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Skatepark Round-Up - Santa Cruz

by ThrasherMagazine • 38,674 views

We rounded up the Santa Cruz team and started it off proper with a bbq at Derby; then a short run-in with the law at St. Helena made Potrero Park a mandatory last call. New videos daily at...

Ron Whaley's no comply tres get so old it's all he does
you want the team to come so you can queer of with them? aren t you a fag?
i get really angry seeing those fat pigs using there time on a kid that actually had protection on, maybe not the right protection, but WHAT THE FUCK 450 bucks INSIDE A SKATEPARK... go fight crime an shit.. whats up with the fucking piggys.. FUCK EM ALL... AAAARRRRRGGGG!!! FAT FUCKING DONUT EATING HILLBILLY FUCKFACES..
skating has no rules fuck cops skater where and when you want
thats steven right? a :56 - 1:05 right??
does anyone know the song please reply if so
@EsotericOccultist He was good back in the 80's.. hes 100 give him a break.. Im sure youll be at P.Rod status when youre 40 too right, lol
sick skating. i love the song what is it called?
@Cj Levine It says it at the end of the video dipshit
FUCK THA POLICE!!! Ahaha dis shit was gnar!!
ive skated at derby its hella fun
lol if someone told me what that guy said in the beginning, i would be kinda scared...
The line before the cops showed up was the sickest fucking line ever
st helena looks fuckin sick to skate
dude wtf 450 dollars dude fuck the cops
What the fuck? 450 dollars? From not protecting yourself appropriately? O_o
Its a skatepark why the hell do they care
man that cop needs to pull that monkey out of his ass
Sick music, does anyone know who this is?
they only gave the black kid the ticket??? FUCK THE POLICE
i dont have speaker s soo i couldnt really figure out what happened with the cop help me out??
St. Helena is the sickest park in the world with the GAYEST FUCKING authority in CA
@Ccharlie666 same for Scotland man, cant believe that guy actually got fined $450 for that
The Santa Cruz skate team are straight up Locs!
hella of my friends have skated st helena its preatty rad
people should donate money to that kid, that kind of money is just ridicoulus
sick video!!!! Tricks for days! p.s. whos the blond girl? lol jk dont hate on me now youtubers
wow 450 bucksss !!!!!! fuck the plice there such assholesss i thought police officers were supposed to chase bad guys not go to skateparks and ruin everyones funn honestly why dont they just go eat some donutssss and then take a fuckin nap and leave the skateboarders alone!!! FUCKIN ASSHOLES!!!!!!
the cops fucken raped that park
obviously the cops didn't have enough money to buy the prostitutes..
Tha skatepark looks sick!! Then Again it could just be there amazing skillz! XD
dude thats soo harsh a 450$ ticket for just messin around, and not even being unsafe? wtf is up with people these days, its like no one can have fun anymore, the world is starting to become depressing man Fuck those cops
@boogie504 I'm not talking about his skating at age 40, I'm not new to skating, I've known about the dude for about 20 years already. If you can name a worse pro please let me know, I'm open to having my ming changed, but I can't think of one male pro who at their peak couldn't take out Dressen at his peak. Shit I'd rather skate like Elyssa Steamer than Dressen. I'll be waiting on that name though bro, let me know who it is.
Eric Dressen is the worst pro ever.
@ericskates1 that kid got a $450 ticket for wearing helmets on his knees & elbows instead of pads
@Scottstimo i would of told him i wasn't skating, i just have a skate board in my hand. or tell him "im putting you through citizens arrest for not wearing a helmet in high speed pursuits"
@SWSoldschool The song is actually called Surf and Destroy. Off the Power of Expression.
that kid should have the right to wear helmets where ever he godamn pleases
Wtf how you gonna say welcome and then say get outta here lol
There is nothing more endearing than watching grown men having a skate sesh xD
Damn, gnar. Looks like a sick park to flow around in
that kid who had a 450$ fine is a really good skater check out magicalmilkshake thats his youtube account.
1:56 - 2:00 sick filming ! i want cameraman like this !!
the homie andrew nelson coming up!!!
$450 for the cop =.. 100 $ for the real ticket ,350$ for hookers and weed
Sounds a little like Venom but I doubt it.
who came here , cuz of tony hawk american wasteland?
Bring Team Santa Cruz to The Comedy Store June 25th... Also try to get Tony Alva, Jay Adams and Stacy Peralta as well, lets get my long lost friend Brad Bowman, Burt LaMar & Wally Inouye and Tom Sims to show at The Comedy Store with Michael Hess too.
haahahahahahahah helmet knee pads, hit legs next time
I'd frame that fucking ticket. Thats priceless.
@puhprincevsdr4g0nz good 2 know man, good 2 know
police at the skatepark lol that would never happen where im from
1:56 - 2:20 is a crazy firing line right there!! Thumps up!!
find out where that cop lives! :D
More Ron Whaley! The (approx) 30-year-old crowd demands it!
hey that kid is the magicalmilkshake skater. the one that got the $450 ticket. kids fucking sick !
can't believe cops give a fuck in america, in australia u can do whatever the fuck u want at a skatepark
thumbs up if you didnt know santa cruz team could rip it like this
dope i skated Derby all the time. this is some of the best footy i seen from there.
fucking hell those cops that wouldnt happen in england
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