Paul Ryan on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews

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Paul Ryan joins Chris Matthews to discuss fiscal challenges and "A Roadmap for America's Future" http://www.americanroadmap.org

Obama read it? I don't believe that for a moment!
A good interview. Let's keel such interviews such as this going so the American people can get good political discussions without creating divisiveness.
Wow I've never agreed with Chris Matthews so much.
Why? He failed epically.
Has Chris Matthews lost his "tingle"
Uh huh, you're a Paulbot. Well, we'll just see I suppose.
Ryan: "We don't think the generals are giving us their true advice. We have a dangerous planet," when they recommended reducing defense. Again, he claims his vote was a compromise hoping, when the time came, legislation would be made to avoid the cuts.The reality is we spend more on military than China, Russia, the UK, Japan, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, etc, combined. Yes, entitlements need to be reformed; other nations spend a lot less while their citizens benefit a lot more.
So when the wealthy leave or invest their money overseas who are you gonna tax?
Is that happening during the Obama administration, with our unemployement?
Yeah, they are much more caring and moral than Paul Ryan.
False, the 10% wealthiest americans pay 70% of the federal income tax. You know, why is it more americans buy into class warfare and resentment rather than advocate for a low marginal flat tax? Perhaps if you could see the forest through the trees you would know that these "wealthy" people create the jobs in this country, pay the bulk of the tax pool, etc.
Everyone calls Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney assholes, liars, pigs, douchebags and on and on and on. But what all the naysayers refuse to realize is they are telling you what you NEED to hear, and not necessarily what you WANT to hear. They are not politicizing their views and plans, clearly, because there is no political upside in the way they are presenting their arguments. If they wanted to lie their way through the election they could just take a page from the book of the '08/'12 Obama campaigns
The problem is an idealogical one: because one side talks about factual realities, the other (i.e.- you) use theories with no historical basis for success as the template. Business/ consumer confidence with flat lining spending does not fix the debt crisis if flat lining spending means dismantling every federal program that protects the middle class. It is a theory you believe, but all it is a theory and a fairly naive one at that with no FACTUAL back up.
SONO nato a Verona nel 1957, la mia famiglia si trasferì in America 15 anni dopo a long island e new york. Molti repubblicani sono odiose persone e distruggere il paese. L'odio, il Partito Repubblicano assomiglia a Mussolini e Hitler. America si sta trasformando in un paese triste e la comunita internazionale sara guardare le elezioni presidenziali con grande interesse. Bene a parlare con te amico, mantenere la buona battaglia e vivere bene.
Nice ad hominem. Where's your argument? Bet you feel brave on the interwebs. I doubt you would call me dumb to my face. You're probably a 135 pound internet warrior. The mortgage crisis played a big part in the economic crisis. That, and a lack of regulation on Wall Street, as I mentioned a month ago. Debt crisis- I repeat, defense spending and tax cuts got us into that fuck up.
you're funny :D .. and sad .. if you say that Obama gave to "Charity" then where did that "Nobel prize money go? ... after you tell me that .. then ask me where did the 500 mil. go?? .. after Obama gave it to solyndra ... what Charity did he give too? .. would really like to know :D
Mitt's healthcare plan, which Mass citizens like, was designed by the Heritage Foundation, a conserv think tank. It forces people to take responsibilty for themselves. That's a conserv principle. Repubs liked it until Obama adopted it. They pledged, right after his inaug to make him a 1 term Pres. That meant oppose EVERYTHING HE DID. What traitors they are those bastards, those mf's. Retake power, even if it destroys the country.Bush nearly did the job and if elected, Romney/Ryan will finish it.
matthews sounds like o'reilly on this "voters want something for nothing" if someone in future supports you "they will lose elections"
But when you look at those countries in the EU, which is the ones people refer to when talking about Euro economics, they're closer to Greece than Japan. Those countries you list have the luxury of being out of the EU and the Euro, which is on a quicker crash course than the dollar. Feel free to watch a EU meeting, and look at how controlling they are. It's pretty much word for word with what Obama is doing, and we saw what happened to Greece...
I agree!! He is normally the usual political whore that he is. Here he makes some sense and acts like he might be a guy that is running the middle of the road. We know better though, don't we???
8 minutes with a Conservative without accusations of racism / anti-poor views. Must be a P.B for Matthews.
Getting rid of career pols. Easier said than done. The answer is term limits. The Repubs used T.L's to take power in 1994. Only they loved holding office more than term limits so they all abandoned the idea. It's a good job being in congress. Great pay, great health ins, pension and inside info to use to get rich when they leave. Bastards!
Sono stato a Verona una volta. È una bellissima cita` Mi é piaciuto moltissimo l'Arena. Ricordo che ho avuto un taglio di capelli mentre a Verona. Oh dimenticato dove, ma era vicino l"Arena. Hai ragione re: Hitler. Benvenuta al Quarto Reich, questa volta, qui in America. Cosi triste. Parliamo dopo. BTW, come mai é Weller un nome Italiano?
The most honest discussion I have seen between a liberal & fiscal conservative I have ever seen.
He dont know what he is talking about. Acouple years ago, went to the CBOn webcite on the Bush tax cuts-if they remain somewhere between a two trillion and three trilklion dollar defecit in our fed budget-by doing nothing but keeping the Bush tax breaks. seemed all at once-Republicans seemed to think the defecit was not really that important. Ryan is a liar. Does that mean we should not vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket? Absolutely!
You READ it? NO WAY! The budget plan was never put on a teleprompter.
Remember posting this comment and pulling that lever for Obama in November when you're working in a Chinese sock factory for 75 cents a day. And yes, that could happen. If China accelarated our debt today, we'd be instantly broke - and that's what Ryan is advocating to avoid. Listen to his comments around 6:00 and REALLY THINK! Your cursing doesn't accomplish anything either.
Bush took a pass on offing the terrorist. Not Obama. BO dropped the dime on Bin Laden. Have respect for our president. RESPECT, you hear me?
How dare you use the Lord's name in vain? Repent heathen! Berack Whosayin Obmmaba, re-elected mother fucker. Get used to it!
WOW, Did anybody else notice how Chris Matthews said, "I think the voters do want something for nothing."
Matthews damn near sounded like a conservative there...except when he "put his liberal hat on" for a minute, and when he slipped in the comment about the people in Ryan's district being smart, but not as smart as those that listen to NPR...please, Chris....really? It was actually just nice to finally hear the guest of Matthews get to say anything at all without him shouting over them!
I know you aren't serious about posing such a question. I tell you what, you figure it out...
On the other hand I have NEVER, EVER seen Hannity have a respectful, decent conversation with a liberal. I never will. Matthews has lots of right wingers on his show and he treats them with at least a modicum of respect.
Si, il mio paese e bellissimo e spero che un giorno si avra la possibilita di tornare a Verona. Weller non e un nome italiano, Weller e il nome di un caro amico, morto di cancro e la sua famiglia e molto vicino alla mia famiglia. Il mio nome e Sonny e il mio nome completo e italiano come aglio, LOL. Io saro a Verona per il Giorno del Ringraziamento, Natale, festa di capodanno e mi entusiasma l'idea di tornare alla mia bella Verona, così, vi dico il mio caro amico, e Ciao...
All irrelevant. The point is that in America the gov should not protect investors. Don't get up to a podium and complain about the 1% if you are going to give them tax payer backed (risk free) loans because they donated to your campaign.
"caring and moral" ... you're a dumbass!! ...look up Chris Matthews and Obama's "caring and moral" donations to charity ... the only people that're Hording their wealth are the Loony left, Obama, Matthews, Palosi, Reid, Debbie Schultz, Geithner the tax cheat ... and etc .. "caring and moral" blow it out your liberal ass!! Paul Ryan is much more "caring and moral" then any loony lefty in the Media or White House!!.. he speaks the "Truth" and whats more "caring and moral" than speaking the truth?
I understand your point, but we don't live in a country where there would be a need for the military to take over. Look at the countries that do have a military state...new governments ...dictatorial governments and underdeveloped countries. So, i don't have a fear of that.
I think this was the most civil I have ever seen Chris Matthews act. He sounded logical, this is what we need more of in politics today.
What the hell... Did aliens abduct Chris Matthews and replace him with a reasonable human being??? If this was who Chris Matthews was 24/7... MSNBC wouldn't have flopped.
Nope, government mandates and handouts did. Look into the Sub Prime Mortgage Crisis, which was caused by Bill Clinton's amendments to the Community Reinvestment Act in 1995 and 1997, added with intervention on interest rates by the Federal Reserve, keeping them artificially low. Plus, the War on Terror and Operation Iraqi Freedom had nothing to do with the economic downturn, that excuse makes no sense what so ever.
ryan is the trainer in liaring and willard is teacher....
Wow, this is one interview where Matthews was not a total dick to his guest! No once did he pull it out and slap his guest in the forehead with it like usual!
So he is racist and hates women and you like him.
Come sempre, sono 100% in accordo con te Jason. Bravo buon amico. Odio tanto i repubblicani. Loro sono cani!
Nick is right.You are dumb, deanosumo. Must suck to be that stupid.
It is invigorating to listen to a congressman that makes sense, I hope that he will be our next vice president of the U.S.A
He needs to be as Paul Ryan will be the next Vice President and future President. It is amazing how Obama has no idea what Ryan is talking about.
Romneycare wasn't designed for healthcare on a national scale. In Mass. Maybe it worked. It's an obvious fiscal failure now that it's acrossed all states. BUT it was passed, so we'll see what happens I guess.
Matthews is a dyed in the wool Communist who SAYS he supported the more centrist views of conservatives in the past for the same reason Jeremiah Wright was US Marine. To get the only real 'credibility' he could ever get. Lee Harvey Oswald was a US Marine as well. Matthews is no different than a gay Eagle Scout that uses the falsely bestowed honor to claim respectability. The false respectability is the only kind he will ever have.
Sì, l'America deve vincere in questo prossime elezioni presidenziali, se l'America non vince, il popolo americano non recuperera negli anni a venire. Non riesco ad immaginare un Romney administration e ci sono molte le persone nervose nella comunita internazionale e abbiamo molte cose da essere preoccupati se Romney e eletto.
Do a little research and find out who received more money...corporate welfare recipients...who don't need it or the very poor and not only the girls/women having babies...alot of elderly, mentally unstable, injured people veterans are recieving welfare. Many of these people have paid taxes all their working lives, so don't just limit it to baby mama's.
Damn I love your passion. You told them scumsuckers. They lie everytime they speak those Nazi bastards. Fuck em, and the boat they came over on. Romney's a human weather vane, Ryan is a punk. The only hope they have is to disenfranchise millions of voters. Yea, Flip Flopping Fuckers has a nice ring to it.
HAHA Oh really? YOU FUCKING LIAR! Obama has given a lot to charity, and all of the Nobel prize money that he got (1.4million) went to charity plus the 6% annual income for that year. That is 25% of his income in 2009. You really don't know anything. Are you stupid? He wants to balance the budget by destroying Medicare, Medicaid, Food stamps, ect. All while cutting taxes on the rich and increasing Defense spending. He is not moral, and it is pathetic that you even try to say that.
And what about Obama and Biden? They are the biggest liars ever to hit public office.
wondering the same thing. was it st patricks day?
I am pretty convinced though that chris matthews was talking about the socialist Mediterranean ones
It is possible, depending on where you cut. A national economy does not work like a simple + and - equation.
Ryan doesn't spew talking points on every other word....he speaks intelligently so Chris cannot come back with his nonsense without looking like a fool. I think Ryan actually forced Mathews to actually think about what he’s saying….maybe there is hope in politics….maybe….
Out of order, third reply - If your Dad retires with millions, I think he can afford to not accept social security. How do you feel about congressmen and senators who, working well beyond retirement age are taking their salary, and all it's perks plus social security? Should they receive it? I say no! Especially as they are the ones who have created the potential deficits in these programs.
They are both BS artists. Ryan's is just better at it
No my friend, that would be, Paul "lying" Ryan and he and NITT WIT Romney can't help it, they both were born with a "lying" tongue in their mouths...
Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. The Mutt and Jeff of US politics. The 2 Stooges. Oh wait, I have a better one: The Beavis and Butthead losing ticket. Ehhhhhhhhh, like cool!
true, but all politicians do that- to get elected they have to make all their accomplishments look better than they really are. i feel like biden does this but not sooo much
This is true, but another factor is the sheer size of the U.S., which would cause normal socialist policies trouble, even if there was very little corruption.
Obama will never go along with any plan meant to get spending under control and reduce the national debt or reduce the deficit because it all goes against his mission. He was planted in the White House to specifically collapse the U.S. economy! Ask King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the one whose hand Obama kissed while bowing in an act of subservience.
I'm still in shock having seen Chris Mathews have a relatively decent conversation with a conservative.
Well, the Laffer Curve assumes at bare minimum you are flat-lining spending (with inflation allowance) and optimally cutting outlays/spending. Since that wasn't clear, now you know. I am a libertarian, work in Financial Analysis and was educated at a top business school and have a degree in Corporate Finance. Please feel free to argue more, this is laughable. I'll keep it elementary for you going forward without assumptions.
The riff between the parties? After Obama was sworn in 13 top Repubs met & pledged to make BO a 1 term pres. In the midst of GWBush's depression, no concern for the country, just get rid of Obama. One goal, obstruction. Now there's a cause for a riff. Also, I was refering to Sheldon Adelson, an American who puts Israel's interest above that of his own country. He's giving millions, billions of his casino earnings to Romney who has promised to rubber stamp Israel's policies.That doesn't bother U?
Everyone loves a good conspiracy from time to time. I can think of some doozies that rightwingers get their jollies off of. Namely, "the birther movement" Headlines Nov.7th 2012: "Pres.Barrack Hussein Obama RE-ELECTED" Despite a massive effort by the Israel first casino magnate Sheldon Edelson, who spent his entire fortune of 765 billion trying to get Israel ass kisser Romney elected, You fuckwads have some balls seeking power again after nearly destroying my country. Don't tread on me!
Let the wealthy leave who cares except someone who thinks they are necessary in a society. The bulk of the tax payers are the working poor and middle class.
Whenever Chris Matthews talks, I feel like spits flying at my face.
didnt everyone get a stimulus check? I dont know much about it. For the other part. When Obama was getting his plan passed through Congress, they asked how we were going to afford it. The answer, Part of the money funding Obamacare is coming from Medicare. It's part of the plan. That means it's going to happen. Neither of them are "my guys" so you dont have to waste your time trying to change the subject. Im was only pointing out that Obama will be gutting Medicare just as much.
Obama's health care hasn't even been into effect how can you say it's gutted medicare, get real. We expect as much from your guy running for office. Take the pressure off of Mitt Romney not releasing his tax returns by putting focus on Paul Ryan whom stared in today's news by lying about taking stimulus money from the federal government. Now that's the truth.
I like how you pop up now and then mio fratello. After we whoop their worthless asses in Nov, I look forward to taking some time off from you tube wars. Ya know, a little R&R. Meantime I'm pissed and ready to do combat with these deceitful suckers. Oh, and I will not be watching these jackals at their convention. I'd like to see em wiped out by the hurricane. Fuck em.
So excited that even though Chris Matthews agrees with European Socialism, he is able to listen and posibly even agree with Paul Ryan and some of his plans.
S P E N D I N G ! Yes......it is THE Problem!
Romneycare, as you put it, was the healthcare plan he proposed in Massachusetts. That plan has nothing to do with this campaign, or the ticket, or the Ryan plan.
funny how democrats say we cause the debt by funding war (I though you were suppose to do that when attacked remember 9/11 dumb ass what if we didn't fund protection) the blame is on you for supporting those who are too lazy to get a job get off the couch fat ass hipsters and do something with your life didn't you notice how the only thing you can remember OBAMA for is raising the debt with a overcomplicated plan (Obamacare) and a terribly planned stimlus
Dove sei nato caro amico, qui o in Italia? Io sono nato a Chciago 68 anni fa. Studiavo Italiano tanti anni con lezione private. Mi sento piu giovani, grazie a Medicare, capisce JW? Questi messagi sono buona pratica per me. Ascolta Jason,"Va fa in culo tutti i republicani" "porca miseria!!!
Paul Ryan is the first Congressman I've heard who actually understands and effectively articulate's the mess we find ourselves in with the budget, health care and the economy. Even his peers are amazed of the command he has over the details including Obama who sat spell bound listening to him.
Too bad Gumby and Robmey keep screwing up,they can't get on the same page,thus R&R will or would have taken us back to the good ole Bush days,i for one won't go back there, so Obama and Biden will be in for 4 more years,Ryan gets caught lieing everyday,and so does Robmey,the eloquent one,and Paul do something about that post nasal drip
Okay, what happened to Chris Matthews? He was decent. Thoughtful. Respectful, even. Is he dying and trying to get in good with God?
We have medicare, social security, medicaid, veterans affairs, unemployment insurance and welfare for the poor, corporate welfare for the super rich, loopholes in taxes, tax breaks...what other socialist policies are your referring too?
Oh, you poor person I hope you don't really believe this!
Credo che sia molto importante che noi come esseri umani, di essere gentile e premuroso. Quando si parla le parole di odio e gli uomini a causa di quello che sono, non posso e non guardare passare quelle parole, e quando le persone guardano passare quelle odiose parole sono come le persone che parlano quelle parole. Voi ben comprendete amico e sono rimasto colpito dalle dimensioni della lotta che avete nel vostro cuore...Buona sera a voi Amico.
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