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EQ Tribute Video

by PlzRezJoodus • 5,140 views

As Everquest approaches its thirteen year anniversary, we thought it would be neat to see the world again, and relive memories that are so engrained in our hearts. Thank you Sony and the Everquest...

Um, no. Verant launched EQ and SOE fucked it up.
i played every rpg / mmorpg that came out after EQ , not 1 came close to what i felt when i played EQ
11 years of my life .. i don´t regret one single moment
@miltduhilt Man, come back with F2P we all miss you!
@usukmybut Verant and SOE are are the same company.
Anyone wanna help me make a little movie with EQ, it would be a nice set for a movie production.
ack!! a tard! hahaha....none the less...the NOTES got me....for real. =)
In some ways I regret leaving when I did. I left shortly after Luclin came out. It just felt like I was ready for the next thing and at that time that was DAOC. How was I too know then that EQ was special and I would spend the from then till now trying to recapture that. Looking into P99 at the moment and hoping to have some fun with nostalgia.
If you miss the old feel of EverQuest and would like to try out some custom content, come join us on Shards of Dalaya! Do a google search, we're easy to find!
call it what you will, but the piano cords at the end of the almost tear'd up kewl vid i cancelled my sub a few months ago...10yrs was prolly enough for this monk/pally/cleric/warrior/shaman/rogue/wizzy =))
@miltduhilt those are actually notes. chords are combinations of notes played together to make musical sense. that was a melody :)
everquest is still kicking tons of arse. the game itself has only gotten better, i just wish they would do a 'massive' server merge
Relive it on Fippy Darkpaw! /watch?v=U5BoyPSMw-M
Haha awesome video man...literally brought a huge smirk to my face when the aviak fort and outside split paw came on, many good memories =D
very good video like the music too.
Loved the video and I'd like to extend an invite to all old time players to return in March and quest with all of us once again.
Actually, Ultima Online was the first, but EQ defined the genre for sure!
would almost, or maybe will, make beuvan return to druzzil ro.... , nice video
Magfuckingnificent. The music was perfect for it.
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