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Axe Through a Deodorant Can - The Slow Mo Guys

by The Slow Mo Guys • 7,933,769 views

In this highly fragrant episode, Gav and Dan (while inadvertently dressed as a Team Fortress 2 character) show you why they put "DO NOT PIERCE" on cans of deodorant. Shot at 2500fps and 5000fps...

then their backyard smelled like a middle school dance for the next 3 days
+Luke Mckenzie gonna cry in my corner... cu laterz internet...
in short, smell of fags
Thats how you chop axe with an axe.
Congratulations, you re stated the completely obvious joke of the entire video
+man_like_ncube I know but it's funnier to say axe.
u guys shud try dat with a flaming axe. then da can will explode
Also,I read some other comments,and it's true. Nobody talks like that on Facebook. And I mean nobody. And I've only been around for fifteen years. How many have you been around for? If it's 5-7,that makes sense. 8 and up? Not much of an excuse pally. (Pally is technically not an actual word,but it was thrown around a lot in the past. So much so,auto correct doesn't seem to care. The more you know :D )
I think toddlers can type better than you man.
"Aw it smells good"   COUGH
+Gooby yhioiyhjjjjjjuyyyyyyy the juju hi oopppppppppppppppppppppppppoopopf ookoppp0oppppooppppoooooppppppppppppppllllppppppp0plpppppppp0oppppppppppppppplppppppppppppppopppp👠👠👠🔮🎂📐📯📯📯📯📯📍📍📢📢📢📢📍📇ggyh hf📇📇.?💟
Dan is actually surprisingly bad with an axe, you're supposed to start your swing with your hands apart, then slide your hand down as you swing. 
This is complete bullshit.  There's one way to swing a golf club, one way to swing a bat, and of course one way to swing an axe.  Handedness is irrelevant. 
+ryannayr140 That is what ISIS and crusaders say - only one Allah/God! In reality, the right way is the one that gets result. As long as right results are obtained, you don't question question- theory of capitalism.
tried that shit once, almost blineded myself from the right eye
ive got that kind of axe too
Can I borrow your axe. Mine broke off in someones head.
Ah, I love the smell of middle schooler in the morning
was someone just walking past the house when they did this. I be there was. "oh just need to go get some milk form the shops" gets hit on the head with half a  deodorant can "ahhh Feck"
I've done this before, also have you ever sprayed deodorant on your leg and lighten it on fire?
you have face protection but where are your pants
Beneath his shorts.
Isbit really called Lynks in England?!
dan saves a lot of money off of deodorant now, he's the best smelling person of the UK!
I guess you took an... Axe to an axe. :D
Why in the fucking ballsack does Gavin always sprint for the camera? Is it a budget thing?
No it just keeps recording, and when it's going so slow it takes up more space and they get a lot more length of footage that they don't need
Lynx sounds so much better then Axe :/
It would have been awesome if you had a small fire or ignition of some kind to make it a pretty nice inferno :D But sure, could have been pretty dangerous as it would be very uncontrolled. Big ups for your awesome work guys!
Wait. . . You hit an axe ripoff body spray with.... an ax?? Mind blown.
+swiperthefox777 so that's why you Americans "rip off" gravity? Your country has been around for less than 300 years, while the rest of the world came up with the things you take for granted today
People should be employed to break open cans like this around rubbish dumps and ghettos it would be a productive job for addicts like paint, glue, and petrol sniffers the associated high of inhaling the contents would be reward enough.
Axe killing axe... ... ...suicidal axe?
Seriously? CANibalistic? Of all the things
+Cameron domes Well, at least he "can" try...
Do the same thing but put a candle or match next to it.
i have way more safety equipment than these yeah ! i think i will try it at home thank you very much !!!!
lol in denmark it is also called axe
I bet Dan didn't sweat a drop for the next 5 years.
Axe body spray?  i see what you did there
the gas mask and axe reminds me of 28 Days Later
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm fairly certain that in the US we actually have a scent of "Axe" called "Lynx"
next time put a candle next to the can when it gets hit
Like if you really want one of those cameras aye.
the funny activities u do between you, I like that very much.
Try one where you pull the plug from the bottom of a shaving cream can!
PYRO.  anyone... okay i'll go
Lynx? That's a weird name
Your missing the canister XD
I could smell it through my phone
That's not how u swing a axe retard
the gasmask doesnt even have a filter????? why da hell he even using it then?
Dat profile picture goes with your comment so well XD
It is for face protection
Protective gas-mask and shorts. Solid combo
@Bryce Kroll hahhahahah
like for pussy comment for condom ignore for ebola(lots of it)
Oh we call it axe because the main deodorant brand or the deodorant monopoly is called axe.
can #2 off with thy head lol
That's cool. I didnt know that Axe brand spray is actually called lynx in other parts of the world. "The more you know" I guess (ᵔᴥᵔ)
And we got lift off!! lol how far did it go?
2:01 Did anyone else laugh their asses off at that? XD
I guess you could say it's.... Axe through axe...
Anyone else think they should strap a lighter to the side of the axe and do it? :)
my initial reaction to the title: axe is a deodorant...
now that i started watching the video i know how right my initial reaction was
Well why do you guys call it lynx In my mind is sounded like links that character in zelda so I might do this with links sword fuckin people thinking their home is better
I called you a tosser
Wasn't that body spray
Pyro from team fortress 2 reference, because of the axe and mask
It's a waste of money
Anyone here the Spitfire (Merlin Engine) in the back ground?
'Axe trough a deoderant can' lol in our country it's not Lynx but it's named Axe lmfao
It's so weird to see Dan with a clean lab coat.
This was so fucking cool
He has a mask of the tf2 pyro
gavin had the genius idea to where shorts on this occasion.  
That's looks like a really nice house tbh.
I actually have cool metal and I use it a lot, it smells really good
+Duckman Drake Yes i know what it's. Just i dont know how to explain in english.
+MegaAgente17 Propaganda in english is when governments release statements to make themselves look better, and someone else look worse.
Axe through an axe can
Axe through an axe. Axe-ception
So cool can you chop a new Dr pepper bottle
lol scary accurate. scary serial killer accurate.
At 1:24 its like a rocket ship
Known as Lynx in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and China. Owned by British-Dutch company Unilever. It's the same in all of the countries Lynx is sold in other than in America.
Lynx is a much cooler name
What if it popped and the Axe was gone
cuting an axe with a axe :D
The 2nd one was full
Did not know Axe is called Lynx in other countries.
I think it's Lynx in all countries where it's available except from America.
Lynx is called "axe" in America? Why?
Dang i love brittish guys.
In america lynx is called 'axe'
Lol..I was thinking that as I typed it..still would've been better to see a can of axe being cut by an axe
Dan:*places can on stump and puts on mask*THIS IS*raises axe* SPARTA*tamahawk chops the can* XD
And 2 things.1: now we know the put toxic in snyx.2: talk about Darth Vader or any bad guy entrance XD
why did you deodorise your nipple?
This is what happens when you give kids high speed video cameras
They are both in their 20s. Dan is in the army.....
axe the deodorant that poor niggers and 12 year olds use
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