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ZombieCraft = Minecraft + Nazi Zombies

by CaptainSparklez • 2,150,157 views

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I remember when this video first came out, I had just discovered minecraft And this was the first minecraft video I ever watched
Kar98k is also,Karbiner 98 K.A 5 rounded German weapon during ww2.So is the MP-40.But it was a SMG.And the Germans call it,Mascheine Pistol.The German STG 44,or SturmGewehr 44,is the first assault rifle.The MG-42,or Mascheine Gewehr 42,is a MG.
MP-40 stands for Mascheine Pistole Forty.
What is the texture pack you're using?
I miss you old Sparklez :(
This is the first CaptainSparklez video I ever saw.
Cool but minecraft still rocks :-)
Thumbs up if Jordan should do more of this. 
Oh wow.. Uploaded exactly 3 years ago
Holy shit! I thought that was Adam (Seananers) speaking in the beginning! Woah! 
hey jordan says fu he dont anny more ....
Captain sparklez don't swear anymore because he is aware that kids are watching his vids! Good guy Captain Sparklez
this was one jordans oldest videos  
that is like the only time ive ever heard captain sprklez curse
muy bueno el video ojala puedas entender esto saludos de chile
The map is "Nacht Der Untoten" or Night of the undead" from world at war
Yo shut the fuck up. Everyone has an opinion and you didn't make sense so yea
then why the FUCK watch this for if you dont like it
you just kill my friends ... my zombie friends
the support soda guy growls like a zombie pigman
captain sparkles rules sorry using my dads you tube acount
I just got molested that's a shame
Stand on one spot so the zombies can come at you if you keep running that means you can not find the zombies
if you were in cod blackops ll you would of done really good p.s. I am eight years old and I play black ops ll
He doesn't sound like himself. XD
what did hitlar say when he died "i did nazi that coming"
sparkelz sparkles sparkels u clearly dont know day z is a more superier zombie game although i think cod zombies is fun 2
thumbs up if watching it in 2013
Does it need mod loader or just a EPIC MOD I like mystery box
Congrats u found something that u love combines minecraft and zombies
this is from zombie mode in black ops
"Where's the last guy?" Behind you!
zombiecraft+mob amputation mod=HEADSHOTS!!
Nice Dude on the 1 try the ray gun
noooo the website is down!!!
this isnt the real captainsparklez... he is CaptainSparklez not captainsparklez
Hitler went suicide, He and his girlfriend went suicide actually: They used poison
can't help but crack up every time I watch one of your videos. love watching them.
There is no support soda but that would be cool
[iminent=OokuC7YVffOB] zombies read big emo before reading
this was mod was actually before Day Z was a big thing.
I love Zombiecraft! I still have it now in 1.5.1!
i don't like minecraft and this doesn't make a difference
captain totally awesome! thumbs up if you agree!1
I like how ppl are asking him too add them even though this was 2 years ago
Everyone knows Jordan loves zombies
I got the diamond shotgun reference :D am I cool yet?
Banana creeper, I want to be famous on youtube too but commenting stuff like this wont really help just do you best
Well you didnt because your scared right? that all your "friends" would be mad at you because CaptainSpark is boSs? -_-
This was the first Minecraft video i ever saw.
He said fucking! Never heard him cool!!
If you don't like the video/uploader, why take your time to type a hate comment out?
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