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[SFM] Spy Reacts To Source Filmmaker

by MovieMowDown • 16,103 views

Spy takes a break from looking for Rarity, to show how he feels about Source Filmmaker. -- I finally got selected by valve to use their beta for Source Filmmaker. I am still working through a few...

Congrats, now you can start working on Episode 3! ...what part of that sounds like it wont happen...
can't give a damn,my graphic card is a piece of old junk...can't even run TF2 on maxed out with 100 fps.
I too have a Mac. :< But that doesn't mean Valve can stop believing in us now! *opens up Gmod and tries to animate close to SFM* Yeah, I'm fucked ;~;
I feel your pain I have SFM but I can't use it
I can tell you how if you msg me ;)
yeah, but i know for a fact the free beta is not gonna be available. :/
I could see a new MAC VS PC war like they did with the engineer update with source filmaker.
You got earbuds, though. It all evens out in the end :)
Yep.. I can't even apply for another copy either.. :S
not excelent it freezes every time i use it
The only thing that needs fixing, is your spelling.
i can't download SFM, when i want download SFM it just say "conection timed out" -_____-
But the release will. and it will run much better.
Lies. It runs perfectly smoothly. I do have 8GB Ram though, but I doubt SFM would lag on 4GB. Unless ofcourse your GPU and/or CPU is weak :)
I truly am suprised they don't have this for OS X. I mean, yeah, I have a desktop running Windows 7 and BootCamp on my MacBook Pro running Windows 8, but this plus iMovie, I could see glorious things happening.
WOW! You could already make amazing things in Gmod! Cant wait to see how better it looks in SFM (which I dont have) How do get notified anyway? Of getting a Beta key for SFM I mean? Cause I signed up a week ago and nothings come up!
Ur so lucky haven't got mine yet,good luck though!
the more i see people get source filmaker, the more i want to have it too...
source filmmaker is now available for open beta!!!
Dont worry. be 100% sure when they release the SFM. they'll make a mac version.
This in 1080p is meaning of life.
lucky you... lucky all of you... i don't have SFM, cause i'm... i'm a mac user. ;_;
Alternative Title- Spy Reacts to Rarity's Flank
I have a macbook pro, but i have bootcamp! Get bootcamp :)
isn't it possible to install Windows on Mac? I heard some developers tried to do it
I heard you have a better chance of getting it if you have Gmod. I presume you have it?
How does one clone themselves to smash a support button 1000 times? :)
you make good videos with it keep making :3
I got an invite to source film maker, through steam and everything, but I accidentaly closed out the window. Any ideas on how to get re invited or something?
ueeeee,when i am going to get one for myself ><
I want an invitation, lucky, now you can make awsome cuality video, Will you use it for "Blue spy"?
I'm not always a nice person, plus, the world needs less Mac owners.
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