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by 2NE1 • 44,677,171 views

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SNSD : Got Plastic Surgery 2NE1 : Got Plastic Surgery So what are you guys female doging about???
South Korea is the number one country for Plastic Surgery.. So whats the big deal? 
Back in the days where CL didn't sing most of the song LOL 
This was actually the first song where she got the most parts lol.  2012 was the year where lots of BlackJacks (more like one member stanners) started to hate on CL for getting most of the song. 
Why are Sones suddenly bitching about 2NE1's plastic surgery? I mean first, who cares? It's their business. And if we're being real here SNSD has by far had more work done than 2NE1.
Im here because im a hardcore sonejack who supports the living crap out both groups ♡
😍💜💛💚💋I LOVE YOU 2NE1.. 👏👏👏👏
I had plastic surgery. I look like Brad Pitt now.
Yes I miss the short hair so much..
I really don't care how much surgery bom had!! it's HER choice and if SHE thinks she's beautiful then she is!! People always run around saying all this nonsense like "she's ugly" and "she needs to stop", like, why do YOU care so much how the hell does her looks affect you!! Are you dying from simply looking at her face? no, OK then shut the fuck up!!
those fucking haters who bash bom.
i miss 2012 :( i hate the recent most of the stuff kpop's been doing and especially the stuff 2ne1 is doing. ahhh 2012 was the best yearn though i know many might disagree
+neopotrebitel you stabbed me right in the soul when you said you didnt like happy and hated come back home and those 2 are my favorite songsX.X owie my soul
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For those who are new to the fandom. Bom did a plastic surgery for some medical reasons. Minzy did a nose surgery. Otherwise CL and Dara are all natural. 
+coolstegg we still love her even if she did. And this doesn't mean that i'm admitting that she did have plastic surgery. None of us really knew. Only CL knows.
Who else is here cause of BigBang's I Love You Cover!
I hate to admit it but I forgot about this song and BigBang reminded me. After watching the mv again, i realized how much I actually liked this song when it came out and still do.
Me! They sing pretty good. Love TOP at the start xD
I still think this MV is beautiful.... It's so artsy and expensive. Minzy has silk pillows o.o The amount YG spends on the details...!!!
Yeah, it's really good interior
Don't lie, 2012 was one of 2ne1's best years.
Come back home: 31,740,907 views on 05/02/2015 17.05 pm UK - London Gotta be you: 16,433,667 views on 05/02/2015 17.05 pm UK - London I Am the Best 113,250,680 views on 05/02/2015 17.05 pm UK - London  I Love you 44,008,886 views on 05/02/2015 17.05 pm UK - London GO INCREASE THE VIEWS BEFORE THE NEXT COMEBACK GO, GO, GO!!!
Come back home: 31,796,116 views on 06/02/2015 17.28 pm UK - London Gotta be you: 16,473,219 views on 06/02/2015 17.28 pm UK - London I Am the Best 113,355,782 views on 06/02/2015 17.28 pm UK - London  I Love you 44,037,473 views on 06/02/2015 17.28 pm UK - London
CBH: 32,038,632 / 10/2/15 / 17:51 pm London GBY: 16,644,902/ 10/2/15 / 17:51 pm London IATB: 113,823,385 / 10/2/15 / 17:51 pm London ILY: 44,170,713 / 10/2/15 / 17:51 pm London
i lol at the people who think Dara is the best singer
Just to clarify CL and Dara never got plastic surgery and Bom and Minzy only got it for medical reasons
Bom and Minzy got PS for aesthetic reasons not medical one's, but that's okay.
Wow, their voices are amazing! So soft, but at the same so bold! The songs are truly amazing and just wow! I don't get why there are so many comments about plastic surgery ectra. I just listen to the music and their voices, and their awesome! And the cherry on top is the beautiful girls! I am new to kpop and everything. Why don't we all just listen to the music and appreciate it? I know many people do that, but there are always some butthurt people in here. c:
I guess some just like to hate and be negative ^^ But I agree, there is very much to enjoy in 2NE1's mv's and songs, people should focus good things or go listen something else :)
I never realized how bad 2NE1 are at lip syncing in MVs until S&M pointed it out XP
I think its the video editor tbh
I was never into SNSD. They seemed like nice girls, pretty faced, decent singers. I just couldn't get into their music. Now remember people, this is an OPINION, and I am entitled, even if you don't agree. I thought SNSD's music was bad, quite frankly. Sure, I like a couple songs. I have some on my phone, only because it didn't feel right not to have SNSD in my music, they're a big group, so back when I first started liking KPOP I felt it was needed. I do enjoy it very occasionally, but I wasn't into it, and I couldn't really get into the girls either. As a BlackJack, seeing all these SONES commenting about my queens, I can honestly say I'm pissed. "Plastic Surgery" this, "Were Number One" that. First of all, if you haven't realized and you're blind, SNSD members have gotten plastic surgery too. Its not even a big deal. It's common. Get the hell over yourselves. No matter how much I want to right now, I'm not going to insult SNSD, even though theres /much/ that could be said. Its their fans that piss me off. I could retaliate and say SNSD is ugly (just not true), talentless (also not true), etc. Why shouldn't I if the SONES get to call CL ugly, Bommie a drug addict, Minzy a "stripper", Dara just a pretty face? But 2ne1 is on a whole other level. Theres nothing to even compare. These are my queens. These girls have gotten me through rough times. I am a BlackJack and proud of it. Proud of my beautiful, talented, down-to-earth girls being super successful. Sones, seriously just back the hell up. Your girls may be talented, but /my/ girls conquer. There's not even a contest. Stick to your opinion, I honestly don't care. So just go watch your girls, and I'll watch mine as they surpass yours. As if they haven't already, lets be serious.
+Fucking Attention Seeker Just Die You're the reason people hate SNSD, or KPOP in general. It's adorable how you try and repeat the way I speak, learn how to spell the word though. Get off my post you delusional, aggressive, vapid, offensive imbecile. You're just an annoying parasite. You offered nothing intellectually stimulating to this conversation from the beginning, I'm done with your bloody non-sense. I'm not the one who said anything was too cute or slutty, I happen to like cute, and I never use to word slutty because I despise/don't agree with the use of that word. I absolutely love SEXY concepts such as Sistar, AOA, and especially Hyuna very much, she's my ultimate bias along with CL. It's awesome watching the girls have fun with being flirty and sexy. I also enjoy cute concepts like Orange Caramel and I enjoy unique concepts such as f(x), 4minute (which just came out with a new song 'Cold Rain' which is just fabulous, Hyunas' rapping is beautiful) and 2ne1, these groups are my favorites. I love all of them very dearly, they're amazing girls. Although I don't agree with the use of the word slutty, she is allowed to not like sexy or cute concepts and everything else +Sandara Puanani said I completely agree with and I thank her for backing me up. What she stated was true in my opinion and she was very respectful about it. You, on the other hand, were not. Get off my post. Because of your immaturity and horrendous behavior I have to block replies so I don't have to see your complete and utter rubbish, so it's not like you'll have a choice. I can already see you get so angry you can't reply, because you feed off of this. Are you going to throw a tantrum? That's really pathetic. I'm sorry to everyone else, whether or not you agree with my comment or not, that you can't reply to this with proper debate because of one complete moron, but I'm sick of hearing from them. All you do is spew nonsense and vulgar language because you're so ignorant and dense and I've had enough. You try to scream over people with logic and intellect with insults, its pretty laughable behavior, but everyone can see you're a simpleton who has nothing else to say and wants to be right, when you're in the /wrong/. Learn to be a better person. I don't care how old you are, you're rubbish to the human race if this is how you react to different opinions and diverse people. Even if you're as young as I think you are, this isn't only a maturity problem, you're a horrid little terror who has either not been taught right from wrong or refuses to listen. If you're older than I think you are, which is highly doubtful, then you /really/ don't have an excuse, and that worries me. No matter what age you are, this behavior is unacceptable. I don't care if it's the internet, I don't care if you're hiding behind a screen because we both very well know you would not have the courage to say such things to people in person. Notice how no one else is cursing and screaming? LEARN TO HAVE A PROPER CONVERSATION/ DEBATE WITH SOMEONE AND LEARN TO ACCEPT WHEN YOU'RE WRONG. It's respected when someone can do that, and learning from mistakes is part of life. You won't get very far like this. Learn to be respectful, learn to talk to people like a civilized human being, learn some maturity, learn to accept when your wrong with out blowing up on people, learn to be smart and logical, learn how to control your temper (I recommend a therapist for you especially), learn how to spell and use proper punctuation and grammar which is the least of your problems, and /please/ learn to be half a decent human being. I beg of you. You're absolutely disgusting behavior has shown who you are and your true colors, I advice you to change that as quickly as possible. If you react like this to people who don't agree with you please reevaluate yourself. I've come to the conclusion that you are younger than the age of 10 with a bad, immature temper. I hope you mature, no matter what age you are. Because you are lacking. Act like a child, you'll be treated like a child. I hope your parents take the internet away from you. 
I listened to the big bang parody, It was hilarious!!!! >.<
it was the best hilarious parody ever hhhhhhhhhhhh
Sick of seeing people talking about either plastic surgery, who's the better member or even SNSD whenever I come see 2NE1's (my babies♡) videos. Just enjoy their awesome music...! Coming from sonejack... ><
Agh... Bom is so cute in this video.
Your picture! What Anime isn't from? Looks pretty sick!
I don't know I just use different pictures for the RP character I'm currently doing. :)
Fezile Gunay Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
+ömer öztürk rica ederim Omer.Sarkiyi begendigine memnun oldum
I LOVE YOU TOO, 2NE1! XD  Anyway, whats up with Bom's face anyway? If she got plastic surgery, why are all you guys so angry at her? I mean its not like she's the ONE and ONLY person to have plastic surgery. Its not like she means to take surgery. Do you realize how painful it is to have surgery? You are conscious the whole time and witness your precious skin being cut off and replaced with fake ones. Bom has nightmares every night, of the scalpel, the cut skin and the blood that smeared the doctors' gloves. You'd think she wanna repeat the nightmare? No. Her face problems are all challenges in life. So in later life, if you have lumps on your face, acnes, pimples and consider on getting surgery, I'm gonna laugh and say,"Just because of that? Bom had diseases but you guys just want surgery to remove acnes?"
니키Nichole Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
When you feel like there’s no way out Love is the only way ღ #2NE1   #CL   #BOM   #DARA   #MINZY   #ILOVEYOU   #KPOP   #MV   #ღ  
I do not care what people have plastic surgery or not something I care just as they sing and they really are great in many areas <3 - For me 2NE1 is the best !! Okee  Tôi không quan tâm họ có phẫu thuật thẩm mỹ hay không cái tôi quan tâm chỉ là họ hát hay và thực sự họ rất tuyệt vời trong nhiều lĩnh vực <3  - đối với tôi 2ne1 là tuyệt nhất !! okee 
Not my idea of an "I Love You" song but who cares what I think...especially since I don't push record sales. But the video looks good, the beat is nice, the girls look & sound great so...Okay.
AKDONG MUSICIAN are the best. Not Like SNSD and 2NE1 (except DARA :3) , they all fake. made of plastic that gonna melt when close to radiator. Bunch of stupid Blackjack and SONE.
so what do you want to do? Blacklist their music? Or blacklist their physical? I'm not blackjack but i love their music. Just listen their music (if you want). Don't need to watch their video if you hate artist that do PS.
+MyKPOP Addiction :D I got a lot of red pockets (with money inside), so come take my money SM!
if you came here..  just feel it and enjoy the music vibe from 2NE1 ;-) PS. what a boring person if you're just basically enjoying by the looks.. I swear.. so better shut up and stick to your so called life if you're just going nagging nonsense PS thing and the looks.. who cares? #GirlPowerVibe #2NE1  
2ne1 is different. why? cause they're queens 1)they had plastic surgery but  they didn't lie they announce it. 2)they don't just sing songs about romantic love they also sing songs about confidence and many more. 3)they don't pretend to be innocent 4)they're not afraid to try new styles  5)their energy when they're on that stage are the same after many years. 6)they protect bom. 7)they all have different charms.cute,pretty,charismatic,sexy. feel free to add on yg-stans or blackjacks 
41.077.916 fighting BJs love you
44.035.204 falta poco para los 50.000.000 :)
It doesnt matter if u love him.. Or capital H I M Em em em em ~
sandara park looks amazing here the hair is cool..
In Come Back Home also.
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Minzy, CL, Minzy, CL, Bom, Dara, Bom, Dara, Dara, Minzy, Dara, CL, Bom, Dara, CL, Dara, CL, CL, Minzy, Bom, CL, Bom, Minzy, Dara, CL, CL, Minzy, Bom, CL. Bom: 6 lines Dara: 7 lines CL: 10 lines Minzy: 6 lines See, Dara doesn't have the least parts.
It's so weird , Dara only got 2 lines for this song and CL got the most line and also she sang the high note
Watch 2NE1 & Jung Sungha version. :)
Tia Wong Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
I came here just to read some comments.
I love Park Bom, but in my opinion I don't think she should have to wear any foundation or whatever....shes beautiful the way she is....I mean during her scenes, her face is way lighter then the rest of her skintone, as seen when she puts her head on her knee.
Noticed too, I think make-up artist didn't good there.
yeah..but either way shes beautiful
I Love Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
Why is saying 2ne1 members all having surgery. only two people which is Minzy (her nose) and park bom but dara and cl are natural beauties.
Tell me why no one's talking about how much Dara rocked that hair style. Sexiest hair style I've ever seen. She looks soooooo gorgeous with it! ❤️
44, 613, 765 / 3:57am / Manila PH / 02/25/15
I'm the only one who wants the final dance in the song on the live stage? Look so amazing and sexy.
I wish I could see Bom with a bold hair color again (referring to her red hair), like cotton candy pink or something.. it would be super cute ^^
44,035,429 12:09am 07/02/15
44,607,237 9:59pm 24/02/15
Sandara is always pretty :) no matter how weird her hairstyle , make up or clothes are :)
I love you Park Bom!!!! Stay strong and please make a powerful come back soon <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
If you have nothing to do, read! 😊 2NE1's Incomplete Achievements (2009-2014)
2ne1 is so beautyful
Bom is beautiful...she is the best
Minzy is so cool in this video !!!!!!
+Laura Cruz Thank you so much for sharing with everyone.    I personally feel the same way you do as I would imagine many other people do too.  Minzy is such a great performer and has such great stage presence !  And her voice is so beautiful too !!!
I always thought Minzy cool, sexy, cute, and mature at the same time
Is there any Kpop video that is not fake?? Honestly, every single thing about these singers' appearances are fake.....fake eye colors, fake lashes, fake hair, fake eye brows, ....well, fake face.....I think people would be able connect to many of these videos lot more if they show something more natural....
I don't think American celebrities look normal either.
#Votalacanzone Date un voto da 1 a 10. Se non la conoscete ascoltatela! ~laragazzaconlecuffie
+GioN Kpop sapessi come ti capisco!! :))
CL looks amazing in this music video.
las amo " ilover you 2NE1 ♥ ♥ ♥ 
dara really rock that hair. :)
NYC ................QUEENS.................OG....
50.000.000M fighting !!!
CL just screams "slut". They'll make bank in the U.S. market.
Someone who sleeps with lot of guys usually to get some money? No I sincerely doubt she does that.
You scream "Butthurt" Now be a good boy and suck some more dick.
faudrait quelles fasse une chanson simple sans tous ça ce maquillage ce decor chargés c'st trop!
+Paauvale Lee  Ouaiis t'a complètement raison!
¿Hay algún vídeo Kpop que no es falso ?? Sinceramente, cada cosa por las apariencias estos cantantes son falsas ..... colores falsos ojos, pestañas postizas, pelo falso, cejas falsas, .... así, cara falsa ..... creo que la gente sería capaz conectarse a muchos de estos videos mucho más si muestran algo más natural ....
pues la apariencia es lo que menos importa lo que de verdad vale es el talento pues que ganas con un grupo que llene tus espectativas de nada de maquillaje y mas naturalidad si no tienen nada de talento y a ellas lo que les falta en naturalidad segun tu les sobra en talentoo!! ademas es cuestion de gustos si a ellas les gusta maquillarse y usar cosas extravagantes es su problema con tal que nos brinden buena musica.
41,523,130 views! :D
I like this group. This is the stuff that should be playing in Sydney
+molayknight You probably listen to pedophile Michael Jackson. And your pedophile Samoan pastor.
Esto demuestra que aun en los lugares mas inesperados encontras buena musica, en general no me gusta el KPop, pero esto merece respeto esta bien hecho, una renovada e interesante composicion, arte. Lastima el video
44.616.106 24/02/2015 04:00pm Quito - Ecuador
I honestly don't think Dara is pretty tbh, she's just too skinny. Cl is so pretty and people hate on her like tf
Sone doesn't have the right to bash here about "plastic surgery" with 2ne1 coz first of all their idols would be surely the A list with that.
오래간만입니다 건강하시죠 좋은 시간 되세요
좋은시간 되세여
Strike Tan Shared on Google+ · 5 days ago
I Love This song but in my opinion Bom looks fake
yeah, i heard about her before look
43,039,976 12:31am 06/01/15
43,593,954 12:22pm 24/01/15
43,862,719 11:09am 01/02/15
hey girls yall are hot and sexys its houston beard 😜😝😛😜
Y'all blackjacks only care MAMA 2014. Did dara really shave her hair if she did how'd it grow back so quickly
2NE1 - I Love You: 22/02/15 - 44.551.301
at the beginning, is it bom or cl talking in english?
I love you Dara! 3 the rest too.
sandara is very beautiful
I love you 2ne1,my Goddess Empresses! <3 Dara-Daralings Bom-Bomshells Minzy-Minjas Cl-???(Please help!^*^)
Where is a central place you can find their schedule and what 2NE1 is up to?  Will they ever come back to California or New York City?
+jeff oliva Every time they have an English interview, only CL is speaking.  the others remain silent.
+NewYorkCityViews Bom speaks total American English (she lived here from like 6th grade thru college). Dara is completely fluent (her Philippine English accent makes her sound like a goddess!). Look em up, you'll see. Even though CL is such a natural-born-leader and the baddest female, it is a great miscalculation to not show the others speak in interviews/etc. to western countries. 
오정현 Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
Big Bang did it better.
yeah i agree. but i love you parody :p
Just a stranger passing by
The beginning of this song sounds exactly like a different song that I have heard but I can't think of it. Does anyone else know what I am talking about?
Yes! Is called "I Love You" by 2NE1 it sounds crazy alike!
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