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Presidential Bloopers (Part 1 of 4)

by el.come.zombis • 133,123 views

The American President. Powerful. Influential. Well-respected. And sometimes all too human! Laugh along with the presidents as they laugh at themselves in this celebration of the funniest and most...

please see Pres Ford BIO and News coverage at his state funeral -will learn he had severe injuries and pain from star athlete college football team for Michigan-why often slipped/mis-stepped or fell down those stairs,just sayin
That Nancy
Funny clips, I know there are more clips of President Ford. I could do without the sound affects.
This would be so much better if they just did not have all the dumb sound effects.
 these are the people we have running our country... and we wonder why congress doesn't get anything done...
As presidents, don't go back. Remember....the past is in the past.
this should all be GWB moments
Stupid, I thought this was like bush level funny shit like when he dodged that shoe, not like.. uh americas funniest home videos went out of buisness so we had to make a youtube page. Wheres the scandals? lies? obvious bs? Waste of 3 minutes of my life. And another 30 seconds writin this shyyt.
The question is should we just go forward, or should we go back to the past?
@ 4:27 one of the best!!! LOL
I laughed so much when Dan Quayle' s seal fell off the lectern!
This would be pretty interesting if they included the zapruder film in this.
This is always good for a laugh...
Might say that regardless of how funny this stuff is, whenever a person has those stutters or bloopers when they speak, it's usually because they are a straightforward, honest soul, who simply are trying to speak too hurriedly. It's the ones you don't hear much from as far as being such a klutz, with the almost perfect deliveries, etc. They are usually very calculating...and do a good job at deceiving at times. Fact.   
youth spirit Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Maybe she was child-hood friends with Gerald Ford or something XD
At 2:08 the sound effect made it seem like Margaret Thatcher got shot.
Chivalrous recovery on Nancy's behalf by Mr Reagan - a real gentleman.
Quayle was sandbagged, Palin was a legit idiot and Ryan.... I honestly never cared enough to pay attention to him at all.
oh i used to love this!!! i had it on vhs...old school
what is Biden talking about at 6:55ish
gracias por contestar. 00:15 quien era ese hombre que estaba con reagan?
because of those damn heals she wore problem with most women now a days hahahaha
4:27 one of my favorite Presidential bloopers lol
At 2:50 is that Vladimir Horowitz sitting next to Nancy?
00:15 quien son? era reagan izquierda?? espero tu respuesta
Sorry, I'm from England and 'chivalrous' is in common usage; yes common sense and decency in the west stemmed from the honour codes & discipline of medieval knights - known as Chivalry.
God, Nancy Reagan fell a lot.
Man. The sound effects really make this production less enjoyable..
lol.... we could just call the whole video Gerald Ford and Friends
Actually this footage was complied, and published to VHS video in 1999.
She and Ronald were actors before, so bloopers would be natural for them ; P This video makes Dan Quayle look like a competent President ; P
annoying sounds throughout the entire thing
00;15 reagan y la derecha era presidente de mexico? miguel de la madrid? o walter mondale(ex vice presidente de eeuu)?
Omg the sound affects I'm dying hahahahhah
My ma said the same thing when watching this.
In fact, it's from 1999 - according to the credits at the end of part 4.
01:49 Someone had too much to drink LMAO
Even though the media tries to insult presidents for these simple mistakes, it only makes them more popular. :D
Chief Justice: Do you further swear? President Reagan: Damn it.
why the hell is there stupid sound affects...
"the question is are we gonna go forward to tomorrow or are we gonna go past to... the back" . made my day
why is nigger jackson in the video?
WEOOOO, SPRONK, BAZOOOO. Are you fucking kidding me with these sound effects LOL?
WTF did Quayle go in the end??????? (Rhetorical) Goodness Gracious!! LMAO!!
I'm Gerald Ford and you're not.
January 2008: Bored to death, so I watch the inaguaration: Supreme Court Justice Cheif: "to faithfully execute the office of President of the United States Obama: "To execute the office of President of the United States faithfully-- (BUZZER) In my mind : "No, that is incorrect." Not trying to be political, but ole Barry missed it by a mile. No wonder he wanted change. He wanted to change the whole way you say the inaguaration oath. Thanks a lot, Barry!
hitlerism !!!! HEILNAZI !!! THE OBSCENE OF U.S.A !
Why does the Republican party always insist on nominating complete idiots for the Vice Presidency, first Quale, then Palin, and now Ryan.
Damn, Nancy Reagan was a klutz.
God damn, a blooper reel is the only thing giving me hope that these motherfuckers will trip up and not be able to destroy the whole globe
ROFL seems like gravity doesn't like nancy reagan
Would explain why there is no footage of George W. Bush ... who could fill an entire movie with his bloopers.
Nancy...just say "no" to falling haha
LOL "chivalrous." Its called common decency or pure reflex.
A 2004 videos that looks and sounds like it's from 1994. >.<
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