Funny Cats watching Women's tennis

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+Funnycatsandnicefish So sweet and funny!!! I could not understand why this video got so many thumbs down or dislikes, and so I read the comments. It is obvious that some people judge before really knowing... 1. Anyone who is even remotely familiar with your videos knows that you pretty much show the real thing. Dubbing over and creating a scene that never happened is NOT your style. That is to those haters who automatically think this video is fake. 2. Anyone who watches tennis knows every player has his/her own style, which includes sounds. Yes, this particular noise sounds outrageous. However, this is NOT an owl or women's porn in the background!?! Remember the sound Monica Seles would make every time she hit the ball? Or what about that seal-like noise Jimmy Conners would make every time he hit the ball? One smart follower named the noisemaker in this match as Maria Sharapova. Kudos to you! 3. To all the haters who automatically think this is fake because the kittens don't look like they are watching tennis..consider the source. +Funnycatsandnicefish have been putting out videos of their beautiful kittens and cats for years! Always reliable and true. I may be wrong, but I would give them the benefit of the doubt. They must be watching a big screen TV. Those kittens are so sweet and loveable and a joy to watch!!! 4. Thanks +Funnycatsandnicefish for always sharing such wonderful videos and sorry for all the haters of this particular video. You keep doing what you are doing, because you will never please everyone, but know that you have put and continue to put smiles on the faces of millions all around the world!! (*^・ェ・)ノ
The owl in the background hooting was kind of annoying, though.
Which one is making that stupid noise, and why is it allowed?? Okay, I found out, but it's not right. Poor sportsmanship. It's not like they have Tourette's.
My two cats found this video very entertaining,...Alice even tried to bat one of your cats by reaching behind the screen with her paw,...
OMG cuteness overload!!!!!!
Мимишество зашкаливаееееет!!!!!
what's the annoying whining we hear all long?
kittens were trying to look up their skirts! Bad kitties!
the kittens are so cute i wish i had one
sad thing that actually I enjoy more watching them watch that boring game than the game itself
watching kittens watching tennis is more enjoyable than watching tennis
The Kourni-cat and the Hingis-cat
way better than watching tennis
Lmao Sharapova is playing.
Your kittens are so cute and funny.
It's Sharapova... I know just from those horrible grunting sounds. Can't watch when she plays because of it.
Hilarious antics of two kittens watching the tennis!
Game, set, and match.  Kittens' score: LOVE.
Walutrartual #$^&()_€£¥" ;&*() $/^&€£¥₩":^_€÷4% $":?
This is nothing like cats watching tennis.Soundtrack is overlayed.
Ha I think that's Azarenka
Who the hell grownes like that lol
ilove yor cat very math
ugh what is that owl-pretender in the background
hahaha this was so funny :) :) haha at the end the woman was murdered hahaha
0:53 "Move, MOVE! You're blocking the game!"
No, it's: "Hey, bro, what are you looking at ? Pay attention - what a game!"
ilove yor cat very math
This is about as cute as it gets. #caturday  
Who could possibly be in a bad mood watching all these beautiful kittens in their antics?
pussies watching pussy
Excellent! Thanks:))
One of them must have been Azarenka LOL and thank you for this amazing playlist pure kitty heaven :)
about 255 people have their hearts inside the freezer
what is that noice
People having sex.
That's cute and funny and crazy
LOL at the sounds from that game!! And cute cats too of course!
Oh my God too cute, twin kittens bobbing their heads in unison.  aw
farid yousef Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
في فيديو طريف يظهر قطتان صغيرتان تشاهدان مباراة للتنس حيث أنه من المعروف أن ما يميز مباريات التنس هو السرعة في الأداء، ولذلك ظهر ذلك الأداء على وجه القطتان اللتان كانتا تتجهان بسرعة مع إتجاه اللعب فكلما كان اللعب في الأعلى نظرت القطتان إلى الأعلى معاً، وكلما كان اللعب في الأسفل نظرتا في الإتجاه الأسفل معاً في لقطات طريفة ومثيرة ومضحكة.
This two wanne play to :3
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Funny Cats watching Women's tennis: http://youtu.be/Km_cS2tWctg
if i wouldnt know better i would say they are watching squash:)
Can u pls tel me their breed??
W oczekiwaniu na Wimbledon... Nie jestem pewna, czy nadaje się do tej grupy, ale na filmie słychać wyraźnie Azarenkę, która prawdopodobnie gra z Wozniacki (tej drugiej pewna nie jestem).  W każdym razie czuję się usprawiedliwiona ;-). #cats   #azarenka   #wozniacki   #watching   #tennis   Funny Cats watching Women's tennis
one nie oglądają meczu, ktoś tam czymś wymachuje przed nimi ;) słowem fejk.
Roland Arenz Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Sounds like one woman says "Caroline" every time she hits the ball.
Especially whoever is going yooooooooooo when hitting the ball
ciao e buona serata Franco
Judit Tothne Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I don't beleive you.  I think the cats are looking at something else.
鈴木かなえ Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
想像以上に可愛らしいよ  =・ェ・=
I would say something funny, but there's no good way to phrase back-and forth kitty head-motion action.
Dennis Dingemanse Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Cats watching female tennis
Probably The Only Time I've Been Able To Put Up With Victoria Azarenka's "WHOOOOO" Grunts... Thanks Kitten's ;)))
I Could Only Imagine The Kittens Reactions If It Was Maria Sharapova Vs. Serena Williams ;))) Thanks :) 
That's awesome! (: <3
Márcia Gerhardt Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Incansáveis <3
かわいい ずっと見ていたいなあ♪
the kittens are like an w play too???
what is this cuteness i see? is it a trick of the eye? no it cant be they are to cute for this flawed earth!!
Funny cats watching Women's Tennis
They're watching mario tennis obviously!
Those are men cats obviously.
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