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by Philip DeFranco • 606,169 views

A new show where Phil and Steve review a new movie that came out that week. This week they reviewed Prometheus, Phil traveled to a distant planet & Steve had to pee 4 times. Directed by Ridley...

I love the fake movie posters in the background they should be on FHP
Lol hearing "Bishop" while seeing him ripped in half was unsettling because my name is Bishop Dx
he said fuck only once, that pretty much means hes the nicest guy on the internet
Most of the scenes that explain the movie in more "greater" detail have been deleted. I had a chance to look at the deleted scenes & if they "the cuts" had been included, the movie would have been a masterpiece but still would have enough meat on the bone for questions.Also, most of the opinions & argument can quickly be solved.
Um, it didn't feel like the first two Alien films BECAUSE it WASN'T an alien film. Get it through your heads.
H.R Giger is amazing.. I'd give anything to meet him just once.. Not gonna happen though. I dream of becoming 1/10th of the artist he is.. I believe I will reach that goal..
why does the prequal have better technology then the future?
Steve, sorry but f%ck you. Loved it!
I thought the movie was OK. I would have given it a 3/5. Plot holes and things that didn't make sense really took me out of the movie, and got rid of the anticipation. I did like the acting from the main people, though I think that the David character really was strange, tying back into plot holes.
That movie was so fucking awesome!!!
are you guys retarded? this was never meant to be a direct prequel to alien... Ridley Scott made that quite clear in the making of the movie, and is still clarifying its meaning to stupid people that still don't get that THIS IS NOT AN ALIEN MOVIE
Thereon was a waste of space why she's there I don't know the whole film is shit I didn't care for any of the characters,
also phil's face with the ewok hugs.. i'm dead.
You've got to be kidding me. Sorry I said it in a manner that upset your web ego, but let me try this: RIDLEY SCOTT IS A SHIT DIRECTOR WHO PROVIDES ZERO DIRECTION IN HIS FILMS UNTIL IT'S TIME FOR THE NEXT PLOT DEVICE TO HAPPEN. EXAMPLE: Alien: Oh, hey...freak ass monster killing shit, BETTER GO GET MY CAT. This is Prometheus: A lot of boring and sloppy cinematography followed by too many different sub plots and ending in a cliffhanger. Just like all his other movies. one is going to acknowledge how the "alien gods" all look like handsome Squidward?...oh...alright..
Yes, as I said little people saw it. In blade runner(i think you know the story but let me repeat it) the robots go against mankind because they have developed emotions. The robot in prometheus also has started to have emotions and slowly revolt against mankind. I hope that clears things up.
i feel ya steve. i just watched it and it was disappointing.
I'm so glad you did a review of this because I really wanted to talk about Prometheus with other ppl, most likely cuz definitely had lots of questions after end of it. I've seen parts of Alien but count me as not really so I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt like WTF is going on? Or what does this mean? Yes, underwhelming is so true but only because this movie brings up so many interesting questions and doesn't answer them. WHAT A TEASE. Theron, HOT. David was such a douche, lol. Naomi badass
Aside from the Movie Critiquing we can all agree that Phil and Steve have a Crucial Comedic Chemistry! I wish only they did reviews...
Steve's piece of mustache thats leaning over his lip is annoying the fuck out of me
This movie was good, but NOTHING beats aliens
I'm not really a "fan" of the Alien franchise, but I do like most of them.
this movie had nothing to do with alien
Prometheus was terrible for the most part... except for the android. Noomi made me gag with how awful her character was.
Haha. Before I saw the movie, I thought you were making a random example with the "I'll set you on fire". Now that I saw it, I get all of the references and enjoyed this review so much more.
This movie was godawful. Yes, the android was well acted, yes they had the 'look' down. Everything else was not only bad, it either didn't make sense, was badly written or shooting the original series in the face. It had almost no real suspense, especially because none of the characters seem to realise how mind-blowingly important it is to discover our first alien culture after they land. The writing & dialogue was just not believable enough to make me actually care about what happens.
Hey. I felt somewhat shell shocked after seeing Prometheus. Once my initial reaction was sated I began to question the content of the film more and more. This is something I believe was intentional. For example, what was Charlize Theron's true relationship in the triangle of Wayland and David? The first impression of these types of films is never universally positive but I think given time this film will be remembered and revered, especially in how it might fit with a potential sequel.
I'm certain it's been mentioned countless times already but this was not an "Alien" movie. This was a Sci-Fi movie set in the same universe that the Alien movies are set in. Go into the movie with Sci-Fi expectations and you may leave the movie pleased with what you watched. You will be highly disappointed if you hope for those ever munching H.R Giger Xenomorphs. I thought the movie was a very fun and cool way to sit in an air conditioned room munching salty, buttery and sugary snacks
the fat dude didn't understood shit from this movie,he always attach this movie to the Alien movie,yes it is in the same universe and it does explain in the end how aliens appeared,but the story of the movie is not about Aliens but its about our origin
I keep thinking the bearded guy in the Fun & Funner poster behind them is the guy on the right
it had some goosebumps scenes! the heartbeat when David finds the Engineers chamber! my contact lenses dried up when I watched the worm/snake scene where the arm snaps, I didnt blink that whole scene!
Saw this movie with my friends thinking it would be the must see movie for this summer, besides The Dark Knight Rises obviously. I never saw Alien or Aliens and I had lesser expectations for this movie than my friends did, and I'm glad I did. I can see what everybody is saying about plot holes, however after some contemplation and group discussion after the movie, most of the holes were easily filled in. It was graphically amazing but that's about as far as this movie goes. Gets a 3/5 from me.
Saying "No offense" is just a way to be a douche without having any consequences.
Great review, just one nitpick: the trope you called "exposition" is actually known as "Chekov's Gun", wherein characters introduce a certain element that will be important later on in the movie. Bond movies are pros at this.
I was totally blown away by how much this movie DIDN'T live up to the hype or my expectations. Alien has never been as cerebral as they were trying to make this movie! In my opinion, and it is just my opinion, this movie was like going out for a night out and then losing your wallet. High hopes for what eventually turns out to be a total let down!
It was great in parts but stupid in other parts - very strange movie hopefully the directors cut makes more sense :D . Yer I know he is a bit up and down - done some of the best films ever but some awful ones too :S ...
it almost felt like he was trying to put blade runner in the alien universe i saw a lot of similarity's especially where guy pierces character talks in the office sayin hes dead by now with the black tile and setting sun. even if the time lines dont match up.
I would say i have to agree with Steve when he stated that pretty much through most of the movie i could predict what was going to happen and even though i am only 19 i have watched all of the aliens films and kind of just watched the film not ever feeling the intensity of "oh crap what could happen" I'd give it a 3/5 myself. it was average entertaining, but predictable.
the size increase is impossible, the amount of energy and nutrients required to do that is insane, let alone the time frame that it occurs in. and im not talking about the zenomorph at the end of the movie, im talking about the one the girl removes from her. also on the note of the architect, you need more than dna to make life, thats something that was taken out of proportion in the scene, if you break out cells, and start breaking down molecules, there is no turning back from that.
I went to watch it at the cinema, just because i'm big into sci-fi movies. Steve's comments nailed it, though you are both quite generous in your critiscisms. The acting was the kind of flat acting you tend to get in most sci-fis. Cherlize had actually added nothing to the film (personal opinion) and there were so many flaws in the movie flow, that made it difficult to enjoy it. I am a big sci-fi fan which typically have very low expectation from films of this kind and yet I am disappointed.
My god, they're so far off the mark with this movie review. Theron's character was almost pointless IMO, you sat there waiting for some big twist to happen with her, and then she gets squashed by the giant spaceship and that's it, nothing.
I don't really have words for the disappointment I felt in watching this movie. Someone else paid for my ticket (3D/IMAX, or basically a first-born child fare), and I felt so bad afterwards that they had wasted their money. I can't even say I was entertained.
Nice review guys. I watched Prometheus at IMAX with a friend who gets scared from resident evil films. Now I told him that it would be scary because alien was horror/science fiction. He never saw alien and he made a connection with star gate to Prometheus so that's why he wanted to see it. I only watched to get scared, I live horror films. I walked in with slightly low expectations because I see scouts films more as a robin hood or gladiator kind of films. But alien gave a bit of an increase in
I'm Swedish and I'm pretty sure her name isn't swedish since she married a French man and her maiden name was Norén, which clearly is Swedish. So you should probably ask a french person how to pronounce it "properly".
Ridley Scott has said that this movie isn't part of the Alien universe. The only connection between the two is the name Weyland. The bioweapon bears some similarities to the xenomorphs, but they're not supposed to be the same. It certainly seems like he might be constructing a bridge to his previous work, but let's wait and see if he plans to follow up on this one to answer the questions that were left unanswered in Prometheus.
He can't be, I saw that movie high, and it was very awesome.
Well it was not as strong as Alien BUT it does not deserve 2/5 screw you steve
i went to see it knowing nothing about it my friend just dragged me along (no previews seen or anything)..i didnt even know what to expect i just knew the name of the movie was prometheus..its one of the best thought provoking movies iv ever seen 5/5 and the visuals are amazing..also look up the space jesus ties alot of loose ends if you use your imagination..comicbookgirl did a video on it
it was the creation of mankind. he drank the black liquid, his dna deformed, and then started to reform aaaand cut.
But it is not another "Alien", its Prometheus, I think Steve opinion in here is a little bias
I love this movie thing show! Keep doing them.
You know why it didnt feel like Aliens, because its NOT ALIENS! lol your expectations were to high for this movie, regardless I think it was a great movie.
Dunno wtf they're on about Naomi Rapace being the new Sigorney Weaver. Their performances were virtually incomparable.
The ending was ratchet, underwhelmed
Now I'm sure that since it did make a profit, its not such a big leap to expect a sequel, but just so you understand: there is no Prometheus Trilogy currently in the works, you ignorant bufoon!
Steve I love you, but you are wrong.
As for what I thought of it, it was okay. The visuals were amazing and I only despised three of the characters for being cheesy and random. However, I was able to predict everything and that bummed me out.
i just watched it. so disappointing
it is a prequel, read what the writers stated again.
Prometheus is the prequel to Aliens, Ridley Scott metioned that. However, he also mentioned that it's not an Aliens movie either.
This movie was not supposed to be Alien, this was its own movie.
Prometheus shouldn't be expected as Alien 0. It is an Alien precursor. It is a separate storyline and was fantastically entertaining and an awesome set up for a potential trilogy.
Why aren't they making this anymore?
Before you call someone you've never met before a dumb fuck all over a comment made on the internet, you should at least do some research BEFORE you tap your keyboard and embarrass yourself like you have here. There is no script written, no directors hired, no actors committed, and certainly no studio that has a contract for a Prometheus Trilogy.
FUN FACT: Guillermo Del Toro was going to direct the movie,"AT THE MOUTH OF MADNESS", by H.P. Lovecraft but it was so similar to Ridley Scott"s "PROMETHEUS" that some compromise was an the movie just never came to be. ( I would have loved to see Del Toro"s movie now!)
Watch rock of ages. It is awesome!!! Tom cruise... Ok(ish)
You gave the Dictator 4/5 and Prometheus 2/5? Are you high or mentally challenged?
For me this film was poor because of a very poor script and I think Ridely Scott is probably past it as well.
"Dislike: That it didn't quite match up seemlessly with the begining of Alien." Yeah, probably because it's the first movie in a Trilogy, dumb fuck.
It's literally the only film that's ever driven me to write a comment, so sorry i don't normally do that! :) just had such expectations as alien and aliens are 2 of the best films of all time and ridley scott is quality so was disappointed. thats the worst thing, it wasnt bad, it was just bland. meaningless. the story was very clever in essence and had ideas/concepts that should have been explored much much more.. but they werent. the script/characters were naff.
Well, at the very end of the movie a baby alien (the exact one from the alien series) bursts out of the "engineer's" body, so....
a movie isnt awesome if it leaves you with more questions then answers by the end of it
When are you going to make more of these?
i love this so much, please keep doing this. xD
Nothing bugs me more than predictable movies/television shows. I seriously get uncomfortable and cannot watch anymore.
I really hated this movie. It was slow, predictable, unnecessarily gross, had massive plot holes, and a lot of the actors were just downright bland. I literally predicted everything that was going to happen in the first 3 minutes of the movie. Also how the fuck does Alien DNA that's identical to ours + Human DNA = Giant squid baby that then makes the Alien from Alien?! The most irritating thing was why did David do what he did? They never explained it at all.
I would pay to punch the guy in red shirt.
This movie was actually pretty good. It's not directly related to the Alien movies (I mean it is as far as this is what happened before those movies, but it's not in that you have no right to expect the same tone as the scifi horror movie from long ago). It's its own thing. It's like straight scifi is supposed to be: boring for most, mesmerizing for us select few.
Like: The return of the Alien franchise sans Predator hangers-on. Dislike: That it didn't quite match up seemlessly with the begining of Alien. In Alien the away team found that something had punched out of the giant pilot's chest. In Promethius, it did, but on an escape pod?? No follow up with one of the first victims. One had his face burned off with acid blood, but what about the other one who had what looked to be an early form of face-hugger enter his suit and shove itself down his gullet?
Why do YouTubers who liked this movie swear so much?
lmao i had to piss 3 times during that movie.
Expectation. But when I watched it it disappointed me
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