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Mw3 Survival | *Foundation* | Syndicate Gameplay/Commentary | Attempt 1 | Part 2/2

by TheSyndicateProject • 95,747 views

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Survival mode is rubbish!! cant wait for BO2 zombies Syndicate is gonna kill it
Hey guys i am a good mw3 player can you guys check my channel out i promise my videos will impress you.
"i need them 2 to get together" That was entirely what she said my friend
Like if you think that they should should sell gas masks in the suvival armary!
Syndicate yu are effin amazing....all yur gameplays are badass..... add me xbox live D3ADLY RA1NBOW
im perstige 4 lv 16 but why ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss........
ⓈⓊⒷⓈⒸⓇⒾⒷⒺ please, sorry but i saw a cool text
i love you tom..i watch all your videos cod and minecraft videos you are a boss!
ACR is beast!!! And you should do a sims today
Are you sure i don`t think Syndicates even broke 50? And hes the legend you worship? Pathetic.
Chill dude! Syndicate has got shit loads of stuff to do so just calm down!
dude do sancuary i know terrible spelling but do the other new map
My friend Sergio like video, he watch long time, he also like the captain price and the soap
dude u know he never said he was gnna upload them by a certain date so u cant rush him and if u seriously gnna unsubscribe and dislike vids just for somthing that small then u got problems
@quadkid25 Whoa, you should record that bro
Chav get the fuck of featured videos. Fuck ur chav fanbase!
Let's examine, every time he goes over a gun it asks him to press a big blue X, is that... PS3 or 360. Derp >.<
nice vid... what's with all the shit?
Listen asshole stop being full of yourself, I mean its obvious you are complete bullshit and syndicate is way to good for you because he doesnt need someone else to save his ass every round.
The sound is out on the videos for me?
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Hey guys I know you hate spam and people posting other channels here but...(god) shut the f@$k up and Jump of a bridge so I can kick your ass
screaming come at me bro syndicate: come on at me bro im a beast yo come on at me bro
OMG WAVE 24! like if you agree!
They should make it in Survival that you can buy proficiences for $1000
like if you think tom is the best youtuber :)
she are giving me are good tips
Nice! I wanna see more! N do Dome!
@xSam2411x if you don't have internet how did you comment?
dude....More More More by that andrea true.....that song is so old....did you like hear your dad listening to that or what? :)
Half an hour to get to wave 24?
im a beast at mw33333333333333at zombies put a like if u think syndicate is a beast
i got level 39 on insane :p
I think you should buy Normal sentry guns for close quarters maps and grenadiers for lobbing ass jugs.
shut the **** up why don't you try to make thousands of videos and keep up with it you jordy cunt
i got on survival and got owned by a zombich trolol
Would it make you happy if i make a solo video and get to round 25? 1 round more than him?
dude it does suck i find it boring after 1 match i prefere battlefield old cods where the best though
i wanna know what syndicate uses to film his gameplays off of the xbox
do dome survival like a boss syndicate
you should always whip a dictionary at his face! the k is really far away from the c on a keyboard so it was obviously intentional... WHAT HAS THIS WORLD BECOME?!
More survival mode, a new series, all the survival mode maps. Competition for viewers, can they beat it? :)
It's a new map that came out for XBOB 360 Elite members
after reading this i will never sub to you, faggot
I think that zombies was way better than spec ops survival. One way I think that they could improve survival is do what they did in zombies and have some of the enemy drop instant kills, double points, and nukes. Then what syndicate said about the perks.
im sooo ssooo sorry that i was rude
is this map easy or hard, which difficulty?
My first Youtube video Ever And cause of Syndicate He made it the best video EVER!!!!!!!!!
dude im 16 your one of them who masturbates to toms voice
24!!!! I can't get past the juggernaut round!
Hey, does anyone else's game fuck up when they play with other people?
Lol syndicate said he had to keep his eyes out for a gaudy :P
my high score is wave 18 i would've gone higher but i got bored :P
haha you say you copy music videos and upload them to your channel haha!
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