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Minecraft: It's Better Together w/ Mark Part 1 - Mark Can't Jump

by CaptainSparklez • 1,407,963 views

Mark - Merch store! ● Minecraft Server: ● Twitter: ●...

Theese were the days. Minecraft now just got stupid
couldn't be more correct.
God damn I remember when this was first out.
You mad me laugh so hard I almost died
Ahaha, me and Mark are like the same person! Plus, I wish I had friends like this to play minecraft with, all my friends fight over each other :/
it hurts me to watch this captain sparklez, Nfen and mark were soo funny and it kills me to see that they dont play with each other any more. Can someone say why they did this. ;(
wait mc v 1.7.3................... WTF!?!?! IT WAS STILL LIKE 1.5 OR 1.6!
It was still in beta so 1.7 is right
Mark's laugh is the cure to cancer.
God I love these olden days when Jordan played with Mark. I want it back.
First captainsparklez video I've ever watched :) (Of course I watched this when it first came out)
Same, haha remember when he first introduced facecam
the guy who has made "It's better together" I think he is Swedish, because I played this map once with a Swedish friend and that was on Swedish... 
0:18 THE CAPTAIN IS PART HEROBRINE!!! well that shows a new perspective... CaptainHerobrine...
or HerobrineSparklez
anyone who wants to skip the rules 3:49
Here's what he means: you know that phrase that says " two heads are better than one"? He's saying that since you're alone one head is better than having no heads at all
i see captain sparklez plays call of duty he knows the catchphrase of cpt macmillan from mw1
So Much portal references, I love it
how did jordan get "ghost town" from "fully computer controlled main facility where clones are created and tested to be used for scientific purposes"?????  xD
It's a call of duty 4 reference
lol i always though mark was markiplier. but he was allshamnowow nvm :/
i guess its ur oppinion metal
What happened to Mark and Jordan?
I miss mark so much :C
He has a fucking channel .-.
+TheLelel333 I know, but it's not the same without jordan.
50,000 people used to work here... Now it's a ghost town -CaptainSparkelz
whats the version where the sunglasses do that?]
How drunk was mark when they started this!?
That's just Mark :P.. he's hilarious
+PieIsTasty I know but he's still funny 
Ah CoD 4 references
mark reminds me of stainer off shes out of my league
Wow this is the most boringest thing ever your freiend can't do parkour
Please learn to spell before you try to insult someone.
COD 4 Intro Mode YEAAAAA
I got the reference!
Why do t you do any videos with them anymore? They were sooo funny!
Oh, I love you sparkly
Where do he go? Or did they just stop doing collars
It took nine minutes just to read all the signs and do all the parkoury stuff lol
LOLOLOLOL i love the "what you saying all black look alike" and then they just cut it
"power armors for pussies"... THEN IM A PUSSIE 
Everyone wants to know what happened between mark and Jordan cause neither bring each other up
i love how the cut was placed rough so that you knew it was a cut when in the beginning mark was ike"what u sayin all black ppl look alike" and it cut and jordans like "i hate you"  1:08
how did u said it was a ghost town can't u read?
GLAFOS is copywright of GLADOS from portal
no shit, btw, its copyright
I love how mc is now in 1.7.2
Hobnobs & Murder Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This is for all you portal fans out there, this looks like an awesome adventure map for minecraft
Captain Sparklz is so awesome me and my friend, Kylan are making sum awesome ideaz 4 ur mine village.
ihascupqake did this map with slyfoxhound
@qlpmfml yeah you go that right BTW! im loving this game even more beware you might get addicted >>
jordan should do hunger games with mark plz
But there are the people that don't correct mistakes. AT ALL. They end up being annoying. Let him correct.
Yes it is, the entire game is based off of Portal.
I finally understand that joke from Skyblock.
Who else came back here to watch Jordan and Mark play together again? What happened? Why don't you play with him anymore :( You, Nick and Mark are hilarious together. I love the beginning especially when you cut it off when Mark asked if you are racist.
Just how many references were in that first wall of text? First it's portal, then something I don't know, then portal again and then Duke Nukem Forever.
You should play a feed the world map like Yogcastsjin!
omg herobrine took over jordan noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol
captain sparklez is herobrine
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