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The lion King - I just can't wait to be king

by YaeChan • 30,627,268 views

I DO NOT OWN THIS!!! COPYRIGHT BY DISNEY!!!!!!!! Hallo^^ Das ist mein erstes Viedeo!^^ Es ist das Lied "Ich will jetzt gleich König sein" aus dem "König der Löwen". Hoffe es gefällt euch^^...

Oh i can just cant wait till dad dies!
Why was Luis's comment spam?
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Fun fact: Rowan Atkinson provides the voice of the bird!
+Liam most people do (in the USA and UK, at least), but many don't. This thread alone proves that.
I didn't know it was him, but i do know who he is.
I remember when I first understood when Zazu said, "This child is getting wildly out of wing" and just thought it was SO clever! :) Lion King is forever one of the greatest Disney soundtracks lyrically.
aka, "I can't wait till my dad dies"
Yes, yes we do. XD I do anyways. :3
+Angel Annaleah my thus I e xkdisnicihfhhnvippqjakBeUETFFYERUY
* goes into comment section to comment something nice, tries to avoid comments because le knows there will be people comparing this to frozen *
🎵I just can't wait until daddy diiiiiiiies! ^-^ I am so sorry guys. XD
I bet this argument has happened between Justin Beiber and his agent
2:11 Timon: KNOCK IT OFF! (Whacks the elephant's leg making all the animals fall down)
Nala:  "Hey, Simba, before we go to the Elephant graveyard we need to get rid of Zazu.  Any ideas?" Simba:  "I know: let's choreograph an overly-complicated song and dance routine involving every animal in the land, in the hopes that Zazu gets lost in the fray."   Nala:  "Wouldn't it just be easier to lose him in some tall grass?" Simba:  "Nope, dance routine!  Definitely dance routine!"
But the dance was Nala's Idea.
simba; kings don't need advice from hornbills for a start me best disney burn after Yao's "bet the only girl who'd love him is mother" in a girl woth fight for from Mulan
but nothing beats the mother insult
king awesome I love Disney it is my favorite. not all movies I like but I love all there songs there awesomely awesome.:-) :-)
This movie brings back great memories of my childhood
Just to sum up this song, he's saying that he can't wait for his dad to die... Disney, that's just.. just... CRUEL!!!
Wow! it took me 15 years to finally realize that Zazu is a little horn bill... hahaha! Ah... childhood... 
what the song is really saying: Oh I just can't for my dad to dieeeee!
everybody look left....everybody look right :D
This is defiantly on Prince williams ipod!
"Oh I just can't wait 'til Dad dies !"
Actually the translation from the Spanish version to English would be: "I'm gonna be the Lion King, you will see (...)". And all the lyrics go around how great he will be, but at least Simba doesn't say anything like "I can't wait to be king (and dad to die)" hahahah
Why did they change the crocodiles in some versions? I just noticed that lol
The lion King - I just can't wait to be king:
This is the "careful what you wish for" song.  :/
anyone remember doing this level on the snes game?? so much timing ><
the only thing i found wrong with this song if the giraffe as they have blue tongue not pink like humans don't believe look it up cause i've see its tongue in real life
Oooooo I just can't wait to be king 😍😍
Anyone ever wondered why these animals can stay together while watching Simba on pride rock and not eat each other :D
I love the lion king
on lion king 2 his daughter was named kiara i got name after the movie
my favorite childhood movie :)
June 15th 1994: the legend was born *Happy 30th Birthday Lion King  ;-)
Correction, 20th. It would have to had came out in 1984 to be 30 years old.
Love. It. More. Then. Frozen. Lol
I see where Pierce the Veil got their song King for a Day from
reminds me of the lion king game i used to play long time ago.
Just listening to good old Disney songs LOL!!!!
this is so good on stage LION KING MUSICAL!!
Slick slick slick slick lick it penis
I remember dancing to this song at a local play when I was 15. Great times! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
I am Caitlyn the adishon person
Oh hans can't just wait to be king
Chilling foreshadowing in this musical sequence.
Oh I just cant wait to be king !!!!! Lol I love thise song
i still don't get why they changed the way the alligators looked. or are they crocodiles?
It's in Africa, so i presume they are Nile Crocodiles.
They changed the birds in the Crocodile's mouths in future showings because a number of people associated the bird's position as a bunch of women showing off their breasts.  If you pause it just right, you can see a few of them have lines in the center of their chests.  Some people are overly sensitive if you ask me.
Picture Prince Charles prancing about in his underwear in Buckingham Palace singing this and try not to laugh.
*dying of laughter* The mental image...!
+Theodora Ashcraft Could be worse. Could be Prince William singing this...and then Prince Harry singing 'Be Prepared'...
This was for me I am Caitlyn
At 2:20 was that an elephant who sat on those horns? Was the elephant trumping in pain because that happened?
Oh, i just can't wait till my dad dies xD
The sound of little Simba's is so cute, hopeful and looking forward to the future. :) I love it.
It's either better sound quality with DVD's now vs Cassettes or I have grown, because I remember back when I was a kid I couldn't understand the words they were saying.
I had a dream that Viserys Targaryen was singing this and woke up laughing my ass off.
Love this song! My friend and I used to be obsessed with it!
Who else is high :D
He sounds like Michael Jackson!
i don't care what my little brother says, frozen's got nothing on this song.  hell it doesn't got anything on this entire movie.
frozen is an entirely different movie anyways :')
u said it. they're taking frozen way too far!!!!! i frozen was gr8 but it wasn't even close 2 being better than this or good enough 2 make a billion dollars! i read it replaced toy story 3 as the highest-grossing animated movie worldwide!!!! this & toy story 3 r a lot better than frozen!
Can't we all just agree that Frozen and The Lion King are good movies in their own right?
Me doing homework: I'm picking up my pencil now, so problems hear me ROWR!!!!!!
I know I spelled roar wrong, I was copying a conversation between me and a friend and I was too lazy to fix it ok?
An Obama theme song when he was growing up!
Still the cutest song ever. My little sister dances to the song.
Leela Debris Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Trivia: The singing voice for young Simba is Jason Weaver, the actor who played Marcus on the Disney sitcom "Smart Guy".
It's Jason Weaver singing, right?
At first I thought Michael Jackson sung this
Graduating from school like: No one saying do this! No one saying be there! No one saying stop that! No one saying see here!!!
Oh I just can't wait to be King..
Patience little one
Mr. Bean brought me here
"I'm gonna be the main event Like no king was before I'm brushing up on looking down I'm working on my roaaaarrrr!" You can sing that to the rhythm of the Pokemon Theme Song. Try it =P
i think i hav the original version with the original crocs, and everything original thing
Anyone played the sega game? This level was impossible... THEM GIRAFFES
+Mak Manto was the game that hard? Did anyone beat it
I love this song😘😘😍😍😍😘😍🐯
he is basically saying he cant wait for his dad to die.
The elephant sounded like a fart Haha
i dont like how they changed the look of the crocodiles, btw did u get this from the full movie?
We want new lion king :D
Simba? Na-aalaa-aaaaa?!
no one saying do this no one saying be there no one saying stop that no one saying see here!!!!!!
free to run around all day
My favourite Lion King song, from my true favourite Disney Story. Cheeky Simba and Nala sing this. Zazu intones in various spots.
One of my favorite Disney songs.
Then his dad dies next day :P
I nearly cannot distinguish Nala's voice from Simba's
You probably know this already, but Jason Weaver provided the Young Simba's singing voice, while it Jonathan Taylor Thomas who did the regular voice. I was surprised to find that out when i looked at the IMDB website, not sure why Jonathan didn't do the singing aswell.
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