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Indie Test Drive: Towns Alpha .402 (Real-time Strategy Sim)

by paulsoaresjr • 94,170 views

HD (1080) game-play of Towns Alpha v .402 by SMP for Windows and Linux. It's a strategy simulator that puts you in charge of establishing and managing a town in a dangerous fantasy setting. The...

a brothel huh way too far into adultish stuff
Honestly I hope this game comes to life one day... and that when that day comes, gui will be better, this is just huge pile of mess :S
It reminds me of Dungeon Keeper and Sim City in a sense.
@paulsoaresjr no, what i meant was whenever i try and save i get this error msg save \ world1 . twn access is denied any advise?
After watching the vid I headed right over and purchased it. Noticed they had a "send me a note when the mac version is available," so I entered email. Then, after buying, I saw they had a Mac version available in the download section. Pass it along. There's a Mac version.
Hey Paul, a little thing I found out: When looking forward to cutting lots of trees, but have the fruit ones preserved, do this: Pause the game, select all the harvestable trees to harvest (using the drag function), and on top of that, select to chop all others! You will harvest the fruit trees, but not cut them, since they already have a command on them :) Hope this saves your time =P
its been almost a year since the last vid
@DylanMottram I don't think you are doing anything wrong, maybe your computer are having problems with it? I don't think i can help you any further tho...
Hahaha i lol'd when Paul said Roan derhaoe( 01:43 ) :D
@paulsoaresjr More than a warm fuzzy feeling, you are opposing the "its all shaders, particles and no gameplay" movement in favor of the "innovative and fun gameplay, even with bad graphics" one :) I, at least, thank you deeply for that!
@xskerrittx1 Spacebar, toggles it on and off. There's a button up on the top right as well
I like that your reviewing/showcasing all these games. I would love if you did a let's play on this I'd enjoy watching it :)
someone gift it Pls im poor soo want to play this
oh wow, almost immediately the first thing that came to mind was: graphcally enhanced Dwarf Fortress Lite!
@Oggahn Man, it's so fun! I was up till 1:30AM playing it last night. Dragging butt today...
I downloaded the demo, and i love it! :D
You can buy it on indieroyale. It's a pay what you want website! It's only 6 days on it.
Looks really cool, but too little control yet. Would be nice to be able to give basic commands, so people don't just go rampant into the dungeon before it's been made safe.
Oh wow... A modern, easier verson of dwarf fortress :D Yay!
this is pretty much like stronghold but with worse graphics
@paulsoaresjr Do you know how to get more settlers?
@PowerfulSplicer I've played a few games since this video and I've learned quite a bit. Going to do an updated tutorial soon.
@joshuaisemperor It's pretty much a medieval time period.
@Willam2 I don't think it's sad at all, just as Tarn borrowing from previous indirect control building games, roguelikes, maths other people invented, and all kinds of fantasy is not sad. Now if nobody could try to make a game like DF but with a nice gui, and to expand on some of DF's ideas but with a different focus (here you only get some aspects of the early fortress gameplay, not the adventure mode and history generation), that would be sad.
Dwarf fortress for casual gamers... screw casual gamers
@Fuzzylunkinz: Yes, Dwarf Fortress-style! captnduck made a video of Towns already too. This seems kind of like a gateway drug to Dwarf Fortress.
I would love a let's play on this game =)
what is the dirfferent if you buy the game or djust download it?
17:30 When you right click a stockpile, the list of 'disable ___' means you can tell your villagers to stop storing that in the stockpile
Oh, well glad to help if I did, I hope you enjoy the game! :)
@codsniperz04 are you retarded? thats like saying Doom and COD are the same because there are guns
i love that you promote indie games :3
What key do you press to make roofs disappear?
Keep playing it :DDDD also I got It I had a vast empire (9 peeps) xO and I ordered them to mine somehow they flooded the mine and got killed xDDDDDD
This is good, seems more simple than dwarf fortress, i could never get my head around so many controls
@thedarklord9711 Hater. I played the game and i will NEVER UNINSTALL IT. So go be an asshole somewhere else.
Just bought it ;D Going to play it now :P thanks for sharing this game Paul :D
this game is like dwarf fortress. this game is easier for me :P. ASCII makes the game harder for me :P. let alone the learning curve. but yeah this game is worth every $
Do you get their equipment back when they die?
@paulsoarsjr I downloaded for mac and when i try to run the thing i think is the game it says i do not have the permission but i have admin right and i am the only one on MY computer help?
Dwarf Fortress: Lite Edition
Paul didn't do a towns video for a year! I think he forgot what towns is
Please please please do a gameplay playthrough! Everyone would probably much appreciate it. Thumbs up so Paul can see!
whats with the inde games and cubes??
At first i thought that this was just going to be a crappy ripoff but this looks really cool. definately going to keep my eye on it. thanks. :)
@AnRovik have you ever played majesty or dwarf fortress? there is no control besides "go here everyone" or "build this everyone"
@FishyBunny28 Yeah they are, but even after having reached lv 4 with nearly all utils/buildings, i havnt seen any. However the changelog on the wiki says heroes have just have added.
I really like this guys voice. It's so calm.
hey paul can you show us how to download the game
Frogs, the ultimate cow killer.
it's like... Empire Earth!! Right?
...did I just hear an american say "arses"???
i got the game and its great but i cant save why is that?
is there a way to get the full versoin free? i cant find any downloads
@m81176: Let me amend my previous post...not sure if Elves come by or what, I was just excited about the DF reference.
1:35 the cow wants to sleep :)
awesome game cant stop playing anyone else think that a multi player would be awesome?
the producer of this game liked this video too you make great reviews
I fail at this game... A full survive n' thrive spinoff would be cool!
Like if you saw the last frogy in 20:14
i love your videos i got the demo and loved it make a lets play of towns
Do elves come by and demand you stop deforesting the land? (I sure hope so)
paul are u gonna make more vids on this? cause i wanna see u progress further on in the game
Oh hey, that's a cool texture pack you got for Dwarf Fortress.
I own a mac and it downloads as a folder. I don't know how to open it please help
Hi Paul, I'm a big fan - thanks for introing me to Minecraft, Project Zomboid, Epic Inventor and now this! Would definately tune in if you have a lets play of this you're sitting on so to speak (engage butt-mode stylee?!) Ciao!
I sent a video response, could you check it out? Thanks in advance :)
@xskerrittx1 the same way you pause it, space bar ;P
i love your enthusiasm keep it up XD
The guy who dug first's name is pronounced Doo-cane. There was an important fort by that name where Pittsburgh, WV is in modern day. English colonial interests were greatly advanced when the French lost control of the fort, because it was at a strategically important location (river junctions, etc.)
This is a pixel version of Age Of Empires III
In its current state, it just feels like Dwarf Fortress with a GUI and shallower game play. I am not going to completely write off the game just yet. But, as it stands right now, it just feels like a simplified Dwarf Fortress with Stonesense running. It really needs something to set it apart from the bearded competition.
It reminds Paul of Dwarf Fortress it's in the description.
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