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Let's Play Saints Row The Third With Geoff & Michael - Part 1

by Rooster Teeth • 2,038,757 views

Watch Geoff and Michael demonstrate the value of teamwork, friendship, and a good punch in the dick as they Let's Play Saints Row The Third. If you liked this video, leave a comment and let us...

This game wasn't great from the first two Saints row. But out of all four Saints Row, the second one was probably the best and a huge improvement from the first one. There was a lot more activities to do in the second one, better gameplay, the melee system was a HUGE improvement, more melee weapons, and the online gaming was better!! I didn't hate this game but I didn't like it at the same time, per say. I just didn't like the way Adult Swim completely changed the whole story and made the third street saints, "pop icons." That was completely stupid. I think they should make a fifth one for xbox one, PS4, xbox 360, and PS3 where the main character wakes up from dreaming about the whole thing and go back to the original Saints Row 1 and 2 main plot. As a street gang, not as "pop icons and the president of the US." That's just my opinion.
SR3 was my favorite because it was just plain stupid and fun
Ah yes, the video that started it all. Its amazing how far we've come from here. Now, there's an entire sub-company doing shit like this a couple times a day every day. I love going back and watching old videos like this. Its awesome.
Michael at 12:23. Little did he know he'd be married four years later. 
Well, I know what I'm reinstalling.
+MontanaCheeky Most of those assholes don't care.
You can really see how far they've come when you go back and watch this video. Whilst they're still likeable here, it's a little slow at times you can tell that these days they're professionals at what they do and they're much better at generating high energy commentary and footage.
I agree, though that conversation about how the military would react to Geoff's dickpunching is still one of their best conversations.
This let's play series sucks for the most part. The game itself is fun, but the problem is that they made Geoff, a guy who has beaten the game and hates replaying a game already beaten, play it alongside michael. Why the hell did they have geoff do it? his commentary in this series fucking sucks harder than his gameplay which sucks enough since all he did was punch dicks. his entire commentary can be summed up with this "... sigh... hurry up michael beat this already so we can finish this video" like what the fuck geoff. why be a part of a lets play if all you'll do is drag it down. i know this video is old, but i just started watching it for first time here and there last month. so im writing this as a warning to other people who'll see it for first time in the future: dont bother watching it. michael tries to pick up geoff's negativity and it just makes it hard to watch.
This is the first let's play from this channel. They made this channel to make videos like this.
I'm glad they got better at it.
Micheal: "Women slow you down" 3 years later MARRIED
thats how life goes man
Still the best LP series Achievement Hunter has had in my opinion.
I wish Geoff and Michael would do a full play in Saints Row IV 
4 years ago wow... been watching lets plays since the first (:
3 years and a month.
I figure it's time to look back on all these memories in anticipation for the I assume long awaited Saints Row 4 let's play.
Sunday driving! ahaha listening to this in 2015 has another meaning!
I really wish they would do a Full Play like this again, of a whole game and put out all the parts. Now they just jump around and do random things in one off videos of games or replay GTA V/Minecraft. This Saints Row the Third series was awesome.
Your wish is being granted next saturday
+Trevor Mitchell So I've heard, I'm pretty excited.
I keep on reading Geoff's name as Ge-off but I know it's pronounced 'Jeff' for some reason. = w ='''
Re-watching for Saturday!
Like if you watched this to honor the hundreds of thousands of dicks who lost their lives in the 2011 dick massacre
Funny how the one with Cinnamon!!! NO!!!! has a million extra views than the other episodes. Michael fucking called it!
the only thing that pisses me off is that geoff wont fucking shoot. 
I love Gta for certain things and SR for certain things
Three years ago. Oh, how far we've come. I remember how exciting it was when this video first showed up in my subscriptions.
Everyone in AH should get at partner and complete sr3 Gavin And Ray, Jack And Ryan
Like if youre here from SR4
fuck its already been three years... this lets play is what introduced me to achievement hunter and i have been watching ever since 
my first ever video that i watched of RoosterTeeth :)
Talking about banging Shaundi at he start, you can totally do that in Saint Row 4. And Kinzi. And everyone else for that matter. which was a weird as fuck little side thing
+Xander B That's Benjamin Motherfucking King...
This video should've been nicknamed "The Dick Puncher Rises".
Saints row is better than gta gta sucks ass
There is no multiplayer and only 2 player coop.
wy do you gies say fuck a lot and wy do you gies lick bobs 
Why do you not know how to spell?
The Let's Play that started it all
like if watching in 2015
Now that I have been converted I understand the references Michael makes.
Hyped for Saints Row Saturdays! Watching these to get ready.
sex  the girl in saints row on the game you cancall her and have sex with her 
The people who disliked this probably got their dick smahed by geoff.
The people who LIKED it probably got their dick smashed by Geoff :P
I want play saints row 1 but I don't want get a xbox. put 1 on play station
The make 1 and 2 in a combo pack on the 360 for like $20
I have played 3 on the PS3
Anyone find it ironic that Geoff is punching a lot of people in the balls yet he voices Grif ?
call the girl and you can have sex with her on saints row 3 
Anybody notice they didn't show the death scene of Johnny
They don't really show any cutscenes. They skip most of them.
Anyone know if they're doing a saints row IV lets play?1
You guys are too much! I spent the entire video laughing and shaking my head. Great job as always!
Should I download saints row for 360
got this game for free the other day looked like shit,played like shit, aimed like shit, and made me feel shitty for downloading it
You tried saying he was bad at grammar when you used the wrong you're. And I thought Saint's Row the Third was bad at first but after the first mission it gets really fun.
"People want Joel and you are not Joel"
damn, this should be the personality of the corpirate in x-ray and vav.
Lol the Military base's logo thing is a my little pony Lol.
I will wait till its ready to be sold on PS4
Michael has a lot of balls insulting his boss but then Geoff is like his good friend so yeah...
Geoff and Michael are friends inside and outside of the office. At RoosterTeeth you can call your boss a piece of shit and bit get fired.
"Women just slow you down." Says the guy who got married on Friday.
Just out of curiosity, you do know this was like 3 years ago, right?
Geoff needs to shoot something!!!
in the field of work no body loves an ass kisser and flattery do not get you any ware fast dude. 
Epic does anybody now how to get the Cabs number
Michael's Sonic Rainboom sounds like a wet fart...
+The Dungeon Master ironically enough there is a fart taunt and in a dlc a genki person flinger, I was playing with that last night, good times 
*Michael's Sonic Rainboom was the hypest shit ever.
geoff dead from hit to many peolp
I just realized that I have watched Achievement Hunter for 5 years
I've watched it almost since the beginning, even before I made my youtube account... Over 5 years ago...
If Mr. Geoff shoots once i am gonna call it out
i swear around 10:00 u see bullets not coming from michael. i thin geoff started shooting...
This is where it all started!
486 people don't like getting punched in the dick. 
In all fairness i don't think anyone enjoys being punched in the dick
500 people have been punched in the dick by Geoff.
Wow Michael sounded...different
Also when he punches dicks get kills a the kids that weren't Evan born
SAINTS ROW! meanwhile geoff plays street fighter
Fuck Joel all hail king GEOFF
Darude - Sandstorm, if anybody was wondering what the song was called.
Love your you two are awesome!!!!!!!!
That was so amazing hahaha!
I like geoffs point of view better because all the dick punches and kicks
Ray and Gavin should do the SR4 Let's Play because X-RAY AND VAV!!
Saints row is better than gta gta suck dick
Love this game so much, may have to do a saints row let's play in the future. Number five needs to be made and released asap.
Holy shit! I sang "I make them good heists go bad" Then Michael did it! Holy fuck!
When are they going to do a saints row IV gameplay
Heli copter is A sexual so no need for gender but the sucks I would rather fuck than shit out eggs all day
But saints row is the s**t...
+saints row lol Awwww my part
I made the same mistake of shooting the heli with the machine gun
Geoff Ramsey, the dick puncher
wth whats with geoff not using his gun in the beginning
The one that started it all...
IvaNgai Bro Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
This "Nirvana reunion" gonna feature Kurt Cobain's corpse as a centerpiece, or are they gonna turn him into a cyborg?
Now that joke may be distasteful, but Mecha Cobain would kick ass...
+FoxOwne Or a Zombie Cobain. Imagine their next hit, "Smells like Rotting Spirit"
please lets make dick puncherello a shirt
Do u know the cheese cheat
I just removed a shitstorm. You're welcome, RT fans, that you don't have to see a GIANT MASSIVE conversation that A.) gets nowhere B.) is plain stupid.
What do you do to punch people in the dick n this game?
+ManonPutneyHill Why is it only now ur getting sr 3? U do realise SR IV is out dont u?
He was talking to someone else
Never mind was the album not a song
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