than Obama.
one of the biggest snakes in the grass. beware liberals, this is a common ploy. put someone in office who is apparently 'squeaky clean' then corrupt from within.
Reagan was without a doubt..... DA MAN !!!
Reagan was, without a doubt, an idiot.  I remember watching the first debate with that wimp Jimmy Carter and saying, "There is no way this country will ever elect a senile old fool like Reagan." And I was wrong.  You dumb shits elected him twice.  And we are still paying for it.
+James Travers And how long do you it will take us to recover from the idiot that is bo?? 
And besides, Nancy's running shit anyway.
The sad part is, even if he ran today, most republicans would find him too centrist.
Actually, the mainstream "Rhino" GOP would find him far too small government conservative. And really, Reagan was a centrist if you put him next to someone like Washington or Coolidge.
Hands down the greatest President this Nation has ever know. Though imperfect as he was HUMAN, he single handedly did more for this nation than most will ever know as they are to busy being lead by those whom wish us nothing but harm and despair!
who is 5 years and why will my parents die with them?
LOL!!!  That was funny!!!  Not a Reagan fan at all.  But he was funny.  Actually him and Walter Mondale were friends when they were not going after one another politically.
Reagan also made Derivatives legal, derivatives and deregulation - YES he handed the economy over to Donald Regan the former head of Merrill Lynch. What a joke...
This should be removed. President Reagan would NEVER have approved of someone saying this this!!!!
Yes, and they continue to worship that piece of shit! Truly amazing just how politically retarded the fools on the right are. Reagan the b rate dyslexic actor...... priceless! Keep up the good fight my friend of common sense.
Wrong on two of three points Gary . Al Gore made much of his fortune pushing the internet- Thats a FACT- Gary- And he was right on - It was the next big thing. He has been an environmentalist long before it became a political agenda. As for him selling his network to Al Jazeera? Yes IMO that was in poor taste. And Yes,IMO that was for the money. Although much of the money he gave to charities or invested in green technologies.
Abraham Lincoln is the reason our country is United. I believe he deserves an acknowledgement.
True enough, but he drew down in Iraq which enabled our assets to focus on getting Public Enemy number one- It was also done in a country that is packing nukes without causing a war. You underestimate the level of diplomacy needed to pull that off. I used to dine in the Windows of the World Restaurant. It infuriated me that we went into Iraq before Bin Laden was caught. It infuriated me more 7 years after Bush came in like a cowboy, he went out leaving a debtor nation and Bin Laden alive.
Bush was elected because the Electoral College voted him into office- had nothing to do with his father. No one cared that the President of the United States slept with an intern. HOWEVER, The President of the United States lied under Oath in a deposition- THAT was what he was impeached for and lost privaleges with the Bar- You, I or anyone else lies under oath, we are charged with Perjury-
I grew up in that era Sir. The term "Ronbo " was a variation of the name Rambo. It was an endearing term that some used to describe Reagan back then because a movie of the same name had a simplistic patriot fighting the powers that be, using straightforward , "in your face" tactics much like Reagans straight forward simplistic approach to foreign policy. That is a ridiculous analogy u put forth . Hitler = FIRST fascist head of state. Gorby = last in a line of Communist leaders.No comparison
May God direct you down the same path oysterjoe, but may he spare you the dignity of death until long after your anguish becomes unbearable, and all those who care for you have perished.
You're absolutely right. Full employment, national security, the respect and admiration of foreign powers? Sure sounds terrible. How lucky we are to be living in an age where we don't have to worry about any of that happening!
Whats your point on the war- Bush put us in Iraq- . Don't lie to believe the canned stories from Hannity and Levin/. Obama may be a failure- But he is better when compared to Bush. No disrespect- Just facts without partisan hype
One was extreme right and the other extreme left- Both are bad options- You whether you rrealize it or not are extreme right. Nazis loved Jesus- Big part of Hitlers book- Hated Marxists, believed in a big military too. .Fuhrer means leader in German. Bye now.
I pray every day that you are right, God Bless America
Yeah I forgot about that... LMFAO! But the morons still loved him, the absurdity of the right never ends.
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