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Halloween - Fairy Make Up Tutorial

by PunkChyaz • 43,304 views

Hey! This is an ice fairy look that I created for Halloween! I made the swirls Tim Burton-esque for a more Halloween feel :) Products Used: Kryolan Eyeshadow Base Fraulein 38 88 Shimmer Palette...

you should look at what monroe misfit makeup does she does a lot with tights and stuff she is amazing like you
you really should do your own buissness like make vides off loads of tutorials and sell them sell desins sell make up and sell acssesorys your really great at this and i think youll make a great bussness
You should have done a Magenta from Rocky Horror make-up look (: Love these so much
@RatPrinceMiku Oh awesome!! That's great, have fun with it all! x
What did u use to make the swirls?!
absolutely amazing Chyaz! very creative, well done xx
you have prety long hair i love it
This is amazing! I am definitely going to be a fairy/pixie this year. I was skeptical at first, but this sealed the deal! :DDD
You inspire me sooooo much in your tutorials! I think I'm gonna make a fairy tutorial!
MEGA pretty look hunni!! The stocking over face look is BACK in ^_^ hahhah xxx
i plan to be an elf [not the christmas kind] but i have no idea what to do for the face =S can you give me some tips? i'd greatly appreciate it =) i love the halloween tutorials =) they are so creative =D
@MyDarkRaven202 :D thank you so so much! x
@xoxoguitarist They're by Fraulein 38, you can get them from their website or eBay :)
@TheRoXaLuna Thank you :D and it was from Fraulein 38, they sent it me to review but you can get it from eBay! x
My favourite so far! You look stunning =) Thank you Chyaz x
@punkxchic26 It would work well for a mermaid look! And thanks :)
Lol i was an avil fairy last make was just black eye liner! This looks great
@Victoryisalways Oh awesome :D I hope she likes it! x
I love it! Soo cute! Cute!Cute!Cute! Please make a video with maku and clouths for casual,school day!!
Agggghhhh I hate you chyaz now I want to be everything for Halloween ;) think I'll do ragdoll with the fishnet pattern :D xxx
the ideas amazing but u look like ur wearing balacva hehe lol x
Super Cute!! Could you also do a mermaid halloween look if you like?? :))
Omg this is soooo awesome!! I love the design, I'm going to do my little sister's make up like this for halloween, I'm sure she'll love it! Thanks for the awesome tutorial!! xD
I always draw swirls all over my school stuff!
This gave me great inspiration for my Navi from legend of zelda costume. Except i used at home makeup that i had...i WISH i had the professional makeup you have but at home stuff works just as well....i didn't do the blue lips tho but really awesome!!!!
Thank you sooooo much for doing the fishnet technique!!! Ive seen it after its been done and wondered for so long how it was done!! your a star xx
@xCharlieSavagex I've heard of her, will do, thanks :D x
I would like to request a look of a little dead riding hood. This is what I want to be, but with your help i'll be able to put together the right way. thank you! (by the way my name is pronounced the orchrun like that but it's spelled the same!)
Nothing bad but the blue on your lips makes you look like a fucking porcelain doll! ( I fucking LOVE porcelain dolls!)
Aaww I love this makeup =) REALLY PRETTY
could you do an alice in wonderland make up tutorial plz cus im her for halloween but im a pink alice instead of blue
thats really pretty i wish i could make something like that
@makeuplover712 I was sent it for free by the company to review, which I must remember to do! x
I love it :D i was a fairy last year, this year i think i'm gonna be a clown or something like that. Can you make a clown make up tutorial pls?:D:D:D
i did it it looks sooo awesome!
youre like a rober hahaha but it works how do you know the tecnike?
@maddy2525 Aw I'm glad you like them :D thanks for always watching! x
@890TwilightFan I'm not taking Halloween requests my dear, sorry! x
Wow that technique is so awesome :o ♥ This look is so pretty <3
Absolutely amazing! You're so creative. I love this one so much!
Lovely as always! thanks for the technique with the fishnets
how do you do the big flower? on the first side D:
im commenting a lot but oh well. you can't honestly mind. in any case, i do that to my face at least once a month xD almost any time i wear make up honestly >.> but it looks really gorgeous and mystic and stuff :D
it also kind of reminds me of a mermaid, Chyaz! i love the fishnet thing, so creative!
@ChloeTheWanted I'm not taking Halloween requests unfortunately my dear! You could work with the red devil look I did though, and add the swirls? x
do you have a twitter account ??
The fishnet trick looks AWESOME!! The effects are nice :D
@HeyLittleDolly Haha, that's ace! I always draw stars :)
@AbbeyMaye I'm not taking requests for Halloween sorry my dear! I can give you some tips though - go for red lips and brown eyes :) x
@rissyroo98 Thank you! And in this case, the white eyeliner really opens the eye up :)
@29Paulineb You're super welcome, and thank you so much!! x
@OnTheEdgeOfDarkness It's a pretty nifty trick and simple too! Thanks :D
@MissSkyebloopink You're such a sweetie :D thank you! x
chyaz great tutorial!!did you get the lip palette from ebay?if yes,from which seller?
Aww it looks very cute :D And the fishnet trick looks awesome xD (I LOVE TIM BURTON!) xD Xx<3
Omg I love this!!! Now I really have no idea what to use for Halloween!!!
wow, I definitely must try this!! looks so gorgeous on you, love it! congrats again :)
Wow it is like you can do everything from evil to innocent!! Next time I'm sure you can be a makeup artist !!!🎃👻
"So, I am going to make myself look ridiculous for your benefit" Aw. You're so nice. XD
@yaoisex I never thought it did, so thank you :D
This is great =)! I was considering being a Fairy.. if I do, I'll def use this tutorial. Thanks, girly!
@TheOrtrun I'm not taking requests for Halloween unfortunately :( x
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