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Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Part 5 - Toby Sucks at Gaming

by TobyGames • 529,627 views

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tobuscus reminds me of caboose from red v blue
This place looks like really creepy castle
Cuz it is a really creepy castle
ummm, i'm going to be honest right now, and it's not hating on Toby. . . honestly Toby is kind of messing around a bit too much and too distracted by the scenery. . . kind of adds boredom and nothing else
toby is an inspiration to me and my gaming channel.
Hi if u have extra time pleez check out my youtube channel i play a variety of games and will take all suggestions
Look at the door on the left at 2:03
Lol EXTRA KEYS ON DA PIANO....must mean its was made in Jamaica
5:29 Prussia!!!!! Major fangirl moment!
I HAVE to get this during the holidays.
Hahahah but I don't think ther chips I think ther penuts
Don't worry. Chewbacca isn't going to eat your face off...yet.
When I saw the mouse/rat at 02:01 it scared the crap out of me
My friend is making me watch this
Best Chewie impression ever XD
That's actually just an auditory hallucination, I believe. It's the call of a Brute, which Daniel doesn't actually encounter until later in the game.
in the past few parts, no monsters. but the screen still shakes and that means monsters are spawning and disappearing
I giggled like an idiot at the Chewbacca part.
lol "...and impossible geometry" toby: "ugh geometry"
that odd sound you hear when your in the shadow's is your sanity being drained till you die
In my opinion he is better at Happy Wheels and Pewdiepie is better at Amnesia.
LOL I actually noticed that before I saw your comment; what I saw was one of the creepy darkness monster follower thingys.
I didn't even notice that piano having 3 black keys with 2 whites in between twice in a row, until you mentioned it! And I played fake piano on that thing for hours :o!
never uses the lantern ever. damn near maxes out the brightness in settings. WTF?
Would you prefer being incapable of seeing anything that's going on?
I actually had an allergy attack during this video, so I sneezed THREE times....
Says a guy named Viktor Valeskog! Shut up and go away if u don't like the Buscus-ness
Thanks for making it more bright! This must be the only Amnesia walkthrough where i can actually see something :D
ummm no offense but i didn't see him :( poop i'm so lame!
His sanity must be low as hell right now.
That doesn't mean he's not cheating with the darkness though.
Haha! Chewbacca is in the mansion
well the voice of daniel is a brighton accent but not a london accent. so he pronounces most letters like "th" and "t" and some "r" so if u want to hear a brighton accent youtube it. but it is south to all of you who think all southern sound cockney. brighton is ike the southest u can get
Yeah, that next to insects could also be the case. I'm pretty sure the sound creator just put a microphone in front of an ant nest. Oh god, that actually seems pretty terrifying.
tobygames part 1. Is that Strawberry sauce? Where's the Pepto Bismol trail???!!!
He'd be the person to notice the piano is wrong lol
i'm using toby as a walkthrough when i get this game
Stop picking on Toby if you don't like him then don't with his vids
I actually sneezed about 30 seconds before he ended this video...
Doesn't sound like teeth grinding. To me, it sounds like he's carving something into a stone with a wooden nail.
-Ignores Daniel's teeth grinding for entire game. -Never uses lantern but borderline maxes brightness setting. -"Sanity - my head is pounding and my hands are shaking; sounds good!" *facepalm* Why must you be so loveable and yet so frustrating, Toby? D:
to me it sounds like what sky said-like mice are eating potato chips.
when he makes the chewbacca impression it sounds like hes trying to say stuff in french xD lol
That was a really good Chewy impression!!
everything shaking is scary screens, weights, shakeweights oh man oh no don't you kill me
No one plays video games to read books. If I wanted to read a book, I'd read one in my hands, not in a game!
That piano's keys aren't put in the right places.
oh shut up -_- toby makes it funny and entertaining..if you dont like it go play the game yourself.
That's supposed to be teeth grinding? Sounds more like a lot of insects crawling around you.
I'm getting this game for my birthday >:3
o god slendy is here to plat O.O
I could never go that long without the lantern. I'd throw my monitor and get so paranoid..... I'd Die in real life from insanity..... Its an endless cycle.
wut slender men in the left door???????????????/
Your chewbacca impression is awesome!XD
Dont you agree that the Servant Grunts have the most beautiful face you have ever seen?
he is playing it to entertain people and have fun dumbass he's not trying to beat the game. he is trying to "immerse himself in the story" the quote is from episode one that the fucking game tells you so shut the fuck up and have fun watching his vids
That was the most epic Chewbacca noise I've ever heard lol.
For best experience watching try using headphones to listen and do full screen on the highest HD setting.
im watching this in a dark room with no annotations on so it's like i'm playing but with tobys voice lol.
>be watching tobuscus video >talking about pewdie >logic
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