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Zerg 1 - Starcraft

by Banzay27 • 95,949 views

Starcraft soundtrack composed by Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford, Jason Hayes (cinematic music) and Tracey W. Bush (additional music). Released in 1998.

RIP STARCRAFT: BROOD WAR BATTLE.NET 2000s - 2011. Memories of better days.
is it odd that i felt most at piece playing the zerg? and the music gave me chills the whole game :)
They say Terran tracks are badass. Hard to disagree. But Zerg song is so underrated.
StarCraft and BroodWar will always be the best strategic game ever created. Its storyline, its characters, its gameplay, its music... it's an amazing art.
holy shit 0:00 - 0:55 overpowered song
つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIFF NERF PLIS ( But seriously... yeah, amazing soundtrack! =D )
I wish Starcraft 2 zerg music was this awesome :( maybe with the expansion!
@joshie404 No its fenix because he died when this tune was payin XD
these 4 people who made this mostly make songs for Blizzard the did World of Warcraft and Warcraft III also
@trilerkiler tbh i didn't read it all. @latsabb99 omg what you are saying! Zerg rock so hard - of course they use guitar!
They were directed towards them to destroy them, correct? and once they had absorbed the protoss into their dna, they would become they "perfect" creation
@Xenomancer686 I always hated kerrigan for alienating the overmind. I liked him better than the stupid kerrigan, he was more poetic n shit.
I wish the opening song was my music that follows me around when i'm strutting down a sidewalk at 2 am. No one would fuck with me.
zerg tracks are always the most badass
@SesakaGenX Yeah. Totally. I wanna go back to those days.
Sounds better accompanied by those disgusting, wet breeding sounds. *squulch-spoosh-splat-trickle* Zerg p*ssy-farts...
FOR ADUNE! Zealots kick the most ass when upgraded all to lvl 3.
Needs more venom cannons, otherwise Great
@thelastmuffin2 But was video game music getting better, or mainstream music worse? I think a little of both...
am I the only one who has his ears bleeding ????
@VVViciousVertigoG haha I also felt the same. aaaaaaaahhhh the days...
the part around beginning at around 4:40 is the best! the guitar fading in at 4:47 is INSANE
I hate how Zerg in SC2 just don't feel the same anymore..
my top three worst nightmare realities. 1. Xenomoprh Infestation, 2.Zerg invasion 3.Sephiorth running towards me
@Theorama11 yeah, overmind has its own epicness. everyone is always alarmed whenever kerrigan talk about him lol!
fuck you blizzard why in sc2 zerg music is shit?
@kanthPL you are a fucking troll, out of all that i have wrote you take one thing so trivial and make conclusion. Fucking die.
Noticed dental drill samples in beginning? It's realization of terror, indeed.
@kanthPL what makes you think that it must be connected with any race just because of sound effect. i hear a fucking guitar so that means its connected only to terrans. its about atmosphere it creates even if they used elements that are not connected with characteristics of a race.You recognized something that you think does not fit the picture therefor artists who composed melody did something wrong. Some melody have connection some do not. P.S its not even sure if its a drilling sound.
Older than the Overmind. Hell, that news is older than the Xel'Naga lol.
the hivecluster is under attack!
0s to 3s always makes me think of the THX sound effect.
@trilerkiler it is , isn't it , Einstein? Zerg nation has nothing to do with drilling (would be more suitable for Terran). Why again I hear the drilling noise ? I don't think I quite caught it the first time.
Two people didn't awaken and embrace the glory that is their birthright...
why arnt these epic soundtracks on SC2!!!! wtf
I LOVE the guitars! They remind me of Rammstein! ^
this song is so creepy, its like a theme for the terran decadence in broodwar
I wouldn't mind if the music at 4:59 would play longer, it's the best part :D
Zerg: ZERG RUSH YOU RACIST SHITS! Terrans: WOW SHI- is nom nom nomed Protoss: oh ya? SPACE NINJAS BITCH!
Starting around 7:10-8:26 I feel the Zergness inside of me Seeing Kerigans cocoon hatch, larva spawing mutas.. Ahhh, the days!!
this song is like Donnie Darko meets Nirvana
The late 90's is when video game music started sounding better than mainstream music.
i should make a audio clip i can voice the overmind near perfect with no sound effect enhancements
We.. are the SWARM.. But we are becoming much.. much more.. for the final metamorphosis has only just begun...
@Gor123 I'm guessing its called POST-APOCALYPTIC genre. Same as Tiberian Sun's OST ;)
Proud to play zerg with epic soundtrack, even though this is from the first one the music in the second one is awesome too :)
@ZachFr33man Eh i'm not sure about that lol. Bizzard pulled the generic "an even more powerful enemy comes that forces the previous enemies to band together" card. I now see your point though saying that the story isnt completed yet. However, I also think that each part of the trilogy should be good as a standalone unit. Quite frankly, SC1 had one of the best story lines for a video game. I dont see how they can redeem SC2s story to become AS good.
I love this game, I can play for hours and hours and not get bored, it makes you think, makes you use your mind. And it is amazing when you're stoned off your ass. Play as ZERG when you are blzed, you willl have a time. and just listen to the music and you will zone....... my fav. 64 game of all time.
I can't really complain about any SC soundtrack but this is definitely one of the best. FOR THE OVERMIND!
What a track. omg is the best one of all races !!!
se an dado cuenta q los zerg solo se plagan a los fantasmas no mas... e.e... kerrigan..duran..pff a ver q atrapen algo nuevo no...
It looks like Tassadar has two youtube accounts.
@randomchampion I'm not gonna talk about the story just yet, wait till the 2 expos come out before commenting on the story imho. sc2 has a LOT of potential in that regard. in all other areas of your post I couldn't agree more (:
Fuck yeah. One of the best parts of the Zerg soundtrack.
The first four minutes are about having a healthy lifestyle.
The best gropus are with the Zergs :D
uf, i can still feel the adrenaline rush when i gathered my troops and sent them in a "surprise" attack, of corse that the enemy knew my every move and just waited to destroy my forces in an ambush, and since when i attacked i forgot to make more troops, his counter-attack totally obliterated me, all this because i am a silly player :(
FOR THE OVERMIND! (Kerrigan's a twat)
i rarely ever played zerg. forgot how cool the music is for them.
@Ethaninja Epic isn't it? I like this one too.
I'm pretty sure that is exactly how they are, and they weren't manipulated to be like that-- they were created to be like that.
@Mydredc I'm FINALLY getting Starcraft II end of the week - BUT I AM SO DOING THAT!
Here's for the overrrrmiinddddd.
Ahh.. the theme I remember most, I played random mostly in SC1, but Zerg was always my preferred race :D I don't know why though, the Terran music always stuck in my head when I think of Starcraft =/
my god ALLLLLL of Starcraft and Starcraft 2 music is AMAZIFGN especially Zergs :D
The terran music might be the best but the zerg is by far the coolest.
No, Zeratul's mind comes in contact with the Overmind's, and the Overmind explains that they didn't actually WANT to fight the Protoss-- they were basically being forced to by the influence of the Xel'Naga. The Overmind created Kerrigan in order to circumvent the influence of the Xel'Naga entirely. His plan sort of half-worked, and would have have failed, had the Terrans killed the Queen of Blades.
@thelastmuffin2 The 90s in general had excellent BGM.
@kanthPL so zerg dont use drill ey, well no they dont use el guitar either, and non of the other instruments, but i think they can clap with theyr claws and teeth. u might wanna listen to that instead.
nothing can beat that thats pure apocalypse no sc2 theme equals that
Yeah!! From 4:55 to 5:15 is the best part!!
4:30 Is my favourite.. The approach is just brilliant. :'D
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