Mexican Zoo Rescues Orphaned Elephants

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Meet some baby elephants who've finally found a loving home. Click to subscribe for more cute videos: http://bit.ly/ZqphqC Why don't you come and join U-zoo to stay up to date with our videos and...

Thankyou to the Mexican people and all who were involved in this project...More power to the good folks!
damn you ivory hunters!!! cold no heart people who kill for money!!!
id rather blow thier brains out but yours sound less insane
I can't believe dumb excuses like "starving children" for MAFIA, mostly Asia gangsters and drug smugglers who spend hundreds of thousands in equipment like guns, helicopters, etc. to commit a CRIME poaching elephants to profit millions. So poor german concentration camp guards were just following orders and had "starving children"? I'd starve and then kill ALL poachers and laugh while doing it.
i want to meet thee little elephants i wonder wich state are they :)
shame they had to go to a zoo
You're talking a lot but dou you imagine what are their option in life? I don't think so... Here it's easy you go study (apid by your parents by the way) you get a job. But that's not the case in every part of the world. If I was starving I just don't know what I would be capable to do in order to survive. That's why I think you're judging way t fast... Also drug is the same. No bying no selling... So say thanks the occidental junky!
If you smuggle drugs you're automatically guilty and you go to prison no matter what..It's still a crime. Nobody accepts the excuse that "the poor people want to make money". If they want to survive they should find and do something honest (and stop breeding like flies). In fact in Kenya they gun down poachers no questions asked. So you're convincing nobody.
To me that just look like big talking... You would kill all of them? Great the answer to all problem right? Then I would kill of the idiot sitting in front of them computer in confty house pretending they even know how it feel to actually starve or having no choice but working in a mafia if you want to make money... Like I said if noone bought it then it would not be in sale...
Actually the e root of this problem is that people still buy ivory... I mean the guy hunting those elephant are certainly on the wrong track but they might also have starving children waiting at home... And believe it, it's not the hunter that got the most money form ivory... It's the guy buying it for nothing and the selling it for a huuuge price back in europe or america...
unpack their trucks....HA HA HA!.....lol...;-|
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