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The Minecraft Files - #73: Coal 2 1/2 (HD)

by ChimneySwift11 • 20,575 views

LIKES always help! Swifters Forever!!! I'm in desperate need of coal, so I go on a mission...a very dangerous one! My Other Channels CS11Gaming - ChimneyVlogs -...

dont you have a file backup save?
I don't do backups with Minecraft. They tend to make me careless. I have to respawn, suck it up, and (maybe) get my stuff back. Death is supposed to hurt. :-) That's why we don't like it.
"I feel like I havnt played mine craft for a while"... Gets owned by mobs... We can tell
Hey chim look at it this found some coal
I've lost a diamond pick with Fortune III and Efficiency III, a diamond pick with Efficiency III and Unbreaking III, and a diamond sword with Smite II.
you could of made swifter charcoal you can get lote more charcoal with 1 piece of coal or two for your sake.
i like how you care about your subscribers and not just use them.
I find it funny that he said i can handle zombies in can handle creepers i can handle skeleton's but skeletons...:)
9:45 Zombies Again, Dang It!!! Oh, Iron! :)
oooooh nooo oooh noooo oh gosh noooooooo... just cheat them back
i have accidentally thrown a silk touch 3 and fortune 3 pick into lava... i rage quit
i hate skeletins i can deal with creepers, skeletins, zombies, but skeletins
i heard charcoal is a little better than coal
RAPID FIRE!!! Bummer you lost everything Chimney! :( Coal, who would think it is such a challenge to get! LOL
poor you chimney, i feel sorry for you
charcoal is exactly the same
u sed i hate sections i dont mind creapers zombies or secition hahahha
0:44 "I can handle creepers, zombies and skeletons, but I just can't handle skeletons." ...
Swifter forver day and night!!
Did any one else notice that he put i can handle zombies and skeletons, but when it comes to skeleton, man.
i peed my shorts when the creeper exploded
9:40 I'm so sick of this! Ugh! Zombies again?! Hey, Iron. Nice ;P
chimney said what the duce... D:
That was... the calmest Minecraft death I have ever seen.. Swifters Forever!
Cool!!! Liked and commented :)
*Chim* "i can handle zombies, i can handle creepers." *creeper* "o rly? that's a nice set of diamond tools you have there sssssss"
If this happened to.... You:a calm mad expression Me:I would scream madly UberHaxorNova:rage,keyboard breaking and cuss words x 1000000000 (no offense bro)
Chimney I don't know whether to like this video of dislike it D: I feel like I'm liking it that your lost your stuff D: I hope you get your diamond stuff back soon. And I wanna see the process as a Minecraft File! Or 10 xD
M.F. are usually about building, which i love, but this was a nice change of pace. Swifters Unite!
Yay! Thank you for not only addressing your bros but all the girls that watch your videos as well :D that made me smile. And I was upset with you too, I am so sorry that happened to you, creepers make me mad.
I like how this was all for coal...
Swifters defiantly for ever chim your AMAZING
"i can handle zombies and creepers, but not skeletons" -gets ass kicked by zombies and creepers-
Skeletons are his arch-ery enemy
i sugest you make a.............. wait for it ........A GIANT SWIFTERS LOGO or make some more inproments to your house (if u schose house u can improve any thing about it but u can only chose one option GIANT LOGO or house improv
chim i love these ore search vids :) i think there cool!!
*Watches This in dark* *Creepers explode* *Nearly Shits self*
it wasen't a bad idea chim,that creeper just ruined the day,i'm sorry
And that is why you should make armor
you said that you can handle skeletons but you said you cant handle skeletons you sir just made a paradox
That was a scary bunch of mobs. ...a Mobgang of mobs? /fail Anyway, this was a dangerous mission, yus. "TO THE WORKBENCH."
Chim when u talked you said I can't handle skeletons but i can handle zombies skeletons and creepers haha not really funny but ehh
u could have just cut down a bunch of wood and made charcoal
lol... "I can handle creepers, zombies, and skeletons. but not skeletons"
SWIFTERS FOREVER. If anything bad happens we hav ur back
Now a blaze is his arch enemy
why dont you make new diamond tools with the other diamonds
if any of you have seen the film blues brothers, then you might remember this line, "im on a mission from god" not that funny but he said something that reminded me of it
Man I feel so sorry him (that's why creepers are called creepers
All I have is... this bread, and a DIAMOND SWORD
Does anyone know what is the feeling to lose diamond stuf?Man I have lost three time a hole set of diamond armor and some time a diamond sword and pickaxe.Does anyone agree that mobs lava and other stuf that can kill you is unsespecting.
Lol you lost all of ur items JUST FOR U COAL!!!!!!!! lol
A creeper blew up my stuff once just like that so for the Rest of the time I was alive I killed every creeper with my fists AGGRO
you said you can handle skelotons,but you ment to say spiders
-Creeper blows up- Close MineCraft.
Even though this is an old video,DONATE TO THE CHIMNEY FUND the oraganization where we raise money to give chimney new tools and valuables. If only it was a real fund :P but haha that sucks chim
@gaia2u he could of yes but thats what desperate people do
thats what you get when you never wear armor anymore.....
Wow Chim, you have obviously lost lots of diamond items before, and have more experience than I do. When I lose diamonds or diamond stuff because of lava or a creeper, I rage quit, or have a swear-a-thon :@
i had totaly flipt out and rade quit wen i lose all my stuf
I think the Zombies and Creepers heard you... ^_^
@boogleben9 yes he knows that he just doesnt want to
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