Zack Phillips - 2011 NHL Draft

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2011 NHL Draft prospect Zack Phillips of the QMJHL's Saint Johns Sea Dogs. He's known for his smart two way game and playmaking. He is a natural center although he's been playing on fellow top...

hes going to the flames... #13
very underated scorer, great playmaker too... i was gonna make a highlight package.. but ya beat me to it :p
@mrpeterpwn well u will be playin him alot being he is a wild =)
Would love to see him with the habs on the 17th pick
Info is wrong. He plays for the Saint John, New Brunswick. Not Saint Johns, Newfoundland. Anyways, I played some shinny with him and some guys on the 2nd of august and he's a damn good player. He wasn't going all out, but none the less, really good.
Hard to tell with this guy. I personally think he he's had a lot of benefits playing with who he did.
Kid looks wicked! Could be a great #2 center for the Wild in the future. Granlund is a Wild's #1 prospect, and should be a 1st line center before too long, but this kid could definitely be the Malkin to Granlund's Crosby! (shooting a little high, sure, but why not hope they'll be the next best center combination in the NHL)
hes the one dude i was surprised of when he got cut from the world junior team. heart and soul player, pressure player he could've scored some key goals. bournival and hamilton weren't very good.
Plays the exact same way he did in peewee. Best hands on any player I've ever played with. love ya kid.
Le Canadiens va amélioré son choix, pour pouvoir l'obtenir .
i hope the leafs get this kid with 1 of there late 1st round picks
you should make one to, see if you can find other highlights
oh and i love the music, great build up
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